DIY Backyard Swing Plans: Most Fun & Easy To Build Ones

Jane Foster

DIY Backyard Swing Plans

Here are 20 DIY backyard swing plans you can get your hands dirty with if you want to improve your outdoor experience.

Though they are not all built in the same way, they are all unique and stylish. Some require a power tool while others do not. The shape of the swing posts is different as well. Check them out below!

1. DIY Backyard Swing Plans 

Jenn from House one enjoys watching her kids playing in the backyard but there is no comfortable place to see. So she thought of making a backyard swing. You can be Jenn! That means you have to learn how to make a backyard swing! To help you with the information you need, this video tutorial should interest you. 

2. DIY Porch Swing Frame 

Get your hands on real woodwork if you want to try out this amazing porch swing frame. Follow the instructions given by the instructor in this video to make your own. Start by setting up the swing post. Make sure the measurements are accurate and the angles come out well. You will need some power tools as well as hand tools, that is why I said you need to get your hands on real woodwork because this is a very amazing wood project. 

3. DIY Simple Bench Swing With 2x4s 

You can build this simple bench swing over a weekend with no tools or workshop! That’s why it’s simple. The dominant materials used are pieces of 7 10 foot 2×4s for the swing seat and 3 8 foot 6×6s for the post.  You will need some power tools for the project and some hand tools. See here for the full list of materials and tools required for the bench swing and the instructions. 

4. How To Build A Backyard Swing 

Making a template for a wood project is amazing and makes the work neat! You can follow the method used by the instructor in this video to make your own. However, you can customize the idea and add or remove it from it. It’s completely up to you, what you want! To serve as a guide, click this link to learn more about the backyard swing. 

5. DIY Backyard Tree Swing

The technique used in this backyard tree swing was inspired by arborists who use certain techniques to hang the rope on the tree without actually climbing the tree. With some additional tools, you can hang the rope on the tree without climbing or using a ladder. 

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6. How To Build A Swing At Home

You need to pay attention to the materials you will use for the seat so it won’t mess up.  because it is very delicate. For this swing, the seat is made from corbura which is 7 times stronger than cotton. However, you can use any other types of fabrics that are strong. 

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7. DIY Portable Backyard Swing

Here is a portable swing you can carry with you anywhere. That means you can use your swing anywhere and anytime you like. Once you see a tree branch or anything you can use as a hanger. The rope is already attached to the seat, just take it out and tie the rope to the tree branch and you’re good to go. 

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8. DIY Bamboo Swing

This is a project for an industrial design center by cyriel. He made the bamboo swing to fit every requirement; the lightweight structure, portability and thrown over the rope. He uses bamboo for the seat because it is strong, light, and natural. Other materials he used include cord, and metal washers. 

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9. DIY Backyard Swing Time Lapse 

This backyard swing is classic! I love it. You can add it to your list of projects if all you want is maximum outdoor enjoyment. The post is a normal shape frame and 2 corner support was attached to both ends of the top braces. 

10. How To Build A DIY Backyard Swing 

The first thing you need to do to bring this backyard swing to reality is to build the frame for the seat. This is done by preparing 2×4s. Then, you can set up the seat as you want after the frame. There is no need to post, all you need to hand your seat is some chain that rubs through the length of a tree. 

11. DIY Backyard Swing Set 

Making a swing set is something interesting and a project you can look forward to with your children. As much as it is much, it is very complex, at least the setting up of the post is. You can create a template with small pieces of wood1 to get the cutting of the 60° angle for the post. Now, use the template to cut out the angle on 4×4 pieces. 

12. Porch Swing Stand Plans 

This porch swing has 2 legs as a normal swing should. The two legs are supported with support attached to both sides of the legs at an angle of 45°. Unlike others that have top corner support, the top supports for this are attached right on the 2 horizontal braces making up the top. 

To make the legs stand firmly, the base was made from 2 horizontal braces as well. With this kind of frame/ post, the swing is guaranteed strength and long-lasting enjoyment. See here for the full details of the porch swing stand. 

13. How To Build A Free Standing Swing For Backyard

The freestanding swing is amazing, unique, and adorable. Though it requires some skill level and takes up to 2 days before completion. The hardest part of the free-standing swing is the process of digging the ground for swing posts. See the link below for the full method of making the freestanding backyard swing. It is so cute! You need to have one to yourself.

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14. DIY Porch Swing

Shanty2Chic did a really good job in providing a detailed tutorial in making this amazing porch swing. The total cost of the swing is $40 and is mostly spent on lumber.  He provided a free plan and how-to video for the project. It is simple and pretty. You need to try it out. But first, check the link below and watch the video. 

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15. How To Build A Porch Swing Bed

Here is another porch swing bed. The instructor recommended a free printable plan which also has the full SketchUp 3D model if you want to build this swing bed. That means, your work has been simplified. All you need to do is to gather the materials, tools, and follow the guide. 

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16. Homemade Backyard Swing And Slide

Though the swing uses a long list of materials and tools. It looks anything but handmade and thus makes me live the design more. I think you should try it out too if you need a backyard swing and slide for your kids. 

Here are some of the materials and tools used for the backyard swing and slide. Skillsaw, cement block, scrap wood, slide, hammer, nails, and a small hammer. 

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17. Easy DIY Backyard Swing Set 

If you need something beyond the usual, then this might be what you’re looking for. The creator wants something different and therefore sets out to build something different from what has been made. He made his swing post with 6×6 boards instead of the usual 4×4. 

18. How To Build An A-Frame For A Swing 

Building an A-frame swing post without using metal brackets! That sounds amazing and also reduces the cost of the project. Instead of the bracket, several wooden supports were attached to the swing post to keep it strong and standing. 

19. How To Build A Porch Swing Frame 

You can use a miter saw and circular saw as the only power tools in this project, both were used for cutting. Other activities can be performed with hand tools. See the link below for the full list of materials and tools required.

20. DIY Swing 

Building the frame of this swing is the hardest part of the project. Another thing about the swing post is the length, you might have to climb on something to fix the top part. However, once the post is done, the rest is very simple. For the post you will need some tools like a drill, miter saw, joint, and table saw.  The materials required mainly are lumber, glue, and screws. 


Here are 20 DIY backyard swing plans that are very easy and cheap to get your hands on. You don’t have to worry about what you want, you can customize any of the above swings to suit what you want. You need to get to work now!

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