15 DIY Crescent Moon Macrame: Stunning Designs!

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The Crescent moon macrame is a die-cut template that is used as a place holder to wrap, weave and create your way to a beautiful feature piece for your wall. Macrame which means “Knotting” or “top knot” is a craft practice that requires the use of hands to tie wool pieces together in trendy, different patterns to form a unique design. It has been reintroduced as a creative new form of art such as the crescent moon macrame, also known as a dream catcher. 

The whole concept behind the process of making crescent moon macrame is the simple art of tying decorative knots known as Macrame. It is done by using your hand, and without the use of threads, but by weaving wools and cords together into more simplified and intricate knots.

The crescent moon macrame or dream catcher is known as one of the most widespread and enduring symbols that is associated with the Native American culture. It is commonly believed by the native American locals, that it possesses the powers to protect people sleeping from bad dreams by catching them, hence the name “Dream catcher”. This article features 15 stunning DIY crescent moon macrame ideas and designs that you might want to make to amp your space.

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1. How To Make A Moon Dream Catcher

Learn how to make wholesomely calm and soothing home decor for your home with this beautiful DIY tutorial. This DIY tutorial would vividly explain how to make these beautiful pieces of homemade art craft with just wools and fabrics using just macrame and knitting techniques. You can spark up your craftwork with more magic by adding LED fairy light, leaving the ambiance of your room in a celestial manner.

2. How To Make Macrame Crescent Moon 

A very simple and elegant home decor, with the process, made even simpler with the help of this DIY video tutorial. Crescent moon macrame is a beautiful set of wall hanging crafts that enhances and calms the serenity of the home. For this tutorial, it does not involve much to create just 2x small triangular total of 8 ropes, 2x medium triangular total of 10 ropes, 2x large triangular total of 12 ropes, etc. 

3. Macrame Moon Dream Catcher

This is a full-length DIY crescent moon macrame or dream catcher tutorial, that goes extensively into broadening through various methods and fully guiding you through every step of your creative process, virtually. It also makes sure to make use of materials that are affordable and easily gotten, materials such as moon shape metal ring(1pc), macrame cord (165ft/50m), weaving thread and needle, pearl beads(25-30pcs), metal clips(4pcs), fluffy feathers(3-4pcs), measurement tape.

4. Moon Dream Catcher DIY

In this well-detailed DIY tutorial, you would learn how to make a moon-shaped macrame dream catcher, perfect for installing in your living room, baby room, dining hall, or anywhere you please. It is a wonderful aesthetic addition to your home and a perfect gift for your loved ones.

5. How To Make Crescent Moon Macrame

For folks with a gothic outlook, this incredible DIY tutorial guide would be great for you, as you would learn how to make a DIY crescent moon macrame in a moody, dark and unique way just like the picture shown above. It is pretty simple and inexpensive to make and does not take much time to come up with. It is a loveable addition to the home, and well traditionally a good symbol to catch bad dreams from haunting you. marchingnorth

6. DIY Moon Shaped Macrame

Another fun-filled, creative DIY project for a creative DIY craft maker using this creative DIY tutorial guide. It explains every step easily and pays attention to every detail, so you practice and create yours easily. popshopamerica

7. DIY Macrame Moon 

By now, I guess you are tired of the now old and boring black and orange Halloween themes, you might want to spice it up a little with a new color and a new craft- The crescent moon macrame just like this one. onemamasdailydrama

8. How to Make a Moon Dreamcatcher Tutorial

This crescent, half-shaped basketball net-looking macrame project is such a simple, yet beautiful and classic project that is fitting for the home. It is an easy and inexpensive, fun-filled DIY project that makes use of common supplies like an 8″ gold metal craft ring, cotton yarn, ruler, ribbon, scissors. factorydirectcraft

9. DIY Crescent Moon Macrame

Here is a chance to learn how to make a DIY crescent moon macrame using a unique and simple macrame technique called the SQUARE KNOT, this technique enhances your project work making it more realistic with 3D effects. It is an awesome, simple trick even for beginners and amateur crafts lovers.

10. How To Make Crescent Moon With Macrame

Are you sourcing for some good home and room ideas to beautify your place? Or you are trying to enhance your room’s decor by a mile? Here are some of the best, simple homely ideas involving the use of macrame, like the crescent moon macrame or knotting that can be hung close to the wall or from the ceiling. It is pretty, it works, and is simple to achieve.

11. Easy Macrame Moon Dreamcatcher

This is another one of those full-length DIY video tutorials, that takes their time to explain each concept and process as though they are meant for a kindergarten kid. It shows how well explained this DIY video tutorial is, made with the intent of being easily understandable by the viewers, and also affordable, hence the use of affordable materials like 3 big wooden beads, 20 small wooden beads, 0.5mm cord of 5cm length, 3mm cord of 3m length, C frame- 20cm in length, wool needle, glue, and scissors.

12. Cresent Moon Macrame DIY

A great handy piece of information and guidelines for anyone who wants to add more aesthetics to their home while saving up on the extra cost. A DIY crescent moon macrame is a perfect addition to your home decor, that you can make yourself with easy to get materials like the 1mm nylon cord, steel hoops, angle grinder.

13. DIY Crescent Moon Macrame

The moon is an illuminating symbol around the world, that signifies a lot of good things all over the world for different people. You can further ignite your moon passion by adding this moon macrame into your home decor, with LED light. It is peaceful, calm, and inviting. A wonderful and unique addition to any home.

14. How To Make A Large Moon Dreamcatcher

Here is a really large and beautiful moon dream catcher, fitting for any home. You can learn how to make this for your home with this amazing DIY tutorial with its step-by-step emphasis and explanation on all things that concerns the project and its making.

15. How To Make DIY Crescent Moon Macrame

This is a very beautiful DIY project with a very beautiful result. You can learn how to make this fully knit crescent moon macrame all by yourself into any color of your choice. The materials needed are 3mm Nylon thread, Fevikwik, Crystal beads and bells, steel hoops, angle grinder.

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