15 DIY Angel Macrame For Beginners: How To DIY Easliy

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What do you get when you combine the craft of macrame with a beautiful home decor angel? A supremely cute and unique angel macrame decoration! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own DIY angel macrame. Have you always wanted to learn how to make macrame? Now is the time! Macrame is an art form of knotting and draping fabric. It’s easy and very relaxing once you get the hang of it. With this DIY angel macrame tutorial, you will be on your way to creating beautiful angel designs in no time at all.

This article features 15 DIY Angel Macrame projects and ideas that will show you all the steps needed to make your very own DIY Macrame Angel. Are you ready to make something fun? Let’s go!

1. How To Make DIY Angel Macrame 

If the diameter of your cord is big, you will need a crotchet pin to thread wooden beads to your angel macrame. Other materials required for this DIY angel macrame include a 3mm macrame cord, a gold thread,  a wooden ring, and a pair of scissors. The only knot needed for this is lark’s head knots, double half hitch knots, and gathering knots. 

2. DIY Angel Macrame 

Here is a simple macrame angel design you can try your hands on within a couple of minutes. All you need is a small wooden ring, gold thread, straight pins, a pair of scissors, and a comb. Cut six pieces of cord (45cm each), fold them and attach them to the wooden bead. Then, take the gold thread and tie it around the cords with a gathering knot. Once you’re done with this, you’re halfway. 

3. Macrame Angel DIY 

If you want rustic macrame angel you should check out this video guide. It has long brown hair made from 8mm jute rope and a wooden bead head. The long is made by removing strands of the 8mm jute rope and attaching it to the middle of the wooden bead. It is very easy to make as you only need to gather knots to complete it. Find out more about this macrame angel from the link below. 

4. DIY Angel en Macrame 

Mixing different colors of cords when making macrame angels is beautiful. It makes the angel look real. This particular macrame angel is made from three different colors; white macrame cord, blue macrame cord, and gold thread. The white macrame cord is used for the wings, hair, and hands. 

The blue cord is used for the body/gown of the angel, while the gold thread is used as a belt to the gown/body of the angel. The knots required include lark’s head knots, gathering knots, and horizontal double half hitch knots. 

5. How To Make Angel Macrame Ornament

Do you know an angel macrame ornament will be a great addition to your interior decor? Well, you should try your hands on this design and make your room classic. All you need for this is a white macrame cord, gold thread, wire, a wooden bead, yarn needle, comb, ruler, a pair of scissors, and a 3mm Do crochet hook. 

The knots required include lark’s head knots, horizontal double half hitch knots, and gathering knots. The first thing you need to do is to prepare the base; you can do this by connecting the wires as shown in this guide. Then, cut cords are needed for both wings. fibreandfolk

6. Step By Step Angel Tutorial 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a macrame angel ornament! The first thing you need to do when making an angel macrame according to this video is to get all the materials required ready. Then, cut the macrame cord to size the different parts of the macrame. You don’t need a wooden bead to serve as the head, you can simply fold some cords over. Then, make hair by removing strands of a cord and packing them together.  

7. How To Make Angel en Macrame 

To make this macrame angel, you need different lengths of cord as mentioned in this video tutorial. You will need a different color of macrame cord for the body of the angel to make it look exciting. However, the colored macrame cord is optional and you can scrap it if you want contrasting colors on your macrame angel. It doesn’t require so many macrame knots as well, as the method used is looping. You can check out this link below to find out more about this amazing macrame angel and how you can DIY it with ease. 

8. Simple Angel Macrame Tutorial 

This is among the simplest methods of making a macrame angel! It doesn’t require many knots and the only one needed is simple overhand knots and square knots. The square knot is required for the chest of the angel. The square knot is then used to form a loop which serves as the shoulder. The simple overhand knot is used to finish both hands. Now, you can attach cords to the bottom of the square knot and comb the strands to form the body of the angel. 

9. Most Beautiful Macrame Angel DIY 

This beautiful macrame angel will be a great wall-hanging ornament. This video tutorial will put you through how to DIY the angel together with the list of materials required. The first part is the wing tutorial; this is the most difficult part of an angel macrame. To do this attach twenty cords to a holding cord, then divide them into two. 

Now, make horizontal double half hitch knots on both sides. Ensure to curve the ends as shown in this video and when the wings are done, attach some cords to both sides of the wings and you’re good to go. 

10. DIY Angel En Macrame

Here is another macrame angel that requires a wooden bead for the head and doesn’t require any knots. The only knots required are simple overhand knots and a gathering knot. The simple overhand knot is used to finish the hand while the shoulder is made by looping a cord under the chest of the angel. The gathering knot is used to differentiate the check from the other body.  Everything below the gathering knot needs to be combed smoothly.

11. DIY Alas de Angel 

If you’re looking for a simple but classic macrame angel, you need not go far as everything you need is in this video tutorial. All you need is a macrame cord, a heart shape, and a wire comb. Turn the heart shape upside down and attach 7 cords each to both sides of the heart. 

Now, separate the cords and make double half hitch knots on both sides as shown in this video. After that, attach shirt cords to both ends of the double half hitch knots. Use the wire comb to Smith the wings and the cords remaining after the double half hitch knots. 

12. DIY Macrame Angel Wings

For these macrame angel wings, you need the following lengths of macrame cords; one piece of 180cm, twelve pieces of 120cm, and twenty-six – thirty pieces of 25cm. The macrame cord should be 4mm in diameter. 

Other materials needed include a 30cm wooden dowel, a pair of scissors, and anything to hang the project. To start with, take the 180cm cord, fold it in half and attach it to the wooden dowel in the middle with the lark’s head knots. Then, take the 120cm cords and attach six cords each to each of the 180c m cords. Attach the end of the 180cm to the wooden dowel on both ends.  

13. DIY Boho Angel  

The materials needed for this boho macrame angel include a macrame cord, tape measure, a pair of scissors, a wooden ring, a wooden bead, a comb, and a small round container.  To ensure you are familiar with what you’re doing, you can measure the diameter of everything you’re working with. Now, cut the macrame cord according to your preference. However, if you don’t have any preference, you can go with the measurement from this video guide. 

14. Angels Wings DIY 

Here is another macrame angel wing made from a heart shape. Once you get a heart shape and macrame cords, you’re good to go. Turn the heart shape upside down and attach cords to both sides. Wrap the ends of each cord with brown tape to make it look amazing. After that, start making a series of double half hitch knots as shown in this video. 

15. Macrame Angel DIY 

Do you want a macrame angel with big and amazing wings? Here is a great tutorial that will teach you how to DIY big and colorful wings. For this macrame angel, only two knots are needed; the lark’s head knot that is used in the middle of the wings and the gathering knot that is used in the middle of the angel’s body.  You need colored macrame cords and watercolors to decorate the wings. Note that, you can use any color you prefer. 


Are you a beginner? Are you curious as to how a macrame angel is being done? You need not worry further, these 15 amazing macrame angel DIY guides will help you through everything.  There are different shapes, sizes, and materials for making a macrame angel, but the most common thing about all the macrame angels is all of them have wings (either big or small) and these wings can be made from double half hitch knots or looping. Check out the guides one after the other and start making something. 

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