15 DIY Cat Collar Cone: How To Make A Cat Collar Cone

Jane Foster

Want to make a DIY cat collar cone? Well, you are in the right place! If your kitty is missing his collar cone, but you’re a little short on cash and time to run out and get one, check these instructions instead to make your own at home. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it works!

Regular cat collars are handy for identification and ease walk and exercises when a leash is attached to it; Cone collars, on the other hand, help restrain your cat from their usual licking, scratching, scraping, or touching of themselves, especially when they need to heal from an injury. I will be introducing you to 15 DIY Cat Collar Cones, which you can make with easy-to-find materials and at your convenience. Let us dive right in.

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1. How To Make An E-Collar Cat Cone

diy cat collar cone

An Elizabeth or E-Collar Cat cone gives your feline friend that vintage queen of England look and perhaps, feel. Cats are generally prim, proper, and hygienic freaks; they like to lick themselves clean. This DIY collar cone combines fashion and function not to make a feline fashion statement but to prevent one from the Veterinary doctors. 

The E-collar is used for injuries from trauma or surgical stitches and for restraining the pet from licking parasitically caused sores and other dermatological irritations. The E-collar cat cone is made from rigid plastic. To not make a collar that will choke your pet to death, ensure to get the proper measurements and size from your Vet. To make this DIY Collar cat cone, you need a large piece of rectangular card (around A3 size), masking tape, pencil, ruler, scissors, and utility knife or hobby knife.

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2. Soft Elizabethan Collar for Cats

diy cat collar cone

Soft Elizabethan Cat cone collars are one the most comfortable cat collars available. They are cost-effective and fashionable, as well. They are easy to make, and the process is as follows: getting the measure of the length of the cone. This can be obtained using a measuring tape to measure the tip of the nose to the collar. Next, the neck opening the measurement should spawn, then a few other steps, and your cone is ready.

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3. DIY Cat Collar Cone Alternative

diy cat collar cone

This DIY Cat Collar Cone Alternative is for those cats who have cleaned themselves sore and would most likely do more damage to themselves if a cone is not used to save their lives. This DIY collar offers a more unrestrained vision to the pet while still restricting excessive touching. This alternative to E-collar cones is also referred to as pro collar protective collar. The process is easy and a little messy. You will need fluffy and weightless fabrics and fabric tubes. This collar may not be as fashionable as the Elizabethan collar, but it is effective.

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4. Paper Plate Cat Cone Collar

diy cat collar cone

Paper Plate Cat Cone Collar is easily the simplest to make all the cone cat collars. One that requires you to create a hole in the middle of the paper plate, softly push the plate over the Cat’s neck and ensure that the collar is free enough for the cat to breathe in.

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5. DIY E Collar

The various ways to make the Elizabethan collar some alternative materials include the flexible measuring tape, tape, scissors, poster board paper, pen, pencil, markers, and rulers. The process to make this Elizabethan collar involves measurement; you have to measure to get the right proportions for the collar.

6. DIY Pet E Collar

Making this by this DIY pets Elizabethan collar will be easy and fun; what you require includes a measuring tape, any round stuff, a pen, cardboard, hole punch, scissors, and ribbons. The first step in making this Elizabethan collar is the measurement of your pet’s neck then running the heights around the round stuff (you chose) on the cardboard. The next step is to highlight the measures on the cardboard, after which you carve the cardboard in a way that would allow the pet’s head over it. The ribbon is used to hold the cardboard together.

7. How To Make An Elizabethan Collar For Your Cat

Making an Elizabethan collar for your cat has never been more straightforward. First, you divide the cardboard into eight triangular parts. After which, you make a circular shape, the length of which could be drawn using a compass; if you don’t have a compass, you can do the measurements by heart. 

The length of the circle will depend on the size of your cat. After drawing the rings, you cut the remaining cardboard. The next step is to draw an inner circumference, then make a cut and adjust the cardboard to fit the neck of the pet. Tape the inner part of the cardboard that is closer to the neck of the pet to make it smooth.

8. Cheap Cat Collar DIY

Another cheap DIY collar for your cat may involve using inexpensive materials such as a plastic plate, circular objects like a glass cup,  a pen to carve a circle on the plates using the cup, and a hand knife to make a circular hole in the plate. Try to make a smooth inner circle, so the plate doesn’t hurt the pet. Finally, gently push the color over the cat.

9. DIY E Collar Idea For Cat

diy cat collar cone

Making this DIY collar doesn’t require much stress or elaborate materials. All you need is maybe an old shirt, legging, or some so soft clothing around the house not being used. Making this collar may take about 30 minutes of your time, and it’s way more affordable and amusing. This DIY color is helpful for cats getting spayed; soft materials are essential.

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10. Alternative To Elizabethan Collar

diy cat collar

Many cat owners look for alternatives to the Elizabethan collar because the e-collar tends to be most stressful for the cats to move in, prevents proper vision, and poses slight breathing difficulties for the pets. The Elizabethan collar causes the animals to constantly run into blind spots, leading to further injuries and more health complications. However, this alternative collar may not be suitable where the Elizabethan collar is required. Some of the materials necessary include foams, measuring tapes, scissors, and tapes.

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11. DIY Cone Collar For Cat

To make this Elizabethan collar for your cat, first, divide the cardboard into eight triangular parts. Next, you make a circular shape, the length of which could be drawn using any circular object. If you don’t have such, you can connect the dots of the measurements by heart. The length of the circle will be based on the size of your cat. After drawing the circles, cut the remaining cardboard. 

The next step is to remove an inner circumference, make a cut, and adjust the cardboard to fit the neck of the pet. Tape the inner part of the cardboard that is closer to the neck of the pet to make it smooth. It is a quick and easy creation requiring no elaborate materials or skill sets.

12. How To Make E Collar For Cat

Has your cat recently been injured and will likely infect its Injuries by licking, scratching, or constantly touching the wound? A quick trip to the vet for some check-up will have you making an Elizabeth collar for your cat. 

This DIY E-Collar will require that you use a drawing board paper or an A4 paper folded into two, venier (if you don’t have a measurement tape), pencil for drawing the plan on the paper. You will also need a transparent seal to coat the paper for the collar. Then reduce the size of the paper with scissors and make a cone that fits the neck of your pet. There you go!

13. DIY Cat Collar Cone

If your pet recently had surgery and you need to prevent it from licking its wounds or scratching at the areas where they are surgical stitches on its body, this DIY cat collar cone will be helpful to you. First, you need three paper plates together. Secondly, you need to fold the plates in half twice. Then cut out the corner of the tip folded middle, then open the containers. Cut out more parts of the edges to reduce the size of two plates, which will serve as padding for the primary collar.

14. DIY Alternative To E-Collar

To make this DIY alternative to an Elizabethan collar, you need a woman’s tight leggings or nylon. The process is to make a tube out of it and wear the pet with it. You have to be gentle doing it. Otherwise, your pet might run away.

15. Alternative Cone Collar For Cat

To make this DIY alternative Cone collar, you will need a sock material that is elastic and easy to wear. Ensure the material does not prevent blood circulation and that your cat is comfortable in it. 


In conclusion, cone collars are not just effective in ensuring your cat does not infect itself; they are also comfortable for the pet to move in. DIY cone collars save you money and still give you quality. Making a cone for a cat is easy (and inexpensive) to do yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

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