10 DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC – Do It Yourself 100%

Jane Foster

DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC

Need a cool cat scratching post for your kitten or cat? The cheap and nasty posts for the garden aren’t going to do the trick. You need something better than that. Luckily, there are many DIY cat scratching post PVC that is easy to make yourself and your cat will love. I know cats love to scratch and I’d like to keep my stuff intact, so I decided the thing to do was make a DIY cat scratching post PVC. In this article, I will share different methods on how to do it and exactly what you need.

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1. DIY Cat Scratching Post Using PVC 

A cat scratching post will divert the attention of your cat from the couch or any other furniture around. This scratching post is made from 3-inch PVC pipes, wood round, scrap wood, PVC end cap, sisal rope and felt to cover the wood round. 

The first thing to do is to trace the inside of the pipe in the scrap wood. Then, lay the wood round on the felt and trace around about one inch wider than the wood round. Cut out the felt and spray adhesive on the wood round to attach the felt. Follow the link below for the full instructions. 

2. DIY Cat Scratcher From PVC 

To get started with this, you need to make fast-drying concrete to fill the planter used as the base of the post. When doing this, ensure to wear gloves and a mask and mix it in a well-ventilated area. 

You need 10 pounds of concrete to hold the planter sturdy, you can also check the package of the cement for the proper measurements. Ensure to work fast before it dries off. However, you can use stones and rocks instead. 

3. DIY Cat Scratching Post With PVC Pipes 

All you need for this cat scratching post include PVC pipes, PVC end cap, PVC elbow & tee connector, rope, staple gun, hot glue gun, wooden board, tape measure, drill, handsaw, fabric, and a pair of scissors. 

Cover the wooden board with fabric and it off the edges of the pipes and the connectors as shown in this video guide. After that, attach the end cap to the covered board. Then use hot glue to connect the remaining pipes to the end cap. Once you’re done, gather the rope and hot glue and stick the rope firmly around the post in any pattern you like. 

4. DIY Cat Scratcher Post 

If you want to make a really strong and sturdy post and you don’t know where to start. Watching this video tutorial might be the perfect point to start as all you need to complete an amazing scratching post is explained in there. All you need are two pieces of wood, a sisal rope, and some screws. Start by preparing the base; cut it into a nice square and sand it before giving it a whitewash. After that attach the long wooden post on it and cover the post with sisal rope. 

5. DIY Cat Scratching Post Pipe

diy cat pvc scratch pole

The materials needed for this amazing cat scratching post include wood round,  pipe flange, pipe connector, pre-cut pipes, sisal rope, hot glue gun, pipe adhesive, paint,  painting supplies,  plastic non-slip, screws, electric drill, and drill bits. Once you get all these, the first step is to paint the wood round and connect the pipes while the wood round is drying. felinefoster

6. Easy Cat Scratching Post

diy cat pvc scratch pole

This cat scratching post is easy and cheap to make, all you need include a cardboard tube for the post, a wooden base, two-sided tape, rope, screw, and drill.  The dimension of the cardboard tube is 8cm (diameter) by 60cm (long). Wrap the two-sided tape around the tube in a spiral form or any form as explained in this guide. Once you have the tape on, now cover the tube with the rope and make it stick firmly. Then, you can start making the base. instructables

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7. How To Make Scratching Post With PVC Pipes 

The total expense for this PVC pipe cat scratching post is $28.70. It is quite inexpensive and very easy to put together. The first thing to do is to drill a small hole at the edge of the PVC pipe. Then, knot one end of the rope inside the pipe through the hole. 

After that, cover the pipe with an end cap then /and wrap the remaining rope around the pipe as shown in this video. Repeat the process for other pipes and connectors. Get a wooden board/shelf and cover it with a wooly fabric, then attach the metal brackets onto the shelf before screwing it to the pipes. 

8. Easy Cat Scratching Post PVC Pipe 

The three main materials needed for this cat scratching post are PVC pipes, rope, and hot glue. All you have to do is to get a base for the post, the base can be wooden, plastic, or anything that is stable on the ground. Once you get the base, attach the PVC pipe to it as the post and cover it with rope. Once you cover the post, your cat scratching post is ready. Let your feline friend enjoy its indoor moment aside from your furniture. 

9. DIY Cat Tower And Scratch Post PVC Pipe

 DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC

Build a cat tower out of PVC pipe and wood and keep your cat engaged all day. The cat tower is built to function as a scratching post due to the hemp rope wind around the PVC pipe.  Since cats love to climb, Jump, hide, and scratch, this is the perfect home accessory you can get for your feline friend. Check out the full instructions on how to put the multipurpose cat tower together in this guide. thisoldhouse

10. DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC

 DIY Cat Scratching Post PVC

Building a unique cat tree and scratching posts can save your furniture. Though there are many designs of cat trees, this particular setup is amazing and will keep your cat entertained all day. When building or choosing the materials for this cat tree, you need to consider cleaning. You can use vacuum carpet surfaces for easy cleaning but never use porous materials. vetbabble


PVC pipes have been known for being all-around useful, especially in the DIY field. These cat scratching posts are made mainly from PVC pipes and they’re effective. As we know that cats enjoy scratching and the next available furniture suffers if there is no scratching post around. Check out each guide and make one for your kitty friend. 

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