14 DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie – Easy Projects In Your Spare Time

Jane Foster

diy cat hoodie

I can’t get enough of cats. And when it comes to my love for felines, I am even more enthusiastic because they just make me so happy. After seeing this DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie, my heart gets even more melted by cuteness overload! Have you ever wanted to make your own hoodie? Well, then this DIY cat pouch hoodie just might be the thing for you! If you’ve always wanted to, but don’t know where to start, this guide can help.

If you have a cat and love to crochet, why not make a DIY cat pouch hoodie? It’s a quick project that makes an excellent holiday gift. Plus, if you’re handy with your hands, it’s quite easy.

1. DIY Kangaroo Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Getting a cat pouch hoodie from an online store is not a bad idea, perhaps it’s one of the fastest ways to get a cat pouch hoodie. However, store-bought or ordered cat pouch hoodies can be expensive, this particular one ordered from Amazon is super cheap and amazing. It costs just $16 and has many amazing features like pom poms for the cat to play with, a big pocket at the front of the pouch, a hoodie cap, and a snap to close the pouch. You can check out the video below for full details about the cat pouch hoodie. 

2. DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Designing a cat pouch hoodie can be tricky, especially when you’re a beginner. The design sample for this cat pouch hoodie has a round edge but as a beginner, you can just stick to straight lines. The first thing you need to do is to cut an octagon hole in the center of the hoodie. Then, get a fleece fabric and cut it into a rectangle. Sew the rectangle inside the hoodie to cover the hole such that you have a pouch-like opening in the front of the hoodie. Once you’re done with these, what remains is the finishing touch. 

3. Diy Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Are you finding it difficult to measure and make cat pouch hoodies? Well, here is a great guide that will teach you how to go about it in less than an hour. You’ll need a measuring tape, fabric scissors, sewing needle, iron-on fuse tape, matching thread, clipper, matching fabric, and your cat.  

Starting with measurement; measure the next by bringing the measuring tape around the neck of the cat and give about two finger spacing for convenience.  Then, measure the length of the cat from the back of the neck to the base of the tail. However, the length might vary, if you don’t want the whole cat in the Pouch hoodie, you don’t have to measure the full length of the cat. Check out the link below for how to measure the half-length of the cat. 

4. Amazing Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Have you seen a kangaroo walking around with its baby? Well, you are about to do the same for your cat by making this cat pouch hoodie. The cat pouch hoodie is cozy for the cat and the human carrying it. There are different ways you can style your cat pouch hoodie, check out this unisex pouch hoodie in this guide as a template to make yours. The cat pouch hoodie is designed to fit any size of a cat and can be worn by both males and females. 

5. DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie Sweater 

Imagine laying down on your bed or couch and your little furry friend is tucked in the pouch on your hoodie! That will be amazing right? Pet lovers do everything to make their pets comfortable and free with them, a cat pouch hoodie is one of the few pet products that can make that happen faster. It makes it easy for you to go everywhere with your cat, you don’t have to carry an extra bag or basket to transport the cat, it is right there in your stomach like a kangaroo! 

6. DIY Cat Pouch Sweater 

If you’re looking for ways to carry your furry friend along with you on a ride, street walk, or jog without using a carrier like a bag or a basket, the best option is for you to get a cat pouch hoodie! You can easily order one from an online store or learn how to make one from home and do it yourself! 

7. Sweatshirt Cat Pouch Hoodie 

This premium sweatshirt cat pouch hoodie is one of the amazing things you can do for your cat. It has a soft and removable machine washable liner that allows for easy cleaning. The cat pouch hoodie is made from 100% cotton with a heavy-duty zipper and snap. It comes with a pocket that can hold your phone or small accessories. Aside from cats, the sweatshirt pouch hoodie can be used to carry other small animals like puppies. 

8. DIY Cat Holder Hoodie  

A cat pouch hoodie can cost up to $30 in the store and that might be pretty expensive for something you can put together at home with minimal materials and time. The first thing you need to do when considering a DIY cat pouch hoodie is to gather the materials needed. 

The materials required for this design of cat pouch hoodie include pom poms, market, matching thread, hot glue gun, ruler, pins, and sewing kits. The next step is to draft/sketch the design you want exactly. This step will allow you to visualize what you’re going to make. 

9. DIY Kangaroo Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Most cat pouch hoodies come with a pom-pom around the hoodie cap for the cat to play with. This will make staying in the pouch awesome for the cat. Aside from that, another thing that makes a cat pouch hoodie amazing is that, in front of the pouch, you can still maintain the original hoodie pocket to cool your hands. 

10. DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Do you want to carry your cat like a kangaroo? If yes, the only option that can make that happen is a cat pouch hoodie! It comes in different styles, sizes, and colors. If you have an old hoodie or sweater, you can easily repurpose it to make one. Perhaps, you can buy one from the nearest clothing or online stores. Learn more about a cat pouch hoodie from the link above. 

11. DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie  

This amazing cat pouch hoodie is suitable for small cats or any small animal. Unlike other cat pouch hoodies that have only a  wide opening, this one has a wide opening that will allow you to tuck your little cat in and also has a small zipper right beneath the wide opening for the cat to stick its head out as you take the stroll or ride. 

12. DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie 

Most pouch hoodies always come with a snap, button, or zipper to lock the pouch when the cat is not coming out or when the cat is not in the pouch at all. However, this closure works well if you’re making it for a small cat. A small cat can fit well into a pouch and you can close the opening of the pouch but it can be difficult to zip a big cat in the pouch due to the size and the space inside the pouch. Therefore, before making any cat pouch hoodie ensure to be certain about the size of your cat and the suitable materials for it.

13. DIY Cat Holder Hoodie

DIY Cat Pouch Hoodie

If you’re interested in making your cat feel special, you need this cat holder hoodie! In this guide, you have five different cat pouch hoodie designs you can choose from. All the designs are cheap, durable, and made with a larger percentage of cotton. They have pom-poms for your cats to play with and come in different sizes. You can check out the design by clicking the link below. thedodo


Cat pouch hoodie is one of the newest pet products that make having a pet more amazing and personal! You get to share warmth with your cat inside the same hoodie just in the manner a kangaroo carries its baby. 

However, buying a cat pouch hoodie is nice but making one yourself will allow you to make exactly what you want and what will fit your dog. In this guide, there are 15 DIY ideas on how to make your cat pouch hoodies using simple sewing materials. 

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