20 DIY Bandana For Dogs: No Sewing Skill Required!

Jane Foster

You can create a cute and unique bandana for dogs at home easily with just a little bit of your own time and effort. You could save yourself some money on dog clothing because you could really make one or two bandanas or even more out of an old t-shirt. In this tutorial, we are going to be making a stylish bandana for dogs out of an old t-shirt or piece of fabric. This project is great for beginners, as it requires no sewing skills at all and doesn’t require any special supplies. The finished bandanas look great on both small and large dogs alike. Let’s get started!

Making your own bandana for dogs might sound crazy but actually, it’s really easy. You’ll be able to make a bandana with maybe your dog’s name on it in no time at all. Ready? Let’s go!

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1. How To Sew A Dog Bandana

Are you looking for ways to sew a cute Bandana for your dog? Here is a quick tutorial that will help you put one together. The tutorial is beginner-friendly as the list of materials and the step-by-step processes are provided. The first thing you need to do is to measure the current collar of your dog and divide it by two. This measurement will help you shape your bandana template. Once you have the template, every other thing is simplified. blog.spoonflower

2. How To Sew A Dog Bandana

This dog bandana project doesn’t require so much time or materials! All you need include scrap fabric of your choice, rotary cutter and mat, sewing pins or clips, thread, Scissors, safety pins, an iron, an ironing board, and a sewing machine. Cut the fabric to a triangle after measuring the current collar of your dog. Then, sew around the three edges of the triangle and you’re good to go. happiestcamper

3. Easy DIY Pet Bandana

You need a square fabric of your desired pattern for this pet bandana. Fold the square fabric in half diagonally to form a triangle. Ensure the right side is folded inward. Now, sew along the side that is adjacent to the longest (folded) side and leave some inches open on the third side. The opening on the third side will be used to turn the right side of the fabric out. amylattacreations

4. DIY Dog Bandana Tutorial

Bandanas can not be too much in your dog’s wardrobe! Make as many bandanas as you like for your dog, Christmas bandana, wedding, or graduation; let all occasions have a themed bandana. This particular one can be sewn together as quickly as possible. 

All you need is cotton fabric and matching thread together with other basic sewing materials.  Once you have the materials ready, measure the collar of your dog. Add four to both sides of this measurement and it will give you the longer side of the bandana triangle. k9ofmine

5. Easy Pet Bandana 

It would be best if you start this pet bandana project by cutting out a template for it on a sheet of paper. But before you have a correct template,  you need to determine the size of the bandana which you can get by measuring the length of your dog’s collar and dividing it by two. Once you have the measurement, use it to cut out a template and then gather the materials required. Some of the materials include a quarter yard of fabric, a sewing machine, an embroidery blade or fabric scissors, thread, and a pen. 

6. How To Make A Dog Bandana 

If you’re selective of what you put on your dog’s neck, you should try this super easy bandana project. It is safe for your dog as it can be easily taken off at any time if necessary. It is very easy to make as it only takes 18″ square of fabric and depending on the size of your dog, it can take less. Here’s how to go about the bandana; get the 18″ square fabric and fold it in half diagonally. Once you fold the fabric you’re almost done. However, you can press the name of your dog on the fabric!

7. Easy DIY Dog Bandana 

You need 2 12×12″ square fabric for an 18″ dog neck. Prepare a cutting board, rotary cutter, and ruler to shape the fabric you want to use. Then, spray starch spray on it and iron it to dry to have a thick and hard bandana. The next step is to fold the fabrics diagonally and iron the edges smoothly. 

8. How To Sew A Dog Bandana 

There are different types and styles of a bandana, you can choose to make any of them for yourself once you notice its preference in style. The first bandana mentioned in this guide is the Christmas bandana. To make this you need two triangular fabrics with different patterns; this means that it can be two-faced. 

