Month: February 2022

diy dip dye macrame

20 Ways To DIY Dip Dye Macrame: Most Beautiful Ideas Ever!

Jane Foster

The projects in 20 Ways To DIY Dip Dye Macrame are designed to make you look like you’ve invested hours ...

10 DIY Macrame Headboard Projects: Do It Yourself Easily!

Jane Foster

How many times have you woken up hungover and wished there was a ready solution for your hangover? Now you ...

15 DIY Crescent Moon Macrame: Stunning Designs!

Jane Foster

The Crescent moon macrame is a die-cut template that is used as a place holder to wrap, weave and create ...

19+ Macrame Rug DIY Ideas: How To Make A Macrame Rug

Jane Foster

Macrame is one of those things you just can’t have enough of. It adds color and warmth to your room. ...

DIY Cat Steps

12 DIY Cat Steps: How To Make Cat Stairs for $20 or Less

Jane Foster

Have you been looking for a tutorial that will teach how to make DIY cat steps. Cats are known for ...

15 DIY Cat Collar Cone: How To Make A Cat Collar Cone

Jane Foster

Want to make a DIY cat collar cone? Well, you are in the right place! If your kitty is missing ...