20 DIY Macrame Bracelet Tutorial: Do It Yourself 2022

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Macrame has been around for a while now and it’s still as fashionable today as ever! The trend is still going strong thanks to the many DIY macrame projects out there. If you’re looking to try macrame yourself, this DIY macrame bracelet tutorial will be the perfect introduction for you.

A macrame bracelet can be made from as little as one long piece of rope/string. These DIY Macrame Bracelet tutorials are quick, simple, and fun to make. The patterns given below can be applied to any material (an artificial cord, ropes, etc) and it will look great in any color combination and is perfect for any season.

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1. Macrame Bracelet DIY 

Macrame Bracelets are cute fashion statements that say a lot about your wrist. They can also be given out as gifts! That’s why you need to know how to make a macrame bracelet.  You need a twisted nylon thread for this (note: you can use any other thread you like), cut a piece of thread a little longer than the width of your wrist; you can know this by simply wrapping the thread around your wrist. 

These pieces will be the middle string of your bracelet.  Now, use a paper or measuring tape to measure the exact size of your wrist, this will allow you to knot the middle of your bracelet. 

2. Simple Macrame Bracelet Tutorial 

This simple macrame bracelet is made from a satin nylon braided cord. However, due to the design of the bracelet, you’ll need two different colors of the cord.  Any colors will be fine but black and orange was used here. Cut 40cm from the black cord and 100cm from the orange cord. The black cord was used as the middle string; it was folded in half and the orange cord was used to make a series of square knots on it starting from some inches down the loop. 

3. How To Make Macrame Bracelets 

Instead of using beads, or metal blanks to design your bracelet, why don’t you use Josephine knots! Let me show you how you can make that happen. Since you’ll be using two different colors of cords, cut two cords from each color to be the same size but a little longer than the width of your wrist. Then, fold one of the colors in half and form a loop with it. 

4. Adjustable Square Knot Macrame Bracelet 

A sliding closure will be great for an adjustable macrame bracelet. Here is how to make the sliding closure! After you’re done with the bracelet, take both ends of the middle strings and make them alternate with each other. Now, get a code and fold it in half. Use this cord to make a series of square knots on the overlapping middle string ends. Once you’re done, close each end of the middle string with an overhand knot and fix it with a match or lighter. 

5. Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

This macrame bracelet is a must-have piece of jewelry! Aside from that, it’s super simple and quick to make. Let’s see how you can make one for yourself in less than two hours. You will need a cord or ribbon, a macrame board, scissors, glue, and beads. The glue is optional but it gives extra reinforcement to the macrame knots. The beads are to make the bracelet glitter and shine. The macrame board will help you layout the cords in the proper way to get you started. Once you have all of these you’re good to go. createandcraft

6. Macrame Bracelet DIY

Do you admire macrame bracelets so much that you wish to have one? Well, here is a quick guide to help you figure out how to make a macrame bracelet and which design you should make.  All you need is a 5mm knotting cord, matches or lighter, scissors, and pre-drill stamping blanks or beads. 

If you’re using a stamping blank, cut two arms lengths of cord and string both evenly through the holes on the stamping blank. These cords will be the center strands; now cut another two arm lengths of cords and fold each in half. Each folded cord will be used to make square knots on the center chords on both sides of the stamping blank. abeautifulmess

7. Simple Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

If you’re using a connector or charm for the center of your bracelet, you don’t need a middle string to hold the cords. Since the connector or charm already has holes on both sides, all you need to do is to cut cords to be attached to both sides of the connectors. Use the cords on both sides to make square knots. honestlywtf

8. Easy Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

Making a macrame bracelet is a good way to have fun while being creative. The good thing about it is that you can use any materials you like to decorate it. You can use any type of cord that is available for this, but a nylon thread was used in this guide and the knots required for the pattern are Square knots. littlerocksoiree

9. How To Make Macrame Bracelets 

Here is another method of making a sliding closure for your bracelet! Fold the kiddle string in half and make a simple overhand knot some inches down the loop. Use a tape on the knot to hold the string down. 

