25 DIY Game Table Plans: Build Your Own Gaming Table

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DIY Game Table Plans

Have you ever wanted your own game table? If you’ve ever thought about making your own game table for your home or man cave, then this is the article you want to read.

Who doesn’t love playing games? Game nights are a great way to just spend time with friends. However, depending on the type of game being played it can be difficult to find a flat surface large enough to use as your playing area. 

In this article, we have put together 25 DIY game table plans that you can make. Check them out and thank me later. 

1. DIY Gaming Table For $50 

Most gaming tables use felt to cover the table, but this table uses a floor mat. That makes it easier to clean. The total cost of making it is $50. It is way cheaper than buying a gaming table. Let’s see some other things used in the making; Plywood, miter saw, circular saw, finish nailer, hammer, and screws. 

2. DIY Game Table Plans 

One thing that is amazing about this table is that it is built in such a way that after the fame you can put the tabletop over it and turn it into a normal table again. That’s quite amazing! Because of this design, you can use your table or any old table to build this, all you need to do is to remove the tabletop. Attach the gaming surface and place the tabletop again. 

3. $10 Board Game Table 

This is a super cheap game table. It is made from a large box frame, felt fabric, freehand spray, and scissors. Here is how to go about It; Remove the backboard of the frame. Cut the felt tactic to size the backing and attach it with the spray. Once you’re done with the backing back to the frame and you’re good to go. 

4. How To Build A Gaming Table 

The materials needed for this gaming table include plywood sheets, hurting strips, 2×4s, 1×8s, 4×4s, jigsaw, track saw, and vile. Watch the video to learn more about the gaming table. 

5. DIY Game Table Plans

This gaming table has many fantastic features. The features are so fascinating that you must have one. Here are some; It has a tv embedded into it. The outlet has power points installed in every corner, a glass covering the embedded tv. These are some of all the features. 

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6. DIY Gaming Table With Vault

You can make this gaming table with your old kitchen table. Here are some materials needed aside from the old kitchen table; OSB sheets, bracket, neoprene mat, common hand tool, speed cloth, wooden board. 

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7. DIY Gaming Table Top

This game tabletop is super simple and can be used anywhere since it is only a board. The most important and hard part of the project is the process of adhering the felt fabric to the board. After adhering to the felt, the next thing is to prepare and fix the frame. 

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8. DIY Drinking Game Table

To make your drinking game table, the first thing you need to do is to determine the layout and tasks you’re using. Then, draw your outline and fill in the tasks. Check the link below for more details.

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9. How To Build A Puzzle Table 

If you need a very good how-to video on a DIY puzzle table, this must be the best video tutorial for you. 

The instructor did a good job of showing the details of the process used in the making of the table. By following this video, you will be able to install another feature to your puzzle table. There are two wooden cover flaps attached to both sides of the table.

10. DIY Gaming Dining Table 

For this gaming table, you need a whole lot of wood. It will not be very easy for a beginner who has no experience with woodwork to get the project outright but additional guidance should be worth it. The instructor did not use many screws because he uses biscuit joinery for the project. 

11. $45 DIY Game Table Plans For Kids 

This kiddies game table is very cheap and fun to make. It’s very good to get your kids a game table and it will be more interesting if you invite them to help out while making it. The base of the table is made with 2×4 pieces of won’t while the top is made from MDF sheets. 

12. DIY Gaming And Dining Table 

The materials needed for this gaming table include plywood, circular saw, wood glue, tape measure, drill, 2×4 pieces, speed square, and felt. After gathering all these materials and tools you can start working on your double purpose table. 

13. DIY Outdoor Gaming Table

I love the shape and design of this mini outdoor game table. You can customize the design, shape, and size of the table if you want. I will still look real and adorable. 

Here are some materials needed; Lumbers, miter saw pocket hole jig, pocket hole screws, Brad nails, wood glue, and drill. 

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14. How To Build A Poker Table

Maybe because of the design, this game table is slightly expensive.  However, it requires 10 hours before completion and a moderate level of skill in woodwork. The playing surface is covered with felt and a tabletop was installed on it to turn it into another table when not in use. 

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15. DIY Rolling Game Table For Kids

Are you wondering how to turn your coffee table into a beautiful mini-game table? This guide is for you. The coffee table has a lot of small space and shelvings where you can put your gamepads and boards. It is very easy to move around as well because the caster wheels attach to the legs. 

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16. DIY Wargame Table

You can either choose to make a felt tabletop, where your tabletop will be covered with felt fabric, or a sand tabletop, where your tabletop will smoothen with grit sander. Any of the two options is great, easy, and inexpensive, but people gravitate towards the felt tabletop more than the sand tabletop, because it gives softness to the table. 

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17. DIY Game Table Plan 

If you want a game table that you can fit any game on it, this video tutorial should interest you. It is wide enough to accommodate any game and you don’t have to worry about holding cups or where to place your cups while the game is going on because it has an embedded cup holder. Though it is very functional and adorable, it is very cheap. 

18. DIY Game Table Plan Under $150 

Have you wanted to have your own gaming table with the full features; felt lining, cup holder, and token holder. This is for you. With some basic power tools, hand tools lumber, and hardware you will be able to make your dream game table come true. 

19. How To Make A Hidden Game Table 

This hidden game table is made from wood, plywood sheet, pocket hole jig, pocket hole screws, miter saw, a circular saw, sandpaper, tape measure, wood glue, and felt. Click the link below to learn more about the hidden game table. 

20. How To Build A Board Game Table 

Buying a game table may not satisfy your needs as you want. Only you know what you want and by creating a game table yourself you can make it as specific as you like. If you have some basic tools at home or you have somewhere you can borrow them, the project becomes cheaper. The total cost of this amazing game table is $125. 

21. DIY Gaming Coffee Table

Thus gaming coffee tables require a design template because of their complexity. Once you have the plan everything becomes simple. 

Here are some of the materials needed;

Red Oak Dimensional Lumber, oak veneer plywood clear pine plywood,  drawer knobs,  soft close drawer slides, “L” Brackets, LED battery pack, Rare earth magnet, stain, general finishes satin water-based polyurethane, sandpaper, and glue.

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22. DIY Multi-Purpose Gaming Table

You need a long list of materials and tools to put this multi-purpose table together. Here are the categories of equipment and materials needed for each part of the table; lumbers, hardware and supplies, electrical equipment, and components for the arcade system.  

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23. DIY Game Table Plan

Before making any type of table, one important thing is that you need to determine the size of the table. How big and wide do you want your table to be? Once you determine the dimension of the table, the next thing is to gather the materials and tools required. Then get to work.

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24. Reversible Top Board Game Table DIY

The digital design of this game table was created using Google SketchUp. If you’re wondering how to do this, you don’t have to worry. You can click on the downloadable design from this guide. The first thing you need to do after getting the design is to prepare the tabletop. Cover it with cotton batting and felt. Then, work on the tabletop border. 

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25. DIY Game Table Plans  

To give the table extra softness, the instructor uses felt and batting to cover the board. 

Here is how to go about it;

Get your normal table ready. Get a sheet of ¾” MDF for the gaming board. Sand the edges of the board. Add adhesive spray to the front of the MDF and cover it with white batting. Stable the excess batting to the back with a staple gun. 

Once that is done, spray the adhesive on the white batting and cover it with a burgundy billiards grade felt. Staple the excess to the back as you do for the batting. 


There you have it! 25 amazing DIY game table plans. Each plan is cheap and functional in its own way. So, pick one and get to work. 

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