20 DIY Macrame Bottle Holder: Do It Yourself 2022

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DIY Macrame Bottle Holder

DIY macrame bottle holder: Do you like to drink? Do you like to relax? Are you an amateur macrame-er? Then this is the blog post for you, learn how to make a cool DIY Macrame Bottle Holder that can be hung almost anywhere. Decorating your home with macrame can be fun and inexpensive. Lately, I found an old wine bottle and stripped the labels off. I used a white ribbon to hang it from the corner of my living room wall. However, I found something was missing. (You guessed right!)

In this article, we have put together 20 DIY macrame bottle holder ideas and projects that you can DIY from the comfort of your home using just a few materials you might already have lying around. Ready to get crafty? Check out the projects below, pick your favorite, and begin the making process!

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1. Macrame Bottle Holder Tutorial 

If you’re looking for something to hold your bottle, this is a super simple design of a macrame holder that can be of help. You only need macrame cords, measuring tape, and scissors for this design. Among the knots required are alternating half hitch knots, square knots, and lark’s head knots. 

2. Macrame Water Bottle Holder DIY

You need five 300cm cords for this macrame bottle holder. Take one of the cords and attach another four cords to it with lark’s head knots. After that, gather both ends of the first cord and tie them together to close the other cords into a circle. Then, start making square knots with the cords. 

3. How To Make Macrame Bottle Holder 

Start by making an overhand knot at the end of two cords, then put the loops of both cords together and let them overlap. After that, cut twelve cords and attach six cords to one side of the loops and the remaining six to the other side using lark’s head knots. Make couples of square knots from there and you’re good to go. Follow this guide to learn more about the macrame bottle holder. 

4. DIY Macrame Water Bottle Holder 

You need two 23ft cords and two 10ft cords. Gather the cords together and locate the midpoint, then make 25inches of square knots on both sides. Afterward, you’ll have 50inches of square knots at the center of the cords. After that, fold the square knots in half to have the remaining cords on both sides. Now, connect the cords from both sides with square knots.  You can close the bottle holder at the base with a  gathering knot. It’s very simple and cheap. 

5. Easy Macrame Bottle Holder

DIY Macrame Bottle Holder

Here is how to make a cross body bottle carrier. All you need for this is a rope, Scissors, and an understanding of simple knots. The process of putting the matter together to form the bottle holder is explained in this guide. Click the link below for the complete tutorial. thesimplethings

6. How To Make A Macrame Bottle Holder

DIY Macrame Bottle Holder

Are you a lover of macrame or do you just want to get your hand on any rope craft? Macrame bottle holders will be the perfect project you’re looking for. All you need to make this include recycled big cotton cords, scissors, a knitting needle, and a pole. Once you have that, you can have fun tying some knots. lovecrafts

7. DIY Macrame Bottle Holder

DIY Macrame Bottle Holder

Here is another wine bottle that can be used as a flower planter. The use of a bottle holder in this kind of planter is to hang the planter above ground level. You only need a macrame cord and some knots such as square knots, gathering knots, and wrapping knots. idiva

8. How To Macrame A Wine Holder

DIY macrame bottle holder

If you’re wondering which type of rope will be suitable for a wine bottle holder, you might get a single strand rope because they look simple and nice. However, twisted strand rope will work fine too.  Once you figured out the type of rope suited you, check this guide for the complete tutorial on a macrame bottle holder. melaniekham

9. Macrame Water Bottle Holder DIY 

What do you think about this macrame water bottle holder with an adjustable strap? It’s amazing! All you need is a macrame cord, two small wooden rings, and scissors. Cut the cords you need to make the bottle holder. Then, fold one of the cords and attach other cords to it just below the loop with lark’s head knots. After that, pull the remainder of the first cord through its loop and pull it tight to close the other cords into a circle. This will be the base of the bottle holder. 

10. DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 

Macrame bottle holders with scattered square knots always look amazing because they are very transparent. Square knots are very simple to make; the minimum number of cords required for it is four cords. Take the four cords, single out the first and the last cords. Then, make a loop with the first cord and pull the last cord through it, repeat this for the last cord and pull both cords tightly against the middle cords. 

