12 DIY Cat Steps: How To Make Cat Stairs for $20 or Less

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DIY Cat Steps

Have you been looking for a tutorial that will teach how to make DIY cat steps. Cats are known for their ability to always land on their feet from a jump. Experts call it “righting.” However, your athletic feline buddy may not only begin to suffer from hip and joint problems such as Arthritis as it grows older, but it also tends to hurt itself jumping and landing to and fro various heights. This is why Cat steps are essential. 

Cat steps help reduce the risk associated with jumping by reducing the distances and lessening the trip’s impact. Cat steps make jumping safe. Below are twelve (12) DIY Cat steps that you can explore at your own time and convenience. 

1. DIY Floating Cat Wall Steps

Floating Cat Wall Steps can be built using PVC pipes, paint for the PVC pipes, sundried ropes (white), nails, a glue gun, and a nail drill. The steps are simple, and the tools can be easily accessed at a local hand tools store. The Floating Cat Wall steps are helpful for cats between the ages of five to thirteen.

2. DIY Cat Step Feeder

Is your Cat particular about tender and juicy food? Does your Cat have tender teeth and is prone to leaving food unfinished? This Cat Step Feeder can be of great help. It isn’t so challenging to build. The minimal tools and skillset required, including wood, glass, and a glue gun. The various woods and glass parts have to be chiseled into several sizes that make up the structure. The glass helps to preserve moisture from escaping into the atmosphere.

3. DIY Cat Stairs For Wall

You can “Catify” your home using the horizontal Cat Stairs for Walls. This can be built using wood, drills, glue gun, and paint, and be sure to apply sharp sand before the paint dries to make for friction when the cats move on the stairs. These Cat Stairs can double as a beautiful decor material on your wall as the floating steps run up and down the wall in two horizontal directions.

4. DIY Cat Steps

This Cat step is a simple one-day build using a wide range of wood chiseling equipment, measurements, and regular wood-related tools like saws, drills, paint, and glues. It is a sure way to get an aging feline up and jumping with less strain again. It also looks good in your living room.

5. DIY Pet Stairs

DIY Cat Steps

These DIY pet stairs can be done using summarised steps: measuring and cutting plywood stringers. As you consider the height and width of each step, consider your pet’s size. Next is attaching and bracing the bottom and back of the stringers’ frame. Here also, the pet’s weight will determine the amount of bracing required. 

After which, close up the risers and the back of the steps with another piece of plywood to make for good finishing. The painting follows next; you could use latex. You may have to coat several times, so your cat doesn’t scratch to the bottom of the wood. The final step is the staining and attaching of the tread, and you have your Cat steps ready.

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6. Tiny Steps For Cat

DIY Cat Steps

There is little a can-do attitude, and a working mind can not fix up. However, the tools you will need to make this Cat Step includes Plywood, Tape Measure, Pencil, T-Square, 3D Printer, Pro Series PLA (black) filament, Jig Saw, Circular Track Saw, Hole Saw, Japanese Saw, Sandpaper, Random Orbital Sander. 

Have a sketch of the steps as you would like for it to be built, sandpaper and saw the plywood to fit the measurements and dimensions, attach the different parts appropriately,  and viola, your Cat step is set!

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7. Cat Step Condo

DIY Cat Steps

If you fancy the idea of spoiling your pet and you don’t want your buddy eating on the cold floor anymore, you can make this special Cat Step Cando for it. The steps are easy. 

The tools and materials you need lots of cardboard boxes (the bigger, the better), scrap paper/newspapers/or an old manual book, about 4 meters of fabric, different fabric for curtains and bows, four snap buttons, scissors, hobby knife, ruler, pencil, glue gun, and sticks + glitter glue stick, universal glue and brush to spread the glue.

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8. DIY Cat Run

Do you want to give your cats a place they can call their own? Perhaps, a location other than your bed? This DIY Cat Run is exactly what you need. It is easy to make with traditional materials and tools safe for the cats and easy to find for construction.

9. How To Make A Cat Staircase

Making a Cat Staircase for Home or Catio shouldn’t be a hassle. Grap a Chop saw, premium boards, deck screws, measure and cut your riser wood, make ten pieces, ensure the angles are cut, attach the risers to the sides of the boards, screwing each riser in place. Saw and chisel the wood, then paint it, and you have a stairway for your pet.

10. Cat Stairs DIY

This Cat Stairway has three levels for the pets to climb to their houses. It is built like a shelf on the Wall. The tools required plywood, measurement tape, saws, paint, and drills.

11. DIY Cardboard Cat Stairs

These DIY Cardboard Cat Stairs are made with easy-to-find materials like Cartons, Cardboards, paper tape, scissors, glue guns, and wit. Building this will be fun.

12. Custom Cat Stairs

DIY Cat Steps

These custom cat stairs will make it easy for your cat to descend from a good height. It won’t have to jump down; its descent will be broken down into shorter trips. The tools require no elaborate carpenter skills, just basic materials like saws, plywood, glue guns, etc.  Click to watch video


Some of these Cat steps are pretty simple to do, and the materials are easy to get. DIY Cat step can save you a few bucks and help you acquire some new hands-on skills in the process. You don’t need to be an expert in wood engineering or carpentry to be able to pull one of them off. Your aging pet doesn’t have to stress it anymore

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