15 DIY Cat Hair Removal Remedies That Actually Work 2023

Jane Foster

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DIY Cat Hair Removal: Are you a proud cat owner struggling to keep your furniture and clothing free from those pesky cat hairs? We understand the constant battle of trying to maintain a fur-free home while providing a loving space for your feline companion. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered with some simple and effective DIY cat hair removal techniques that will leave your surfaces looking pristine once again.

In this blog post, we will share practical tips and tricks to help you tackle cat hair and reclaim your home from those persistent furballs. From everyday household items to specialized tools, we will explore a range of solutions that are both affordable and easy to implement.

1. Ways To Remove Cat Hair 

There are different ways to get rid of cat hair either from your clothes, or furniture. The first way is to use a soft cat brush to get rid of the hair. Using a scrub sponge will be the second option and it works better because of its softness. Pumice stone and the tennis ball will work as well. Note that each of the options above requires you to clean the materials after use to make the next hair removal effective. You can watch the tutorial to know other methods of removing cat hair with simple household materials. 

2. DIY Cat Hair Removal 

Are you wondering how to clean the chair your fur friend has turned hairy? Here is a great guide that will show you how to remove all the cat hair on your chair without stress. Usually, most people use a lint roller which is more expensive and less effective, but now, another material is cheap and more effective; packing tape! All you have to do is roll out a strip from the packing tape and use it to cover some part of the chair. once you remove it, it’ll pull the hair from the chair. You can use one strip 2-3 times. 

3. Homemade Cat Hair Removal Hacks 

In this video tutorial, there are four hacks on how to remove cat hair easily from clothes and furniture! The first method is using a dry sponge to pull the hair off your fabric. A shower squeegee works beautifully on furniture (all you have to do is to roll it on it and you’re good ). The labels from shipping paper are sticky enough to free your clothes from cat hair. While the last jack is using dishwashing gloves; the ribs on the dishwashing gloves can grip the gnarliest pet hair. 

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4. DIY Cat Hair Removal Hacks 

The best cat hair removal in this video is dry rubber gloves. It is very effective and works on all kinds of furniture materials. Another beautiful thing about using rubber gloves is that you can get your fingers into the tiniest corner of the furniture. 

However, you can only remove hair with this when you’re wiping in the same direction as the direction of the furniture materials. You can apply pressure on your hands as you wipe to get more hair off at a go. Other materials that can be used include microfiber wash clothes and an original cat hair removal. 

5. DIY Cat Hair Remover  

The first material that can be used to remove cat hair according to this guide is a carpet rake or rubber broom. The first step you need to take while using this material is to sprinkle water across the surface you want to clean; this will make the material effective. The water helps to grip the hair from the carpet better. 

Another material that can be used to remove pet hair is paint roller and duct tape; to use this, simply wrap the duct tape around the paint roller (sticky side out) and you’ll get rid of all the pet hair on your couch, carpet, or clothes.  

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6. DIY Cat Hair Remover 

During shedding season, you might have more than usual cat hair on your clothes, couch, and some other furniture. Therefore, to get rid of all the hair and keep your house clean, you need pet/cat hair removal. In this guide, there are five amazing hacks you can use to remove cat hair. The first one is the use of a sponge, and it is very simple. Get a clean dry sponge, then run it slightly on the couch across the cat hair and it will cling to it.  

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7. DIY Pet Hair Remover 

There are different pet hair removal tricks and this instructable guide covers 11 such tricks that are super cheap, fast and effective. The first trick is using a charged balloon; all you have to do after charging the balloon is to run the charged balloon across your couch and it will work like a magnet in drawing away vat hair from the couch. 

Other tricks involve using a damp cloth and sponge, using a dry mop or Swiffer, and using a lint roller. All these and the remaining tricks don’t have a particular process or procedures; except wiping and washing. 

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8. DIY Pet Hair Remover 

If you’re a professional house cleaner, you probably have nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves already have some kind of rubber or sticky tape that attracts pet hair to them. All you have to do is to wear a new pair of nitrile gloves and wipe the furniture from top to bottom in the same direction. As you do this, the cat hair will adhere to the glove and toll down. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get all the rolled hair or simply use your hand to pick them up into the trash bag. 

9. DIY Cat Hair Removal

Cat lovers will always have to deal with cat hair in their house, either on clothes, furniture or any other soft surfacing materials. However, knowing how best to get rid of the hair makes everything beautiful. In this guide, you’ll learn six amazing ways to get rid of cat hair from your clothes or furniture. 

The first method is using a lint roller to capture the hair; though it is expensive, it is most effective for light clothes. The second method is using a material lint brush machine; all you have to do with it is to wipe in the opposite direction of your fabric and when it’s full, there’s an opening to collect all the hair from the back. 

10. How To Remove Pet Hair With Just Water  

Here is a quick little trick to get your clothes free of cat hair without using any materials, all you need is what and your hand! All you have to do is to wet your hand with water and shake off the excess, you just want your hand to be damp. Then, rub your hand on the area where there’s cat hair and you’re good to go. If there’s too much just on your hand, rub it against the second hand and all the hair will be removed. After that, repeat the process until all the hair is removed from your cloth. 

11. Keeping Your Home Cat Hair Free 

CandidMommy shared three of the most amazing ways she has used to keep pet hair at arm’s length in her house. The methods are quite simple and they’re what we think of in our everyday lives. The first method is washing your little cat almost every day! I know this method sounds unrealistic but she has used this and it works. Washing your cat regularly will help you remove all the shedding hair while at it. 

12. Pet Hair Removal 

There are three pet hair removal materials in this guide, the first one is an electronic pet hair removal and it’s the strongest as it can remove junk hair at once. The second material is a rubber finger that has a blade by the side. The combination of both blade and fingers removes pet hair effectively as well. Check the video tutorial from the link for the last materials. 

13. Best Cat Hair Removal  

Looking for the best hair removal? Try out manual pet hair removal and pet hair roller! Both pet hair removal works wonders but manual pet hair removal has small surface coverage and can take up a lot of time to complete the cleaning. Pet hair rollers, it is expensive but covers a wider surface than manual hair removal. 

14. DIY Best Pet Hair Removal  

Have you heard about how effective a fur remover broom is? If not, here is a video tutorial to show you how amazing it works to get your clothes and furniture free from pet hair. Another material that also works wonder is a Chom Chom roller.

15. How To Remove Pet Hair  


Knowing how to remove cat hair from your couches, clothes, upholsteries, and other materials is a great relief. Because as a pet owner, you have to deal with countless pet hairs on the above-mentioned Materials. However, the methods or tricks to remove cat hair discussed in this guide are very cheap, fast, and effective. 

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