20 DIY Cat Toys With Yarn: What Cats Love 100%!

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DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Making homemade cat toys with yarn is a great way to save money additionally, if your cat likes to chew, this is an excellent way to keep her occupied and stop her from chewing your things. We listed 20 DIY cat toys with yarn that you can make.

The best thing about making these toys with yarn is that you can customize them to the taste of your cat and they also look very pretty and you can try any pattern or color you want.

1. DIY Yarn Ball Cat Toy

You can make a two-colored yarn cat toy for your cat, to make it more attractive and tempting. This DIY yarn ball is very easy because it doesn’t require sewing and gluing. That will make you feel better and assured that you can do it. 

2. DIY Cat toy yarn

This simple craft of cat toy making is time managed and doesn’t much. Different cat toys can be made from yarn through any design. You can join yarns of different colors and braid it, just to give it a pouncing pressure.

3. DIY Fuzzy Cat Toy With Yarn

Following the procedures for the DIY cat toy with yarn, you can make wonderful cat toys. Cats are different, if you have realized that your cat is not a play type of cat, you can try making a cat toy yarn with wonderful colors that will make her thrilled and excited.

4. Yarn Cat Toys DIY

Your cat might not be fond of yarns only, you can make a cat toy from toilet paper roll and cat treats. You can also tie pieces of fabric to a yarn string. DIY cat toys is a very simple craft that can be carried out by your little ones and it will be very exciting if you let them try.

5. DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Here’s another awesome idea felting for your cute kitty at home. Cats to bat things around and felting will be super necessary to keep them distracted. You must have been spending a lot in getting felting at the store. It is amazing to hear that you can be able to try your own felting with the DIY cat toys with yarn.

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6. DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

This is a very easy DIY cat toy with yarn. It doesn’t require so much yarn. Cats are very fond of yarn so it will be very advisable that you make one for your kitty attaching a rope or shoelace for optimal dragging and practicing cat stealth skills.

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7. Homemade Cat Toys With Yarn

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Cat toys are great with colorful yarns and are very attractive. For a firmer yarn, you’ll need to use nontoxic glue to hold it together. I’m sure your cat will be so excited to find many colorful yarns lying around the house and looks attractive as well. This DIY cat is a simple craft for all ages.

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8. Homemade Yarn Cat Toys

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

It’s totally normal to be obsessed with cats and will like to find out every means for the cat to be happy. You can make wonderful like with yarn, catnip, Styrofoam (golf ball will be the best), and glue. 

It’s actually normal if your kitty wants to destroy It by all means at least the task of trying to destroy It keeps them busy and playful but do not let the cat out of your watch when she’s playing with the yarn, it’s very dangerous if it’s swallowed.

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9. Pom Pom Cat Toy DIY

It is very exciting to hear that you can imitate the look of your cat with yarn and it is not complicated as you think. By following the steps you can make a cat out of yarn for your kitty, I’m sure they will love it because they are usually fond of each other. Your cats might feel jealous which is normal, you just have to make it more attractive and tempting.

10. DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

It’s actually okay if some of us feel scared to apply glue on the yarn because you think it might be dangerous. No need to panic, you can make a ravel-free yarn for your kitty and you don’t have to worry about it loosening.

11. DIY Yarn Cat Toy

Your cats might get bored seeing just a particular type of toy for them. This DIY yarn cat toy will help you make a cute crochet yarn of different shapes and patterns. This might be a great adventure to learn crotchet but if you do already no problem, you just have to follow the steps closely.

12. How To Make An Easy Crochet Mouse

Cats are usually curious and that is why we are always distracted each time they are around. You can play along with that curiosity and make a DIY crotchet mouse for your cat they will be so curious to find out what it is because of their love for natural prey. Adding a little piece of foam makes it look natural and attractive to your cats.

13. DIY Catnip Yarn Ball

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

With just simple yarn you can make your cat super excited and busy. You can also try using a waffle ball, catnip, and yarn to make a cat toy for your cat. For bigger cats, a little bit bigger ball will be needed so that it won’t be very much easy to swallow.

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14. DIY Pom Cat Toy

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Considering getting yarns from the store might not be really necessary. You can get scraps of yarns around the house and make a nice toy for your cat. Knowing what kind of color that gets attracted to her is the best so that you won’t make colored yarns that bore her. Adding a little bell in the yarn will be so cute and will make her want to play with it more often.

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15. DIY Twine Cat Toys

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Cats are different and might not be impressed by your DIY cat toy, that shouldn’t bother you, they are pets and still requires love and affection. You can try making out this DIY twine cat which is very affordable. 

You can get a roll of thick twine at the store, at least that’s enough to make as much as possible. The use of glue will be effective in making it firm so that you won’t have to worry about fixing it back each time it loosens. Choosing the kind of shapes you want depends on you.

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16. DIY Cat Yarn Ball Toy

DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Making cat toys is the simplest project you could ever try out. While choosing your yarn, you have to be careful because acrylic yarn is dangerous, instead 100% wool is advised. You might have been on the lookout for yarns, no worries, you can make this DIY cat toy from scraps of yarn. 

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17. How To Make A Pom Pom Cat

This is a very cute way of making toys for your cat. You can also try this craft with your kids at home. It is a very exciting adventure. You can make a cat toy with pom pom which keeps them distracted and curious. Pom cat at with whiskers. It makes them look more natural.

18. DIY Yarn Balls Cat Toy

They are several methods of making yarn balls and you can crochet a yarn ball for your cute kitty. Adding cat treats to the yarn ball will make them curious. This DIY cat This is very easy. A small amount of yarn is needed for the crotchet. Crotchet cat toy looks wonderful in different colors and it will be so cute if you make crotchet cat toys of different colors.

19. DIY Cat Toys With Yarn

Cat toys can be made from many materials that will blow your mind. With the use of a cardboard box, you can make a wonderful cat toy for your kitty. You can also make wonderful cat toys with just yarn and toilet paper rolls. You will be so surprised that every scrap comes so handy in making cat toys.

20. DIY Cat Toys

It will be saddening if you find your cat moody always. You can make a cat toy out of fabrics and yarn. A simple cat toy takes about 3 minutes to make which is better than getting it at the store. This cat toy is cost-effective and takes less of your time.

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