20 DIY Earring Rack Projects That Money Can’t Buy

Jane Foster

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, but storing them can sometimes be tricky if you don’t have an earring stand at home. To make life easier for you we have listed 20 simple DIY earring rack ideas.

Most of the projects listed here are easy to follow and can be done without spending too much. Check them out and thank me later.

1. DIY Rotating Earring Rack 

You need to add this to your to-do list if you’re striving for class and style! The rotating feature makes us all fun and amazing. All you need include cardboard, paper, glue, scissors, and a bottle lid. For the details on how to build the rotating earring rack, see the link below.

2. How To Make An Earring Stand 

You can make an earring stand with just cardboard and colored paper! Join three strips of cardboard together to make up for the thickness. Make sure the two vertical pieces are longer than the horizontal braces that will be attached to them. Poke holes on the vertical braces and you’re good to go.

3. DIY Earring Holder 

See here how to make an earring holder by yourself with a few materials and hardware. It is a wonderful project and you certainly need one to organize your ever-increasing earrings. Click the link below for the details. 

4. DIY Earring Organizer 

With 2 photo frames, craft metal sheets, polyfoam, and hinges, you can own a beautiful earring holder. See the video in the link below to learn how to turn the above materials into an earring holder.

5. Earring Organizer Rack DIY

DIY Earring Rack

If simplicity is your watchword, then this amazing earrings organizer rack will simply blow your mind. It is mounted on the inside of a panel door.  The rail on the outside of the door holds a panel. The space is wide enough to hang the earring hooks between the acrylic and the wood.    

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6. DIY Earring Display Rack

DIY Earring Rack

The basic design of this earring rack is unique and uses an aluminum screen. The design allows the screen to be double folded so that it won’t fray and it will prevent you from injuring your fingers with the poky screen. 

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7. DIY Earring Rack

DIY Earring Rack

Making an earring holder from bits of materials you have around will always be amazing and fun. Have you worked with cork before? This might be the opportunity to start. This earring holder is made from cardboard, cork, a small box, glue, and paint.

If you’re wondering where you can get a cork, you don’t need to worry. Cork is a natural material that can be found from the bark of a cork tree.

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8. How To Make An Earring Holder

DIY Earring Rack

 Your stud earrings need a unique earring holder like this one. There are many simple ways to make a simple and beautiful earring holder. The first one is made from a box lid covered with wrapping paper. 

You can make another one with a frame and plastic canvas. If you can’t make any of the above or you can’t find the materials, there is still another method to DIY an earring holder. You can use embroidery hoops and lace.

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9. DIY Rotating Earring Rack 

Here is another rotating earring rack, but this one is a little bit different and classy! Thus is made from old CDs and CD bases. All you need to do is to make holes on the edges of the CDs with a soldering iron. The holes will be the earring hangers. It’s as simple as that. 

10. DIY Picture Frame Earring Rack 

Get a picture frame and remove the picture and the backing from it. Cut a hardware clothing to length and attach it to the frame. Reattach the backing and start hanging your earrings. 

11. DIY Modern Earring Rack 

You don’t necessarily have to wait to have a power tool before you can start making something. You can have them cut down your lumber for you at home depot. For this, you only need a piece of wood, drill with 2 drill bits, rope, and pencil. 

12. How To Make A Photo Frame Earring Rack

Enough is enough! Are you not tired of losing your beautiful earrings because there is no proper storage arrangement? Well, I’m tired and I would like to make this photo frame earring rack. All you need is a photo frame and fabrics. 

Remove the backing together with the stand of the frame. Cut a piece of fabric to size the frame, attach it to the frame, then cover the frame with the backing again. 

13. How To Make An Earring Rack

DIY Earring Rack

This mesh frame is all you need for your earrings. It speaks in class!

To make it, you need an 11×14 frame, aluminum mesh, an easy tacker stapler, and heavy-duty scissors.

Just cut the aluminum mesh to size the frame. The scissors make the cut easy. After cutting, staple the mesh to the sides of the frame and you’re good to go.

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14. Easy DIY Earring Stand

DIY Earring Rack

Here is an amazing earring stand made from a wooden board and aluminum sheet. The hardest part of the project is the cutting of the frame pieces. Cut a 7” piece with a 45-degree angle on each end for the top of the frame. 

Then, the other sides of the frame are 91/4 “at a 15-degree angle. With the dimension of the frame, the back will hold the aluminum sheet and the angle on the back will make the sheet lean back and fit more tightly.

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15. Wire Earring Rack DIY

DIY Earring Rack

You will love this DIY idea. It is a cute wire earring frame. It is simple and cheap. 

Remove the backing of your frame and paint it black and let it dry, once it dried coat another layer of white paint in it.  

Attach the scrapbook to the center of a piece of cardboard a little bigger than the frame. Then fit the cardboard to the back of the frame. Your job is done, the next thing is to get out your cute earrings and hang them in the wire.

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16. DIY Earring Rack

DIY Earring Rack

Pam Kassler had grown up thinking that she can’t wear earrings because of the incidence of her piercing. But unfortunately, she started wearing them again and her next problem is to find the proper storage for her newly found cuties. 

So she decides to make this earring organizer. These are what she used: frame, decorative aluminum sheet, tin snips, spray paint, and glue.

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17. DIY Earring Rack With Popsicle Sticks 

What more can be so Pretty and simple if not this elegant earring rack made with popsicle sticks and a cardboard box. Build the frame of the rack with a cardboard box and the rails with popsicle sticks. To make the frame look adorable, cover it with felt fabrics. 

18. DIY Earring Holder 

You need this little earring holder for your stud earring. Since they are always short and simple, they can be misplaced easily, even a jewelry box can’t help in this situation, because it will end up being disorganized after all. 

That means, the best solution to keep your stud earrings safe is to make an earring holder.  All you need are a few things you can find around and some you can easily buy from the store. 

19. How To Make A DIY Earring Holder 

What do you say about this cardboard earring rack? Classic right! It is super simple and fast. Draw a heart shape on a piece of cardboard, draw another one just an inch away from the line of the first, making it a heart shape with an outline. 

Use a pencil to sketch lines on the heart shape. Cut out the lines and cut out the heart shape itself. Prepare a base for the shape and you’re good to go. 

20. DIY Rotating Earring Rack 

Bring elegance and class to your jewelry shelf with its rotating earring rack made from rotating cake plates and foam boards. Repurpose the cake plate and attach the form board to it. The earring organizer has space for all kinds of earrings; either stubs, hoops, or others. 


Your beautiful earrings deserve a beautiful rack to showcase their beauty. Don’t deny that fact, get straight into work. If this content has been helpful to you, kindly share it with your friends who might be needing an earring rack.

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