20 DIY Cat Scratch Pad Ideas That Your Cat Would Love

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Cats to scratch for many reasons: to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory, to stretch and flex their bodies. Scratching is normal instinctive behavior for felines and you shouldn’t discourage it.

However, it’s not cool that you cannot entertain a guest because your couch has been messed up by your kitty to stretch out her claws. Instead, encourage your cat to like this DIY cat scratching pad made by you.

They will feel excited when they realize you have been busy all afternoon trying to make out something nice for them.

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1. DIY Door Hanging Cat Scratch Pad

Trying out something new for your cats is an exciting adventure! Following the procedures closely will help you make an accurate scratchpad which is not a difficult task. 

The scratchpad is a furniture saver and helps you keep your home tidy even when you’re away. After making a scratch pad, you must add something attractive to draw their attention, maybe a toy or something fancy that looks thrilling and tempting to touch. In that way, the kitty might want to feel it and realize how helpful it will be when they have the urge to scratch.

2. DIY Cat Scratch Pad

You can make a scratch pad out of any cardboard box even a pizza box can be very handy. They are animals and may not have a clear view of what you are making so it is necessary that you also apply sprinkles and catnip on the scratchpad to draw their attention. With the materials you have at home you can make a scratchpad for your cat without even visiting the store for materials.

3. How To Make DIY Cat Scratch Pads

The DIY cat scratching pad process can be very fascinating if you try them with other methods. Scratchpads can also be attached to your couch or hunged on your wall using nails. It all depends on where they place their claws to scratch. Studying your cats will help you realize their hidden spot for scratch. You never can tell what will be their favorite spot. 

4. DIY Cat Scratch Boards From Cardboards

You can decide to make your scratchpad in different sizes just as it fits your kitty, as well as different shapes. The basic requirements are a cardboard box, glue, and a pair of scissors. Very easy to find.

5. How To Make Cat Scratch Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Does your cat bother so much to fulfill the urge of scratching with her claws? You don’t have to bother about getting a scratchpad at the store which might cost you a lot of money. This DIY cat scratch pad has made things easy and saves cost as well. You can make your scratchpad using materials that can be found anywhere. 

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6. Cat Scratching Pad DIY

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

The cat can make a whole lot of mess when they desire to scratch their claws as well as destroying furniture cat scratching pad is an easy introduction project and requires few tools that can be found even in our garage and are comparatively cheap to anything modern-looking that you could buy online. 

The sizing of the wood depends on the body size of your cat. Settling for wood is an easy one, you can even get scrap wood at the garage to make the DIY that won’t leave your home messy as usual.

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7. DIY Cat House With Scratch Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

The DIY cat scratching pad has been very easy and affordable. You can also make a cat house with a scratchpad. You might have noticed how bad your couch has been abused as well as your door. You can try making a scratchpad for your cat which saves you from cleaning up her mess after a scratch. You can make a cat house and a scratchpad with just a cardboard box, sisal, hot glue gun, paper, or paint (optional). 

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8. DIY Scratch Pad Cat

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Every cat is different and often picky that is why before making a scratchpad for your cat you need to know its actual post that is something vertically standing up or horizontally lying down so that your project won’t end up being a waste. Selecting the best types of wood for your scratchpad making will determine how long your scratchpad will last. 

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9. Scratch Pad For Cats DIY

They are many fantastic methods that can be made from the DIY scratchpad for the cat. You can also try using wood and cardboard box to make scratch pads for your kitty. They are made of a few tools and longer.

10. DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Cat scratchpads are quite expensive when you decide to get them at the store. With materials at home, you can make your own DIY cat scratchpad for your felines at a cheaper and affordable rate.

11. DIY Cat Scratcher

Scratchpad rocks amazingly well with different shapes made from a cardboard box. Scratchpads are more beautiful in a circular shape. With a circle cutter, you can a nice circular scratch pad made from a cardboard box. The kitty will fall in love with this scratchpad because it is very easy to spin and makes it possible for more than one cat to scratch at the same time.

12. DIY Scratching Pad Cat

Checking out modern-looking scratch pads and trying them at home for your kitty is a great idea! With the use of rope from natural fibers, rug, cardboard box, and glue you can make a nice modern-looking scratch pad that is comparative to the ones you meet at the store.

13. DIY Hanging Scratching Pad For Cats

You might have noticed that your cat happens to scratch her claws at the door and it’s very messy, you can also make a door hanging scratchpad for your kitty without spending too much, you can also decide to make any design of your choice on the wood to make it more attractive for your kitty.

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14. DIY Scratching Cat Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

This is a very cheap and simple DIY scratching cat pad. You might have been seeing cardboard boxes lying around your garage but they are very effective for your cat scratching pad. The size of your scratchpad is often determined by the size of your kitty, you can as well make it a little bit bigger for comfort.

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15. How To Make A Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Being creative and trying out things yourself can be very exciting and affordable. This creative DIY cat scratch pad doesn’t request so much of your time and it requires few tools. You wi our cat will love the scratchpad made by you and feels excited about you taking her problem as your priority.

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16. DIY Cat Scratching Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Trying out a new scratching board is a fantastic idea. While choosing woods for your cats, make sure it’s a thicker wood so that her tremendous weight does not make the plank bend and cost you another time of repairing it again. Sisal natural fibers are quite harmful so it is recommended that you should wear work gloves while making or fixing the scratchpad.

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17. DIY Cat Scratching Board

Have you ever imagined the money spent on scratch pads? I’m sure you might have given that thought and you must have realized how much is been wasted and that money will go a long way if been used for other settlements. Learning the DIY cat scratching board will save a great amount of cost.

18. How To Make A Cat Scratch Pad And Post

Carrying out the DIY scratchpad project doesn’t end there, you can also design beautiful designs on your scratchpad making it look very attractive that you won’t need catnip to draw her attention. You can glue some fancy-looking fabric on the scratchpad o look more attractive.

19. Cat Scratching Pad DIY

Have you been experiencing mess around your home from your kitty? Well that’s normal they just have to do it and they can’t help it either. All you have to do is to get a scratchpad for your kitty which you can actually make one for it with just a few tools which doesn’t cost much.

20. Simple DIY Scratch Pad For Cat

DIY scratchpad is beginner-friendly and keeps you busy during your spare time. It might look complicated but it’s a very simple task that even be carried out by a teenager. Its steps are very easy and don’t you confused about how to go about it. 


We have come to the end of this article on DIY cat scratching pad. Have you found a guide for your cat? What are you waiting for, start the making process already! Trust me, your cat will love his or her new scratch pad.

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