Month: January 2022

15 DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock Ideas: Most Beautiful Ones

Jane Foster

Care for some Macrame fruit hammock DIY ideas? There’s something delightful about biting into fruit and realizing that it’s still ...

20 DIY Macrame Candle Holder – How To Make A Candle Holder

Jane Foster

Give home decor a Victorian twist with these adorable DIY macrame candle holder ideas. Candle holders are always a great ...

15 Easy DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder Ideas – Do It Yourself 100%

Jane Foster

DIY Cat puzzle feeders or Puzzle feeders are objects meant for holding food and must be manipulated through different ways ...

12 Cat Litter Storage Container DIY – How To – Like A Pro

Jane Foster

Looking for a cat Litter Storage Container DIY ideas? Appropriately storing your cat’s litter is one of the essential things ...

diy popsicle stick ferris wheel

15 DIY Ferris Wheel Popsicle Sticks Ideas: Do It Yourself 100%

Jane Foster

Are you terrified of getting on a real Ferris wheel? Does the thought of soaring so high in the sky ...

diy outdoor cat home

20 Outside Cat House DIY – Build An Outdoor Cat Shelter

Jane Foster

Want to build an Outside Cat House DIY? You are in the right place. It can be a hassle owning ...