15 Easy DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder Ideas – Do It Yourself 100%

Jane Foster

DIY Cat puzzle feeders or Puzzle feeders are objects meant for holding food and must be manipulated through different ways to release food for animals, in this case, cats. If you are probably tired of buying cat meals now and then and want them to last longer while also desiring to keep your cat brain-active in a fun way, you should consider having a puzzle feeder. Puzzle feeders can provide mental and physical activeness and stimulation for your cats.

If you are the type that keeps feeding your cats from a bowl placed on the exact location daily, you would soon notice slight changes in your cat’s temperament and behavior as this becomes a boring process for them due to the fact there is no strain or exertion to obtain the food. Cats are natural hunters. 

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After domesticating them, the whole idea of taking away their chances to look for, capture, and kill their meals can easily endanger their mental and physical well-being because this is usually a cat’s form of interaction with its environment. 

Cats who have become well accustomed to just having to walk to their bowl anytime they are hungry will most likely grow incredibly fat as all the calories and fats the cat consumed will not be fully used up due to lack of exercise. This could also lead to having disgruntled and grumpy-looking cats from heightened changes in temperament due to excessive boredom and lack of brain-utilizing activities.

To enable your cats to maintain it’s mental and physical well-being and stimulation while also allowing them to express their hunting nature safely, this is where a cat puzzle feeder becomes useful. Puzzle feeders can hold both wet and dry food and provide numerous benefits for them, including weight loss contribution, reducing stress signs, reduction in cat anxiety and fear, improved behavioral attitude towards humans and other pets, and so many more benefits. Puzzle feeders can be made easily at home and inexpensively, and I am here to show you how with all 15 of these straightforward DIY techniques I found.

1. DIY Puzzle Feeder For Cats

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

This DIY cat puzzle feeder tutorial is a guide explaining how to make about three different puzzle feeders for your cats. The turtle feeder, reach box feeder like the one shown in this picture and round case feeder are all beautiful types of feeders that keep your cats mentally challenged as they eat. It is safe and healthy for them.

This DIY tutorial also explains lists of supplies to make each puzzle feeder and how you can use them. These materials are egg cartons, non-toxic glue, pencil, binder clips, shoebox, decorating materials, etc.

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2. Homemade Puzzle Feeder For Cats

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

Keep your cat’s mind and body constantly refreshed with simple basic tasks to perform while eating. A cat’s mind needs a bit of stimulation, and what better way to stimulate its senses than with the use of a puzzle feeder? You can make them easily with standard household supplies like a muffin Tim, cardboard, scissors, and either wet or dry food, your choice! Watch as your cat uses its senses to find out where its food is with this fun, simple object.

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3. DIY Food Puzzles For Cat

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

This is yet another fun DIY project for craft lovers and makers, and also cats lovers. It does not take much time to achieve and is not much of a trainer. All you will need are Empty toilet/kitchen rolls, PVA glue, a craft knife, clean pots, a clean plastic bottle, and some sandpaper.  It is a good project for you and your kids to appreciate your feline friends.

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4. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle Feeder For Cats

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

Lately, we all have had more usage for toilet tissue rolls than at any other time in our lives, so, rather than just disposing of them, why don’t you use them in making an excellent fit toy for your furry friend. They are impressively easy to make and act as a great feeding and recreational tool for cats. Making this is achievable following this simple DIY tutorial guide.

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5. DIY Puzzle Feeder For Cats

If you are looking forward to reducing how fast your cat eats from a bowl, a puzzle feeder would be a great help for that. They help slow up the rate at which your cat eats as it engages your cat into engaging tasks as cats are naturally curious animals.

Make your own DIY puzzle feeder project from scratch with homestead supplies and save cost getting them one as you are not sure if your cat might be responsive to them. This DIY tutorial guide shows how to make two unique samples of puzzle feeders.

6. DIY Cat Food Puzzle

Puzzle feeders or toys are a great form of encouragement for cats, especially with food in them. They help these cats develop their predatory instincts and stimulate their senses. They are also a form of exercise for these cats. Contrary to opinion, puzzle feeders are easy to make and are a lot of fun.

7. Cheap DIY Puzzle Feeder For Cats

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

Learn how to make this cheap DIY cats puzzle feeders from start to finish with the help of this tutorial. It is well explained and simplifies each procedure, so you do not find any part difficult once you decide to make yours. Watch video tutorial

8. Easy Cat Puzzle Feeder Toy

Food puzzles are a great way to stop your cat from being that over-attention-seeking monster, and they keep them engaged always and forever for a long time. As they figure out how to reach out for their feeds, they also slow up their consumption rate, keeping them in shape and healthy.

9. DIY Cat Puzzle

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

Everyone knows that cats are natural predators, and one of the effective ways to keep your cat’s mind refreshed and continue to express their predatory instincts is with a multi-tasking tool such as the puzzle feeder, which feeds your cats. At the same time, they carry out tasks that help them use their instincts to win their prize, which is the feed, and have them feeling like winners.

This DIY tutorial is excellent for you to achieve that.

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10. DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder Ball

DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

Like our babies, toys allow our kids to exercise their bodies and minds and express their natural in-built attributes. This DIY project can also be quite educative and fun for your kids as they make them. It is pretty easy to make and does not require much skill, although they need adult supervision while they are made.

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11. DIY Cat Puzzle Feeder

You can get creative while making this type of puzzle feeder and make it to suit your cat’s personality. Materials you will need for this project are Plastic containers, scissors, a utility knife for creating holes, a sharp blade, sandpaper, a sharpie marker, a small bell, string, a small plastic cup for tracing out shapes to cut, and then the most crucial material of all- their feeds/treats.

12. DIY Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder


Making a cat puzzle feeder does not have to be so hard. It is a simple and fun-tastic project for your cat. You do not need a lot of materials, as shown in this DIY tutorial guide, just a pair of scissors, tape, and an old toilet paper roll. 

13. How To Make A Puzzle Toy For Your Cat

In as much as you intend to find/create an excellent tool for the benefit of your cat(s), you should do it in a way that does not endanger them. Learn how to do this DIY project with this tutorial guide safer using non-toxic glue and less harmful materials.

14. How To Make A Quick Cat Puzzle

You can learn how to produce one of the unique cat puzzle feeders using a box with paper injection mold. It does not require any glue, wafe for use as a fun toy or a feeder. They are highly durable and can last an extended amount of time, and of course, they are very fast to make, so you do not have to worry about spending the whole day there.

15. How To Make A Cat Puzzle Feeder

Cats that eat from bowls eat voraciously, and they tend to throw up just after eating. To curtail this and keep them fit and healthy, you should try following this simple DIY technique to create a cat puzzle feeder for them. It keeps them engaged and is a good source of exercise-related practices.

Making this is achievable with simple home supplies like toilet paper roll, glue, and a pair of scissors. This puzzle feeder will create an out-purr of exciting tasks for your cats all day.

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