20 Ways To DIY Dip Dye Macrame: Most Beautiful Ideas Ever!

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diy dip dye macrame

The projects in 20 Ways To DIY Dip Dye Macrame are designed to make you look like you’ve invested hours and weeks of your time and ability into decorating your home or office. You’ll have fun while creating a beautiful tie or adding flair to your favorite macrame rug or macrame wall hanging patterns.

Homemade macrame is a fun craft project for kids and adults alike. With the help of this guide, you can experiment with different color combinations and patterns. Go through step-by-step photos that show the techniques and materials needed in plain English. At the end of each basic pattern is an easy-to-follow modification that keeps things exciting.

1. Dip Dye Wall Hanging 

Making this dip dye wall hanging is very simple and doesn’t require so much time. All you have to do is to gather all your materials and set them to work. Since the wall hanging doesn’t require any knots except for the lark’s head knots to attach the cords to the hanging rod. To ensure the wall hanging is full, you can have ten strips of cords all together as one. Attach each set of cords to the wooden dowel and prepare your dye. After dying, dry your wall hanging and you’re good to go. 

2. How To Make Dip Dye Macrame Coaster 

To make this dip dye macrame coaster, you need a long macrame cord of 5ft, and six other cords of 22 inches long. Start by taking a look at the end of the 5ft cord and leaving enough cord behind for a tail. Then, attach the 22″ cords to the loop one after the other. These lengths are the least wasteful for the size of the coaster made in this guide. If you want to make a bigger coaster, you might consider having a longer length of cords. 

3. Easy Dip Dye Wall Hanging 

You can start making this dip-dyed macrame wall hanging by cutting the required number of cords. The number of cords used in this video tutorial is 250 strips of cords and each was cut to 36″ in length. You can divide the cords into parts and wrap the middle with masking tape. This process is very effective since the middle of the cords will be dipped into the dye. See the link below for the next step. 

4. Large Dip Dye Wall Hanging  

Working with a macrame cord 2 meters long requires patience and time! For the required thickness, you can take two cords and make a lark’s head knots with them together. After attaching all the cords in this manner, you can start making square knots as shown in this video tutorial. 

5. Dip Dyed Macrame Wall Hanging

If you’re a beginner this is a simple Dip-dye project you can lay your hands on. It only takes up to an hour to complete. The materials needed include rit all-purpose liquid dye, rit dye fixative, cotton rope, dowel rod, plastic container, salt, liquid dish soap, rubber gloves, and plastic table cover. ritdye

6. How To Dip Dye Macrame

To get your desired effect on this macrame wall hanging, it would be best if you use two colors of rit dyes on it. The first color can be light and cool while the other can be deep. The deep can be at the bottom of the wall hanging. myfrenchtwist

7. Simple Dip Dye Macrame Craft

Are you looking for a fun project to try your hands on? Here is a simple wall hanging made from basic macrame knots and dyed-through a funny dye process. After making the macrame wall hanging, see the link below for how to prepare the dyeing process. persialou 

8. How To Dip Dye Macrame Like A Pro

The first time macrame wall hanging trend as an interior decor was in the 1970s. This was a very long time back, but it’s making its comeback now with a touch of uniqueness! Dyeing a macrame wall hanging gives it a more interesting look like a piece of art. You can use as many colors of dye as you want. Check out this guide for more details on how to dye your wall hanging in different colors. mymodernmet

9. Wall Hanging Dip Dye Macrame 

See here how to DIY a dip dye macrame wall hanging! The process is very simple and doesn’t require any level of expertise before you can do it. Some of the materials needed include macrame cords, scissors, dye, water, and a bowl of hot water. 

10. How To Dip Dye Macrame Using WANTEX 

The first part of this video involves wetting the length of the cord you want to dye in water. After wetting, prepare the vat dye in a hog bucket and dip the cords into it. You can leave it in the dye as long as you want. 

11. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Dip Dyed 

Rit is among the commonly used types of dye for the dip dye process. It comes in handy and stays longer on the cords. When using rit dye, you need to wet the cords in hot water. After that, you can now add the dye and your wall hanging will be colorful. 

12. Dip Dyed Tiered Wall Hanging 

You can start applying dye to your macrame cords before attaching them to the hanging bar. This process will be very effective if you’re working with cords of longer length. After dyeing, hang them somewhere to dry. Then, staple each of the cords to an already stained piece of plank. 

13. How To Naturally Dye Pre-made Macrame Art

The dye process explained in this guide is particular to natural indigo dye. So, if you want to use another type of dye, you will need instructions on how to prepare the car for the dye. The wall hanging used in this guide is already made. You will need the knowledge of some basic knots such as lark’s head knots, square knots, and diagonal double half hitch knots to be able to make the walk hanging. hunker

14. Dip Dyed Macrame Art

Here is a great way to dry your macrame wall hanging! If you already have a wall hanging, then the work has been simplified. But if you’ll be making the wall hanging from scratch, you will need a rod/wooden dowel, macrame cords, dye, scissors, scotch tape, and gloves. The function of the gloves is to protect your hand from getting painted with dye. Find out more about the dyeing process from the link below. blinds

15. DIY Dip Dye Macrame

This wall hanging can be made with the simple lark’s head knots. This knot is the most common and simplest kind of macrame knot. It involves forming a loop with a single cord, taking the cord under the rod/stick you’re using for hanging, and passing the ends of the cord through the loop. Pull it tight and you’re good to go. Repeat this till you have all your cords hanged. Then, prepare your dye. micheals

16. DIY Dip Dye Macrame Necklace

First, making this macrame knot pattern can be tricky, since you’ll be making the whole pattern with two folded cords. The step-by-step instructions on how to make the pattern is explained in this guide. After making the pattern, attach three more cords to the base and your necklace is ready for dye. Mix the tulip one-step dye according to the instructions given. Then, add 1 mm of hot water and shake it thoroughly before use. ilovetocreateblog

17. Dip Dye Wall Hanging 

You need a medium size hoop, ball wool, scissors, dye, and a bowl of water for this dip dye. The first thing you need to do is to cut the wool to your desired length. Then, fold each cord into two and attach them to the hoop using the lark’s head knots. The wall hanging will look better if the wool fills at least ⅔ of the hoop. Now, dip half of the cords into the bowl of water and rinse it a little. After that, add dye to the water and dip half of the wool back in. You need to squeeze out the excess dye. 

18. DIY Dip Dye Macrame XXL 

For this extra-large dip dyed macrame wall hanging, you don’t need any knots, not even lark’s head knots. All you need include wood pieces, dye, masking tape, wood stain, glue, and a large bucket. Stain the wood pieces in black and allow them to dry. After drying, add some glue to it and attach the cords to it. Then hang the wood somewhere and start dying as shown in this video tutorial. 

19. Beautiful DIY Dip Dye Macrame Wall Hanging 

Before you dye your macrame wall hanging, you want to ensure the cords are wet, for the dye to stay on them. You don’t have to wet all the cords, you only wet the parts you want to dye. After that, add dye to the water and dip the wet cords inside the dye. You can leave it in the dye for as long as you want depending on how deep you want the colors to be. 

20. How To Make A Dip Dyed Tapestry 

If you can get a ruler or a measuring tape around you, you can use your arm, since you don’t need exact measurements for the project. Other materials required for this aside from the macrame cord include all-purpose rit dye, wooden dowel, paper towel, dye fixatives, salt, gloves, and a large container that can hold hot water.  


I hope you’ve jumped on these macrame crafts already because those guides above are explicitly written. Everything you need to start making macrame art is up there, check out the guide and get to work. 

If you already have a macrame wall hanging, your work has been simplified, all you need is a dye and dye process. But, if you’re making the wall hanging from scratch, you’ll need a few more materials. 

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