13 DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger – How To – Do It Yourself

Jane Foster

DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY 3 Tier macrame plant hanger is a method of hanging several flower pots on the same lines of rope. This will be perfect in an area where there is not enough space to keep individual pots. Also, it looks really cool and adds to the beauty of the area. We have different tiers of macrame plant hangers but in this guide, we will only look at the 3 tier plant hanger. 

I’ve gathered amazing designs /patterns for the 3 tier plant hanger, all you need to do is to go through them and start the making process.

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1. How To Make 3 Tier Plant Hanger 

If you want a simple 3 tier plant hanger, this macrame hanger will be very suitable for you. All you need is 3 pot/planters, cable ties, S-hook, macrame cord. Cut a long role of equal length for all the planters. Pick up each rope, fold them together and make a big overhand kit at the top just after the loop. 

2. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger 3 Tier 

Lark’s head knot has always been the most used knot to attach cords while working on the macrame. But for this plant hanger, you don’t need a lark’s head knot, all you need to do is to hang your cords on a ring making the rope doubled in number. Then, gather all the ropes and use another cord to make a wrapping knot on them. 

3. Macrame 3 Tiered Plant Hanger 

If you want a simple but classic 3 tiered plant hanger, this one right here will be the best option. Unlike other macrame plant hangers that use many cords and basic knots, this uses only three cords with only overhand knots as the basic knot. The terracotta plant saucers used a base plate tray. The base tray varies in size as the size of the plant saucers. Drill three holes on each of the base plates. That is where the cord will pass through. And after each base plate, an overhand knot is there to keep it firm. 

4. 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger DIY 

If you’re looking for a 3 tier plant hanger that you can use as wall decor, then this pattern might be what you’re looking for. The plant hanger can be a wall hanging and suspended on the ceiling. The cord used is a rainbow cotton cord with a gold metallic strand (the gold strand is soft in hand). You can check the video tutorial below for the length of the cord you need for each tier of the plant hanger. 

5. Easy DIY Macrame Hanger 3 Tier

 DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger

Within just an hour, you can put this 3 tier macrame plant hanger together! All you need are 4″ terracotta pots, macrame rope, stencils, thick white paint, scissors, and wooden/metal ring.  Cover the terracotta pots with the paint and lightly wipe off some of the paint to give the lots a semi-aged look. While waiting for the paint to dry, go ahead and prepare the cords. See the link below for the full tutorial on how to make the simple DIY 3 tier macrame plant hanger. 

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6. 3 Tier Macrame Planters

 DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger

As you practice macrame, you get perfect at it, and the more you will fall in love with the craft. This macrame 3 tier planter looks really beautiful and complicated from a mere look. But if you’ve been working with macrame before, it won’t be so complicated. 

All you need is a macrame cord to make the knots, wood boards for the pots to sit on, and a wooden ring. Cut 6 pieces of 39 feet ropes. Gather the ropes together and hold them at the center. Now, pull the center through the wooden ring and make a big lark’s head knot with them at the same time. Separate the cords into 3 groups of 4 ropes each. 

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7. How To Make A Macrame Plant Hanger

 DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame plant hanger is among the easiest macrame craft beginners can try their hands on. You will need a couple of supplies to make it happen. Among the supplies are macrame cords, small wooden rings, terracotta pots/planters, tape to keep the cords from fraying, potted plants, clothing racks with S-hooks to hold the planter while you work,  sharp scissors, and measuring tape. The easiest knot that is mostly used for plant hangers is a square knot, therefore, you need to master it properly. Once you master that, you can work on different styles and patterns.  

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8. DIY Macrame Wall Hanger 3 Tier 

See here a beautiful macrame 3 tiered wall hanger. All you need for this include a 4mm single strand cotton cord, wooden dowel or wooden stick to hold the cords while working, scissors for cutting, and measuring tape. You need 26 total strands of cords for this. 10 strands of 13ft/4m long and 16 strands of 11ft/3.5m long. 

9. Double Macrame Plant Hanger 

You will need three types of knots for this double macrame plant hanger. The knot includes a wrapping knot which is used to hold the cords to the wooden ring and to close the bottom of the hanger, spiral knots for the body, and a square knot. See the link below for the full tutorial. 

10. Macrame 3 Tier Planter 

If you’re a beginner, macrame craft can look difficult to you but it is very simple and fun to make. However, among the simplest DIY craft is this macrame 3 tier planter. Since the length is very long, you can adopt the method used in this video, or if you have anything else you can use to measure the length. Once the measurement is done, cut 12 pieces and attach them to a small wooden ring with a lark’s head knot. Find a place to hang the wooden ring so that it will be easier working on the rope. 

11. Macrame Plant Hanger DIY 

If all you have is just your macrame rope and scissors and nothing more, you can make this macrame plant hanger. All you need to do is to lay down a long piece of rope and attach 3 other ropes of 320 cm in length to it with a lark’s head knot. 

After attaching the 3 ropes, bring the two ends of the holding cord together in a simple knot. Making 4 pairs of ropes. Cut another rope with the same length and use it to make some rows of square knots with each of the 4 pairs. 

Having 4 pairs of square knots, take two adjacent ropes from each of the neighboring square knots and make another square knot with it. Repeat this for other square knots as well. 

12. DIY 3 Tier Plant Hanger

 DIY 3 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger

You can make a macrame 3 tier plant hanger with some basic macrame knots, some macrame rope, and a few minutes of your time. 

There are only 3 basic knots that are common in macrame plant hangers, these are square knots, lark’s head knots, and wrapping knots. To make a beautiful macrame plant hanger you need to know these three basic knots. 

The lark’s head knot is mostly used to attach the cord to a ring or hook, square knots are mostly used for the planter while wrapping knots can be used at the beginning or the bottom of the planter. 

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13. DIY Macrame Double Planter 

The primary function of a macrame planter is to suspend a potted plant, but aside from this, the macrame planter can also serve as decor. The type of pot used and the kind of plant innit will determine the decoration. 

See here a beautiful double macrame planter. All you need for the double planter are a macrame cord, metal ring, metal hook, measuring tape, and scissors.  Cut 8 pieces of 4 full arm-length cords. Gather them in the middle and hang them on the metal ring. 

Use wrapping knots to hold them together. Cut off the extra cord from the knot and you’re good to go. Start making the square. See the link below for full details about the square knot. 

14. 2 Tier Macrame Plant Hanger 

As a 3 tier macrame plant hanger is cool and adorable, so is a 2 tier. To make this 2 tier plant hanger, you need to know the basic types of knots such as a square knot, wrapping knot, overhand knot, and lark’s head knot /reverse lark’s head knot. 

The materials required include macrame rope, wooden ring, terracotta pot, scissors, and something to hold the cords. Cut out 8 long pieces of rope and hang them on the metal rod. Cut to short pieces and use each to tie square knots around the ropes from both sides. In-between the 2 be square knots, fill the space with square knots. 

Gather the rope and make a wrapping knot just below the square knots. 


There you have it, 13 amazing DIY 3 tier macrame plant hanger patterns that are very easy to try out. Pick any of the patterns listed above and get to work. I am sure you’ll be able to make an amazingly outstanding piece. Thanks for stopping by!

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