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If you’ve recently adopted a new kitty, or want a new cat bed to spruce up your home decor, this DIY macrame cat hammock tutorial is perfect for you. This easy DIY project involves weaving colorful cords together to create a fun hammock.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Macrame Cat Hammock, we’re here to help. Macrame is a very fun and easy craft to do. It works in so many areas and can be used for many things. You can also use your Macrame skills to make beautiful home decor items like macrame clothing , and even keychains , and more. Of course, you can use this craft for making cat hammocks too if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

1. Macrame Cat Hammock DIY 

When making a macrame cat hammock, it would be best if you find something firm to hang the cords. In this tutorial, a 2ft wood was used to hang the cords and the wood was attached to a hook coming from the ceiling. 24 pieces of 1.7ft long ropes were attached to the wood using lark’s head knots. After that, the ropes were divided into four groups ( twelve cords per group). The first group was divided into two and was knotted into two diagonal double half hitch knots facing each other 

2. DIY Cat Hammock  

To make this amazing cat hammock, you need a hanger, macrame cords, a small rope, and your hands to tie the knots. Cut 8 8.2ft long cords and fold them in half over the hanger. Tie the small rope to the loop of the cords and measure 8cm away from it as the new loop/middle point. The small rope was to mark the original middle point. Get 9.8ft cords and start making square knots starting from the new loop. Stop the square knot some inches down the original loop and fold the cords again from the square knot. 

3. Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial 

You need thirty-two (3.2m long) macrame cords for this cat bed. Attach the cords to a wooden stick with lark’s head knots. Now, divide the cords into four groups. Make square knots with each group to form a half diamond pattern, then close each with two diagonal double half hitch knots. Check out the link for the full tutorial. 

4. DIY Hanging Macrame Cat Bed 

Wooden beads make your macrame craft look more enticing, although it is optional. so you can add as many as you want. Aside from the beads, you need two metal hoops, macrame cords, measuring tape, a plant hook, and a soft pillow to make the hammock comfortable for the cat. 

5. Cute DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial

 DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial

If all you know about macrame is how to knot one, two, or three basic knots, you’re super ready to make something. All you need include a macrame cord, scissors, two metal hoops, wooden beads, small clamps, a round pillow, a plant hook, and measuring tape. However, the wooden beads and the small clamps are optional. You can start by wrapping the two metal hoops with cords using lark’s head knots. But if you don’t mind the metal showing, this step is completely optional. cuckoo4design

6. Macrame Cat Hammock

 DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial

You don’t have to wait till you have a cat to make a cat hammock! The craft is fun and you should try it out on your free day. You need three basic knots to complete this cat hammock. The first one is lark’s head knots; it is required to attach the macrame cords to anything that will be hanging in the hammock. The second one is square knots; this is required to make the body of the hammock, and the last one is a wrapped knot (also known as a gathering knot); it is required to finish up the hammock. After wrapping all the cords into a wrapped knot, add a soft pillow to the hammock and you’re good to go. myfrenchtwist

7. Cutest Cat Hammock DIY

 DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial

Do you want a cat hammock that suits your home decor? You need to check out this cute cat hammock. All you need is fabrics, wood pieces, scissors, and some sewing equipment. Start by making a wooden frame from the wood pieces. After that, cut and sew the edges of the fabric and you’re good to go. thesprucecrafts

8. DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial 

If you don’t want to use a stick or ring to have your macrame hammock, you can hang the hammock directly on a hook. Here is how to make this happen. Cut the cords you can use and fold them in half. Hang them on the hook and take two cords from the sides to make square knots over the others.  

The number of square knots you will make depends on how big you want the loop to be (minimum of eight square knots). After making the square knots, fold the cords from the middle of the square knots and form a loop. After that, gather cords and close the loop with a wrapped knot. 

9. Macrame Cat Hammock 

All you need for this macrame cat hammock includes scissors, a macrame cord, two wooden dowels, and measuring tape. The two wooden dowels will be the side support for the hammock. 

The first thing you need to do after getting all the materials is to cut the cords. You can cut according to your preference ( how long you want to hammock to be). Then, hand one of the dowels and attach the cords to it with lark’s head knots. After that, make multiple Square knots across the cords till the end. Now, attach the second wooden dowel and you’re good to go. 

10. Cat Hanging Bed Tutorial 

What you need to make this cat hanging bed are macrame cords for the craft, a tape measure to take measurements, scissors for cutting, a wooden stick for hanging, and a soft pillow for the cat. Cut the macrame cord depending on how long you want the hammock to be and you’re good to go. Some of the knots required are square knots, diagonal double half hitch knots, twisted Square knots, and lark’s head knots. 

11. DIY Cat Hammock 

You can use just any wooden stick to start a macrame cat hammock. A curvy rough-looking stick will give the hammock a rustic look. Attach the cords to the wood using lark’s head knots and divide them into three groups, fourteen cords per group. With each group make a diamond pattern using diagonal double half hitch knots and multiple square knots at the center. Repeat the pattern till you’re done. 

12. Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial 

The final dimension of this macrame cat bed is 50×90cm. It is made from 85m of white macrame cord, 0.5m wooden rod, 35cm metal ring, a pair of scissors, and a ruler. Cut 21 (3.2m long) pieces of cord and attach them to the wooden rod using lark’s head knots. 

13. Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial 

Unlike macrame cord which only comes in white color, you can get different colors of polyester cord. In this video tutorial, pink color was used and it looked exceptional. Other materials needed for the cat hammock include a soft round pillow, ruler, scissors, a hook, and a 32cm metal ring. 

Cut six 4.5 m cords and two 5 m cords from the polyester cord. Fold the 4.5m cords in half over the hook, then add the two 5m cords; one to the right and one to the left of the 4.5m cords. Now, make eight square knots with the 5m cords over the 4.5 cords. Follow this link below to watch the full tutorial.

14. How To Make Macrame Cat Hammock 

You need an 80cm wooden dowel, 129 yards of 4mm macrame cord, and a 45cm circle cushion/pillow. The wooden dowel does not necessarily have to be straight and smooth because the macrame cord will be covering most parts, so you can use any wooden dowel you find. 

Once you have all the materials, hang the wooden dowel where you want the cat hammock to be and add macrame cords to it with lark’s head knots. After that, you can start making the knots. Among the knots required were spiral square knots, gathering/wrapped knots, lark’s head knots, and square knots.  

15. Macrame Cat Bed  

Before you can start making this macrame car bed, you need to know how to make diagonal double half hitch knots, square knots, lark’s head knots, and gathering knots. Aside from the knots, you need a 50 cm long wooden stick, and a pillow with 14″ × 16″ dimensions. Attach the wooden stick with rope to a hook on both sides. 

Then, cut the macrame cord to 80cm long each and attach them to the wooden stick using lark’s head knots. After that, divide the cords into 4 groups; make spiral square knots with the first and the last group. Then, make diagonal double half hitch knots in the middle to form three diamond shapes. 


The macrame cat hammock is another amazing macrame craft you should try your hands on! It’s pretty simple and cheap once you get the concept and understand the types of knots. 

Therefore, to make the concept and the knots understandable, this guide is providing you with 15 different ideas of macrame cat hammocks you can make with the list of materials and detailed instructions on how to tie the knots. 

Among the basic knots, you should know how to tie before starting with any macrame craft: lark’s head knots, Square knots, gathering knots, and double half hitch knots. These four basic knots are very essential. 

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