18 DIY Drinking Fountain For Cats: Indoor & Outdoor Ideas

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Your cat needs fresh water just like you do. Often, cats are seen looking for fresh water in places they’re not supposed to be drinking from. Some cats have scratched at the table leg of a wooden chair or the furniture legs of a desk. Others have even tried to drink from the toilet bowl. It can be frustrating to have your cat knock over glass bottles on the table and spill water on the countertop. 

 In this article, we are going to review some of the best DIY cat drinking fountains. Your cat has a habit of drinking water like it’s going out of style, but you don’t always have time to fill up their bowl. Is your cat thirsty right now? I bet it is. This DIY cat drinking fountain will solve that problem.

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1. DIY Water Fountain For Cats

The items needed for this beautiful DIY Water Fountain for Cats are; Stainless steel pot, a dog feeding bowl made of stainless steel, make sure that the pot and the bowl fit together cos they are going to be on top of each other, next is the power source,  you need a USB adapter with a 5 volt DC output, the water pump with adjustable flow control and a tube or straw that fits your pump.

2. Non-Stop Water Fountain For Cats

You might be wondering how you’ll have to regulate the water fountain for your cat, this tutorial will show you how to make this nonstop water fountain. Get 2 bottles, straws, a candle gun, and glue and scissors. Make 2 holes, 2CM away from the other side, the same thing with the second bottle but this one, 1CM away, create the hole with any hot iron and insert the straws. 

3. DIY Cat Water Fountain

Do you need a fun and creative way to give your cat the good Water that they need? Here are items and steps to guide you through. Stainless steel bowl, Water pump, PVC pipe, macha rocks, filtration media. You might want to watch.

4. DIY Kitty Fountain

Do you need a simple way of making your kitty’s Fountain yourself? We’ve got you covered on this. Bamboo fountain set, filters, 2 bowls, 1 big and 1 small, rocks,  water pump.  The creator started by washing the rocks and ended by pouring water into the Fountain.

5. DIY Cat Drinking Fountain

This is one of the most concise guides that shows you how to make a DIY cat drinking foundtain. The making process is pretty much straightforward and you should be done with this project in no time. You only need a few tools and materials that should already be available in your home. Check out the link for the complete procedure on how to make this cat drinking fountain for cheaps. homify

6. Homemade Cat Water Fountain

The items needed for this homemade cat water fountain; water pump, 2 bowls, 1 big and the other 1small, pipe. This Fountain is a bit tricky and implies little manipulations. You might want to click on the link below for more instructions. iizcat

7. Cat Running Water Fountain

Unlike other water fountains, popsicles are used in this to glue sticks across the back and sides. Poke a hole in the bottle of the box top, put the water pump, and seal the edges. Seal the edges and pour some water into it and then you turn it on. petdiys

8. Water Fountain For Cats DIY

Do you have a Water Fountain For your cat? If not, you might want to try this out. All you need is a10 inch bowl, 4-inch pet dish, tetra repto filter, and clay pebbles. Place your filter pump in your bowl, add a few pebbles of your choice, place the 4-inch bowl in front of the pump and add water till it starts running freely. teresabatey

9. Make Your Cat Fountain

In this video, the creator will show you how to make your cat Water Fountain, so far this is the best and simplest DIY. All you need is a water bowl, pump, and injector. Put the injector over the pump, place it into the bowl and fill the bowl up with water. Plug it and turn it on. Viola!!! Your cat fountain is ready.

10. DIY Water Fountain For Cats

A pot, a pump, low voltage for safety, pebbles for decorations, ceramic filters, carbon filter, material or filter to filter large debris. Start by washing all your materials, place the pump into the pot, add the ceramic filter layers, add the carbon filter layer, add the top filter, and add your decorative pebbles as you like. Your DIY Water Fountain For Cats is ready.

11. DIY Cat Drinking Fountain

Looking for a low-budget DIY drinking fountain for your cats? Worry your head no more, here are some steps that’ll guide you through. Aquarium filter, gallon model, pump. In this tutorial, the maker will show you how to achieve this in no time.

12. Motion Detector Cat Fountain

This motion Detector Cat fountain has step-by-step guidelines on how to make it. Step 1; motion detector, step 2; electronic design, step 3; power connection, step 4; PIR connection, step 5; circuit connection, step 6 as the final step; fill it with water and plug it and you’re done. Instructables

13. Homemade Water Fountain For Cats

Cats dislike drinking water from a bowl and always look for running fluids or a running tap. Let’s see how we made this water fountain for Cats out of a plastic bottle. All you need is a used bottle, pipe, and pump. You might want to watch this tutorial to get the information needed for this homemade water fountain. 

15. DIY Cat Drinking Fountain

Container with cover, submersible pump, sponge, it could be used or new, another small container, with or without cover, pipe or straw. Make holes on the cover of the container,  cut the pipe and put it over the pump, fill up the container with water, and put the pump inside.

16. How To Make A Cat Fountain


You need just 3 items for making this cat fountain which includes; a large bowl, which could be 

ceramic or stainless steel, try to avoid plastic because it could cause acne on cats, a pump, a Water. Let’s get started. All you have to do is place the filter at the edge of the bowl, fill the bowl up with water, then plug it and you’re good to go.

17. Automatic Water Fountain For Cats 

Are you looking for an automatic Water Fountain that is easy and affordable to make for your cats? Look no more, you’re in the right place. This automatic Water fountain can provide an automatic Water supply whenever your cats need water, it is also safe for your cats.

18. Make Your Own Cats Water Fountain $40

For this DIY, if you don’t have the items needed,  you can purchase them online. You’ll need Bowl, ceramic dishes, aquarium gravel, decorative rocks, a small water filter, and wash out dirt from the gravel and rocks. The whole tutorial should take less than an hour to complete if you have all the items ready.  

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