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Looking for a cat Litter Storage Container DIY ideas? Appropriately storing your cat’s litter is one of the essential things you must ensure is done correctly as a cat owner. Whether you own a single or multiple cats, you know their litter box or boxes have to be kept clean and tidy as much as possible.

This means you must have an effective way to store both your used and unused cat litter. While it’s possible to keep your unused cat litter in the original purchase bag, it’s not advisable to do as moisture might seep in and affect the litter. Storing bags of used litter in the house can quickly escalate into a messy situation if the cats get their paws on them or there is some accident.

If you’re wondering about cute, innovative, and affordable ways to store your cat litter, then take advantage of any of the 12 DIY projects below!

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1. DIY Hidden Litter Box Tutorial

If you want something simple to make, maintain, and comfortable for your cat, try this alternative litter box drawer project. The idea is to convert the second compartment of a three-compartment drawer into an open space so the cat to step in and out of the litter box. It’s so brilliant and yet so simple. Check out this project of this hidden litter box container that sounds like something you’d want for your feline child.

2. $20 Cat Litter Box From Storage Bin

What if you can build a litter box storage container that is just as effective as the ones in the store and yet less expensive? This clear container storage container is ideal for storing both used and unused litter boxes. Your cats never have to feel cramped again, and you can monitor the level of litter left in the container to know when a top-up is due. The best part? All you need to make this are some razor blades, a clear plastic container with a lid, and duct tape.

3. Hide Cat Little Box In A Small Space

Who says living in a small house and storing cat litter is incompatible? It turns out with this DIY cabinet; it is pretty possible to have your cat’s litter box hidden out of sight and yet still have ample space. This project involves making a small hole with a pet door at the other end of the cabinet where your cats can go in through to do their business. Other parts of the cabinet can store unused litter and other cat essentials. To make it extra stealthy, use some decorations on the cabinet like the creator in this project did.

4. DIY Litter Box

Give your cats lots of room with this fantastic litter box. It’s made out of plastic tote boxes and pretty easy to replicate. If you need accurate dimensions to make a litter box slightly larger than average, this project will guide you on what to do. Remember to sand cut edges of your tote boxes, so your cats don’t scratch themselves as they jump in and out of the box.

5. How To Make A Cat Litter Box

 Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

This litter box is perfect for more giant cats and also pretty durable. If your cats have stood up to pee patterns, this litter box would please them very much. Another terrific thing about this project is that it’s affordable to make and allows the cat to feel comfortable.

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6. Cat Litter Storage Container

 Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

This one is for multi-cat families. Storing loads of boxes of used cat litter can be quite a chore, and going through the rigorous routine of taking them out every day may not be sustainable. Attempt any of the DIY litter boxes in this tutorial.

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7. Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

 Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

Who says empty kitty litter jugs have to go into the trashcan? Make something fun and functional with this DIY kitty litter storage bucket. All you need are used jugs, a sharpie pen, a razor, some chalky paint, and old fabrics to make the handles. You can store whatever supplies you need to in this bucket without spending a fortune.

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8. Dog Proof Cat Litter Box

 Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

Give your feline baby a little more privacy from her intrusive canine neighbor with this project. If you have a dog that sometimes sneaks into your cat litter box to munch on her poop, this project will quickly solve the issue for you.

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9. How To Make A Litter Box Using Storage Bin

This tote litter box is easy and super quick to make. If you’ve had a hard time cutting through your plastic tote box, the trick used in this project will definitely help you. Be careful to raise the line above the floor, so the litter doesn’t drop to the floor and mess things up.

10. Cat Litter Storage Container DIY

Another great option for cat owners with dogs. If you have a cat and a dog, the chances are good that your dog would want to sniff and eat your cat’s poop, so safeguard your cat’s privacy with this quick and easy plastic tote litter storage container. All you need to make this is a Dremel, marker, a plastic tote bin, litter box, or pan, and you’re good to go!

11. Membuat Cat Litter Box

This is another effective yet comfortable way to store your cat’s litter. Ensure to keep the storage container well ventilated by either taking the lid off or leaving some space open. This will reduce the incidence of odor around the house.

12. DIY Trackless Cat Litter Box

Need a guide on how to make your trackless litter box? Then check this out! It is simple and easy to make. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to make it.

Ditch the small, uncomfortable and pricey commercial litter boxes and make a litter box that your cat would enjoy and look forward to using. Keeping your cats happy, the house clean, and the odor at bay are all reasonable goals with this project.

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