12 DIY Cat Name Tag Crafts You Can Make Today: 100% Easy

Jane Foster

russian blue cat with black collar

DIY Cat Name Tag: Your beloved feline companion holds a special place in your heart, and ensuring their safety and identification is of utmost importance. A DIY cat name tag is not only a practical accessory but also a creative and personalized way to showcase your cat’s unique personality.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of DIY cat name tags, exploring various materials, designs, and techniques to help you create a one-of-a-kind tag that captures the essence of your furry friend. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast or simply looking for a fun project to embark on, these DIY cat name tag ideas will inspire you to add a touch of charm and style to your cat’s collar.

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1. DIY Cat Name Tag 

Cat name tags make your cat look cute and amazing! If you consider making a name tag for your fur baby, you should follow this guide. The materials needed for the name tag include a blank acrylic cat tag (you can choose any size you desire), lobster swivel clasp, pink glossy vinyl sticker, transfer tape, and in black vinyl sticker. Start by opening the cat tag in a procreated app, type the name and format it to your taste ( the color and font). Once you’re done with the formatting, export the design as PNG and open it in silhouette studio. Check the complete tutorial from the link below. 

2. How To Make A Cat Name Tag  

To make this name tag, you need a suitable piece of wood, the piece of wood can be any shape you like. Then, outline the pattern you want on the name tag on a piece of wood. After that, start burning the pattern with a 60W soldering iron and you’re good to go. Click the link below for the full tutorial on how to make a cat name tag. 

3. DIY Personalized Cat Name Tag  

All you need for this personalized cat next is a collar, engraver, leather roll, and name list. Get a very rigid surface and place the leather roll on it, then punch the engraver on it with a hammer. Repeat the process till you have all the cat names on the leather roll. After engraving the names, shape the leather roll and cut it to length. Then, attach it to the collar and you’re good to go. 

4. DIY Cat Collar and Name Tag 

Using shrink dink paper for cat collars and name tags is very amusing and fast. All you need to do is to cut the shrink dink into pieces and punch holes on each of the pieces for hanging. Then, place them inside a tray and bake for 1-2 minutes. After that, attach a key ring to it and attach the hanging rope. In this video tutorial, the instructor used a macrame strap instead. You can click the link below to watch how to make a macrame strap. 

5. DIY ID Tag 

Here’s a cute cat name tag that bears the name “Mirko”, making this for your cat or dog isn’t difficult at all. You will need some plastic, scissors, ruler, metal hoop and a couple of other materials to make this. The build process is quite easy to follow and the instructions concise enough for even a beginner in craft making. Check out the link below and make this for your pet today. 

Click Here 

6. DIY Pet Name Tag 

Though this pet name tag is made specifically for dogs, it can be used perfectly for other pets and the cat is not an exception! It is made from a piece of scrap aluminum, its corrosion resistance and lightweight.  Get a set of letter and number punches. You can use a hammer to inscribe the character on the aluminum but there will be inconsistencies in depth. To control the depth, use a bench vice and you’re good to go. After that, Punch a hole on the top of the key ring and fill in the character. You can use oil-based paint as shown in this video or you use wax, epoxy or even water-based paint.   

7. DIY Cat/Dog Name Tag 

The materials needed for this cat/dog name tag include two different shades of colored paper, scissors, a bottle, sewing yarn, pencils, and a belt.  Take the darker shade of paper and gold it in half. Then, place the bottle on it and trace the bottom on the paper, flip the bottle upside down and trace the top at the center of the first circle. Then repeat this process for the lighter shade paper.  

8. DIY Pet Name Tag  

Are you looking for DIY pet name tag ideas? If yes, here are three simple ideas for a cat name tag! They’re super cheap and amazing. For the first idea, you need school glue, a cup, water, tissue paper, a brush, and a piece of cardboard (toilet paper tube). All you have to do with all these materials is to wrinkle the tissue paper and cut it into small pieces as shown in the video. 

Then, pour some school glue inside the cup and mix it with small water. After that, cut any shape you want from the cardboard and cover it with a mixture of glue. Add the pieces of tissue paper all over the shape and allow it to dry. Once the tag dried, attach a ring to it and write your cat information on it.

10. Simple Pet Name Tag  

Making a wooden pet name tag is amazing with this transfer paper method! Crafting the design you want on a wood piece might be difficult but with the design template and a transfer paper, you can easily trace it on the wooden piece. After tracing the design in the wood pieces ( the wood can be any shape you prefer), use a permanent marker to retrace it. Then, drill one side or top of the wood and attach a jump ring to it, on the jump ring, attach a key ring and you’re good to go. 

11. Making Resin Cat Name Tag  

While making any resin project it’s always advisable to wear protective gloves and treat the resin with utmost care to protect your hands and also ensure you have a clean and neat outcome. For this cat name tag, you’ll need a form; it can be anything, just get a shape or item that can be mold and pour the resin inside it. Before the resin dries up, inscribe the design and name you want in it and leave it to dry. Once the resin dried completely, attach a big ring to it and you’re good to go. 

12. Stainless Steel Pet Name Tag 

Are you looking for a great and fun project to lay your hands on over the weekend? If yes, this stainless steel pet name tag will look great on your cat. One amazing thing about this stainless steel name tag is that you can attach a magnetic or sticky snap to it. Check out the link below for the full detail. 


It will be best to have your cat stand out among other cats in the neighborhood with a name tag hanging around its neck! Making a name tag is very simple and you can complete one in less than 30 minutes. 

However, there are different methods, design, and ideas and this guide is here to give you the best out of the best pet name tag ideas and designs. 

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