Month: April 2022

woman standing and holding blue yoga mat

19 DIY Macrame Yoga Mat Strap Projects For Complete Beginners

Jane Foster

DIY Macrame Yoga Mat Strap: Learning the ropes of macrame isn’t hard once you get the hang of it. The ...

gray cat in close up photography

15 DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial | Do It Yourself

Jane Foster

If you’ve recently adopted a new kitty, or want a new cat bed to spruce up your home decor, this ...

19 DIY Puppy Shirt Ideas To Make For Your Canine Bestie

Jane Foster

DIY Puppy Shirt: Some dogs like to go crazy in public, some dogs like to run wild and free, and ...

white and brown long coated puppy macroshot photography

15 DIY Puppy Teething Toys Ideas: Make Puppy Teething Toys

Jane Foster

DIY Puppy Teething Toys: You’ve seen the ads on TV for freezing treats for dogs that are meant for teething ...

20 DIY Puppy Harness Projects: How To Make A Puppy Harness

Jane Foster

DIY Puppy Harness: It is easier than you might think to make a DIY Puppy Harness. It will not only ...

20 Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Rolls: Keep Them Busy 

Jane Foster

Hi Everyone, I’m excited to share my newest post on, Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Roll. Toilet paper rolls are ...