Then, make a series of spiral square knots on it till you have only some inches left. Now, make another overhand knot with the loop of the string but this time doesn’t pull it, take the remaining cords from the square knots and pull them through the loop of the knot. Then, pull the knot tight. You can use beads to decorate this closure.  

10. Macrame Bracelet Eye Tutorial 

Do you wish to own a macrame bracelet but you don’t know how to get one without buying it at a high cost from the store? Here is a quick guide to show you how to make a beautiful macrame bracelet eye from a satin nylon braided cord and a huge clip. Since the cords are tiny, the clip will help you hold them tight while you make the knots. Find out more about the macrame bracelet from the link below. 

11. Easy Macrame Friendship Bracelet 

Bracelets can be a good piece of friendship ties, especially when you make them yourself! You’d like to give this friendship bracelet a try after watching this tutorial. All you need is a 200cm long cord and another cord of 80cm. Both cords can be of different colors (or the same) depending on what you want. 

12. How To Make Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

The two types needed for this macrame bracelet are simple overhand knots and square knots. You also need two strands of cord (the same length). Make an overhand knot on one end of the cords and pin it down with tape. Then, pass the second cord under it and spread both ends evenly on both sides of the first cord. 

After that, make up a five square knot with the second cord and slide a bead on it. Repeat the same number of square knots after the bead and slide another bead. Repeat this process till you’re done. 

13. How To Make A Hemp Macrame Bracelet

All you need for this hemp macrame bracelet include hemp cord, beads, masking tape, scissors or clippers, glue, and a clipboard. The center of the bracelet was made from three beads stacked in between three square knots. Then, the remaining beads were stacked in-between a number of square knots till the end of the bracelet. rings-things

14. Knot DIY Macrame Pattern

Do you want to make your macrame bracelet? Are you looking for a guide to put you through the steps? Here is a quick guide that will teach you how to make a  macrame bracelet using nylon cord, hold connectors, silver connectors, scissors, and lighters. Find out more about this bracelet from the link below. schmuck-blog

15. DIY Cowry Shell Macrame Jewelry

Cowry shell jewelry is making its way back into the jewelry trend! Now, a combination of amazing cowry shells and macrame knots is just something you can avoid in your jewelry box. As it looks amazingly beautiful, it is very easy to make. All you need is a few strands of nylon thread and an understanding of basic macrame knots. The dominant knot used is a simple overhand knot. theneonteaparty

16. Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

You can use crochet thread or embroidery floss for this macrame bracelet. Other materials needed for this bracelet include clasps, jump rings, straight pins, ruler, fray check, needle nose pliers, corkboard panel, and small, sharp, and pointed scissors. Once you have all of these materials, you’re good to go. Check out the link below on how to put all these materials together. howdidyoumakethis

17. Triangle Macrame Friendship Bracelet 

To make this triangular pattern on your macrame bracelet, you need two contrasting colors. This will make the pattern stand out. Here a dark red cord and the white cord were used but you can change both colors to suit your preference. You’ll need three strands of cords each from both colors. The two basic knots that make up this triangle pattern are double half hitch knots and square knots. 

18. Macrame Bracelet For Beginners 

The materials needed for this macrame bracelet include beads, a nylon cord, a lighter, and a pair of scissors. The bracelet is beginner-friendly as the only macrame knot needed is a half clove hitch and overhand knot. The overhand knot is used to mark the beginning of the half hitch knots that make up the length of the bracelet. 

19. How To Make Macrame Bracelets 

All you need to make this amazing macrame bracelet is nylon thread, beads, and scissors. Cut two 18 inches cords from the nylon thread and one 30 inches. 

20. Infinity Macrame Bracelet DIY 

This macrame bracelet is beautiful whether you use different colors of cord or the same color. For both designs, you will need white beads (another cool color depending on your choice of color), and color beads matching the color of the cord used. Aside from that, this is very simple to make because you only need an infinity square knot to complete the bracelet. If you’re new to this type of knot, this guide will put you through it. 


Have you been meaning to try your hands on macrame bracelets? But you don’t know where to start from? You don’t have to worry anymore, because these guides will help you with everything you need to know about macrame bracelets; how to make one quickly and easily, the list of materials and tools required, and the designs you can make. 

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