15 DIY Dog Ramp For Couch: Easy To Build

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DIY Dog Ramp For Couch

Looking for a DIY dog ramp for couch? Why pay for one when you can build one yourself, save some cash and have fun doing it. You’ll be happy that you read this article and get the job done! As new puppy owners, my wife and I learned quickly that our old dog couldn’t jump onto the couch anymore. As we scoured the internet for ideas, we found that there were lots of DIY dog ramp for couch options available. Several of these were fun build-it-yourself projects that made it possible for us to build a ramp for our dog at home.

Making a dog ramp for your couch can be a really fun project. Everyone will tell you making a dog ramp requires tools and work, but I’m going to show you some cheap and inexpensive ideas I found on the internet. I think they’re great. And hey, they are beginner-friendly too.

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1. Couch Ramp For Dogs 

This dog ramp is built based on a standard couch ramp! One beautiful thing about this couch ramp is that it is adjustable in size; it can accommodate the lowest couch to the highest couch and everything in between. It can also work for some kinds of beds. 

The adjustment slot was put on the underside of the ramp, this eliminates the need for a base. You can fold the ramp to allow easy storage under the couch. Another amazing feature that makes this ramp unique is a little landing platform at the top that encourages a safe and comfortable step on the ramp.  The ramp is made from strong maple wood and it has a paw grip anti-slip surface. 

2. DIY Dog Ramp For Couch 

If your dog has a spine problem, one of the things you can do to help the dog is to build a couch ramp for it to climb up and down with you on the couch. It is made from pieces of 1×4 poplar and some ⅓” LSB.  

On the longer pieces of poplar cut a little groove down the length to fit the small pieces. Also, you can create/cut a small pocket on the side to fit the surface rug, this will allow easy removal anytime for cleaning. If you have a CNC machine available, you can use that to make your cut, however, if you don’t, there are several other means you can use to cut your wood. 

3. Dog Couch Ramp For Senior Dogs 

The no-slip rubber flooring and gentle slope make it suitable for a senior dog. This dog ramp will restore independence to the dog as they won’t need any assistance climbing up a bed or a couch. However, to further ensure the safety of the dog, you can install rails on either side of the ramp.  The ramp is made from solid wood pieces and other materials like wood glue, saw, tape measure, and many more. 

4. Build A Dog Couch Ramp 


Although you can get a dog ramp in the store, they’re relatively very simple to make at home with some hardwood and wood boards. Making a dog ramp at home allows you to use any materials and customize the dog ramp to fit your dog no matter the size and design you like. The most important thing about a dog ramp is that you need to measure how high and wide you want the dog ramp to be and also choose where you want the ramp to be. 

5. DIY Dog Ramp Couch

A dog ramp will be a great support for any dog that has issues with climbing and jumping; such a dog will be unable to play much. You need to make a dog ramp for such a dog to be up and running. This ramp is made with plywood, wood board, and some basic tools. The first thing you need to do is to measure how long and wide you want the ramp to be. Now, use the measurement to cut down the wood board and plywood for the ramp parts.  It is easily customizable. wikihow

6. Dog Ramp For Couch DIY

You need a large carpet for this dog ramp! The carpet must be big enough to cover the entire surface of the ramp board and have extra length on the sides which can be stapled to the back. Other materials required for this couch dog ramp include a scrap board, non-slip rubber liner, heavy-duty stapler or staple gun, and tape measure.

Before covering the ramp with carpet,  wrap the no-slip rubber liner across the length of the board. However, you can use a no-slip carpet or rug pad directly. theficklefeather

7. How To Build A Dog Ramp For Couch

The only difficult part of this dog ramp is cutting the angles and keeping everything square because it takes precision. Aside from that, it is very simple and can be completed within four hours over two days. The total cost of putting the ramp together is about $60. Among the tools required for this include screwdriver, putty knife, drill bit, paintbrush, adjustable wrench, and jigsaw. thisoldhouse

8. DIY Dog Ramp For Couch

Check out this amazing dog ramp for a couch made from an IKEA box and cushion cover. Other materials required are a staple gun with staples, and string glue suitable for fabric and wood. It is very simple to set up, all you need to do is to assemble the box and staple the cushion cover on it. You can find out more about this dog ramp in the link below. ikeahackers

9. Quick Dog Ramp For Chair 

You can use either particleboard or plywood for this dog ramp. Also, you need the following tools: power drill, tape measure, cabinet screw, table saw, miter saw, square, nails, and liquid nails. Once you have these materials, you’re good to go. Follow this guide to see the complete tutorial on this dog ramp. 

10. Cardboard Pet Stairs 

You need three types of boxes for these cardboard pet stairs, the first box is big, wide, and all. The second box is narrow, long, and small, while the last bid is small in length and width. You don’t have to do anything in the first box, place it down on one of its sides, then place the narrow box beside it and mark the width of the big box on it. Cut the extra from the narrow box and use masking tape to join both boxes together. 

11. Dog Ramp For Couch DIY 

This small couch dog ramp with an adjustable height is very easy to set up, it is made from lightweight but very strong pine wood. It can be folded and stored away when not in use to free up space in the room. The ramp can be used on any kind of floor including hard and soft floors. If you’re using floors that are soft, the ramp has some little stopper in the base to prevent the ramp from slotting away. 

12. Chair Dog Ramp DIY 

The materials and tools needed for this chair dog ramp include wood pieces, a miter saw, clamps, wood screws, a drill, and a flat workspace. Start by putting the base together; the dimension is 24 inches high by 14, inches wide. When you’re joining the base, ensure to assemble everything first and hold them down with clamps. This will make drilling easier for you. Check out more instructions on how to make a chair dog ramp from the video.

13. Making A Dog Ramp 

Are you looking for ways to design your dog ramp such that it won’t get in your way or hinder an already organized room? You should check out this dog ramp that was wrapped around the nightstand. It won’t block any storage and it doesn’t have to run the whole length of the bed to have a low incline. Oakwood was used for the project and the first step taken by the instructor was to mill down all the pieces of oak to the same thickness. After this, he cut the oak pieces to the desired length and start to assemble them. 

14. How To Make Dog Stairs 

Keith put this custom set of dog stairs together with 5/4 poplar. However, this might be too big depending on the size of the dog you’re making the stairs for. If your dog is smaller, you might consider reducing the dimension of poplar required. Here are some of the other materials and tools required for the set of dog stairs: cabinet saw, grizzly bandsaw, grizzly drill press, Milwaukee M18 cordless 18G Brad nailers, edge rule set,  M18 cordless router, and miter saw. 

15. DIY Collapsible Dog Ramp For Couch 

Check out this collapsible dog ramp!  It is very easy to make and it doesn’t take up much space as it can be folded and put under the bed or couch.  All you need include a jigsaw, pieces of wood, plywood, screws, drill miter saw, and tape measure. The first thing you need to do is to cut the wood to sizes then cut arcs on the pieces with a jigsaw. After that, assemble the base of the ramp and fasten the hinges to it.  Add a wood block to the underside of the ramp and fasten the legs to it. 


If you want to connect with your dog inside the house, the couch is commonplace to make this happen because you have the opportunity of sitting together. However, it is not very easy for the small dogs to jump on the seat and the big fat ones might hurt their joints if they do so (you don’t want to risk the injury). Therefore, you need a dog ramp beside your couch to make it easy for your dog to climb up and down at any time.

These dog ramps come in any design you want and these 15 DIY guides will let you in on the best designs, colors, and how to customize the ramp to suit your living room. Check out each of the guides and try your hand at the one that attracts you the most. 

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