11. Easy Water Bottle Macrame Holder 

You can make this simple water bottle macrame holder without a hook or anything to hold the cords! This method allows you to have rounded tops for the bottle holder. Here’s how to make this happen; cut twenty-four cords and separate them into twelve (two cords in a group). With the first group, fold each cord in half and make a square knot with them. Repeat this process for all the twelve groups and connect all the groups with multiple square knots. 

12. Simple Macrame Bottle Holder 

You need three types of knots to complete this simple bottle holder; the simple gathering knot to tie all the knots together at the base, square knots for the body of the bottle holder, gathering knots, and an overhand knot to tie the cords at the top. The overhand knot for a loop you can put your finger through to swing the bottle around. 

13. DIY Macrame Wine Tote

DIY macrame bottle holder

This macrame wine tote is super simple and it’s a perfect project for a beginner. If you’re just starting with macrame craft, you might want to start with this wine tote. The three simple knots required for it include gathering knots, square knots, and lark’s head knots.  Follow this guide to learn how to make each of the knots. marchingnorth

14. DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Hanger

DIY macrame bottle holder

There are so many ways you can upcycle your wine bottles, one of them is using them as a flower holder. However, it will be nice to have the bottle lifted from the ground to prevent it from breaking easily. That is where a wine bottle holder comes to play. All you need to make it is a macrame cord, scissors, hanging lights, and your understanding of basic macrame knots. singlegirlsdiy

15. DIY Macrame Bottle Sling

DIY macrame bottle holder

Do you need something to carry your water bottle around? If yes, then a macrame water bottle holder might be of help. Get some jute paracords, down beads, scissors, and a water bottle. The essence of the bottle is to measure the number of cords required for the bottle holder.  Using the bottle as measurement, cut eight pieces of jute that are 15 times longer than the length of the bottle. questtype

16. DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Holder

DIY macrame bottle holder

If you can make square knots, simple overhand knots, and gathering knots, you should try this design out! All these aforementioned knots are required for the body and the base of the bottle holder; the square knots for the body and the gathering knot for the base. For the strap, weave some cords together while the simple overhand knot is to terminate the weave. makesomethingmondays

17. Simple Macrame Bottle Holder 

You should check out this simple macrame bottle holder! You only need a macrame cord, Scissors, and the bottle itself. You don’t need measuring tape because the length of cords you need for the bottle holder should be 4times the length of the bottle. All you need to do is to use the cord to size the bottle and fold it four times. Once you cut all the cords you need, make simple square knots and you’re good to go. 

18. Colored DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 

You can make this colored bottle holder with colored macrame cord, scissors, lighter, and measuring tape. Cut a 30cm long cord and twelve 2 meters cords. Attach the 12 cords to the 30cm cord using lark’s head knots. After that, cut another two 2 meters of cords and make multiple square knots at their center. With this, you will have two cords at each end, then attach the ends to the 30cm cords as well. This will be the handle of the bag. 

19. Macrame Water Bottle Bag Tutorial 

Do you want to make a simple water bottle bag with a closure? Here is a design you might like. All you need is a macrame cord for the craft, some straight pins to hold the cords down, the water bottle, and scissors for cutting. Measure the width and length of the bottle, this will allow you to have an estimated length of cords needed. Lay the cords on the flat surface and use a pin to hold them at the center. 

20. Easy Macrame Bottle Holder 

To make this macrame bottle holder, cut eight 359cm long cords. Take one of the cords and fold it in half, then attach other cords to it with lark’s head knots some inches down the loop. After that, pull the remainder of the first cord through its loop and close everything into a circle. Now, divide the cords into four groups and make square knots with each group. Repeat scattered square knots around the groups to make the body of the bottle holder. 


There are certainly different methods of making a bottle holder but the macrame design stands out because it is flexible and washable. Unlike leather or other materials, the cord is safer to wash.  Also, you don’t need any expertise level to carry out macrame craft, all you need is the complete materials requirements and an understanding of basic knots. Once you have these two, you can make any macrame craft.  In this guide, there are 20 different designs of macrame bottle holders that use different simple macrame knots, check them out and start making something. 

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