9. No Sew Dog Bandana

Anyone can try out this no-sew dog bandana! It is super easy and fast to put together. All you need is a fabric and a pair of scissors. It can make the bandana in two ways; cut a triangle from the fabric and tie it around your dog’s neck or cut a square, fold it into a triangle and tie it around your dog’s neck. dalmatiandiy

10. Make An Easy Dog Bandana

All you need for this dog bandana include a sewing machine, iron, a pair of scissors, sewing pins, machine threads, a dog collar, sewing needles, and  ¾ yard each of two contrasting fabrics.  Once you have these materials, choose the size of bandana you want and get a free dog bandana template from this guide. liagriffith

11. DIY No Sew Dog Bandanas

Are you tired of the old and usual style of finishing bandana edges? Check out these new hacks that will make your dog’s bandana look amazing without sewing! Here are some of the hacks; you can use fusible hemming tape to finish the edges, fold hems, double folds, or neck binding trim ties. However, all the hacks require pressing iron to put them in place. dalmatiandiy

12. Bandana Dog Free Pattern DIY

Do you have some leftover fabric or old scrap ones? Well, you can use these to stock up your dog’s wardrobe! This bandana is very easy and fast to put together and it only requires basic sewing techniques. Follow the tutorial by clicking the link below. mygoldenthimble

13. DIY Pet Collar Scarf 

One beautiful thing about this pet collar scarf is that you don’t have to tie the scarf around your dog’s neck. All you need to do is to get a collar and slip it through the hole on the scarf and put it around your dog’s neck.  You need a square fabric, fusible interfacing of the same dimensions, and some sewing materials. When you watch this tutorial to the end, you will learn how to turn the fabrics around and have a reversible scarf. 

14. How To Make A Dog Bandana 

Making a bandana for your dog? If yes, you need to keep these two important things in mind; the fabric you’ll use has to be washable and the second one is that the fabric has to be lightweight so it will not be heavy on the dog’s neck and harder to tie. The size of the fabric you need depends on the size of the dog you’re making the bandana for. Therefore, it will be best to measure your dog’s current collar before starting. 

15. DIY Dog Bandana Patterns 

One of the patterns of making a dog bandana involves using buttons or snaps to tie the bandana around the dog’s neck. Another pattern involves slipping the collar into the hole on the bandana. If you’re using the snap pattern, you need to cut your arms longer than usual. This will be the place to attach the snaps or buttons.  

16. DIY Bandana For Dogs 

This is a double-sided bandana that will look pretty on your dog. There are two ways to go about this double-sided bandana; the first method is to use the same fabric for both sides and can switch between the sides anytime. The second method is to use different patterns of fabrics for both sides and can use which side to put out and which is not. For either method, you need to make a hole at the top of the bandana where you’ll slip a dog collar through. 

17. How To Make A Dog Bandana

Have fun making your dog a bandana with this super easy and quick pet bandana tutorial. The first thing you need to do here is to measure the neck of your dog. Then, get a square fabric and fold it in half diagonally. Cut through the diagonal edge and put the right sides together to sew. Once you’ve done this you’re halfway done. createwhimsy

18. DIY Personalized Dog Bandana

If you’re wondering what shape and corresponding measurement to use for your bandana, check out this guide that provides you with a free cutting list for triangular fabric and square fabric. The dimension ranges from small to extra-large, which means that all sizes of dogs are included. You’ll need the following materials: pressing iron, cutting board, ruler, clips, velcro, and sewing machine. velcro

19. Dog Bandana Pattern Free

Check out this free pattern of dog bandana for your cute little puppy! This guide will show you how to make a perfect puppy bandana. The first thing you need to do is to choose the right fabric for the bandana; it must be washable and lightweight. The second thing is to gather the materials required as listed in this guide. Click the link below for the complete instructions. seekatesew

20. DIY No-Sew Pet Bandana

You need to try out this No-sew pet bandana! All you need for this include square fabric, measuring tape, glue gun, pencil or pen, scissors or fabric shears, and a pet’s collar. The dimension of the square fabric can vary depending on the size of your dog but the minimum dimension required for this particular bandana is 20×20″. petsplusus


Are you looking for fashion items to stock up your dog’s wardrobe? Or your dog doesn’t have a wardrobe, to begin with? You can start by making beautiful bandanas for it. In this guide, there are 20 tutorials and designs you can choose from. Each of the designs is super easy and fast to put together. The materials that are common to the 20 designs are square fabric or triangular fabric, dog collars, and sewing materials.

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