15 DIY Indoor Kitten Enclosure To Build In Your Free Time

Jane Foster

Kittens are so adorable, if you are reading this, then I believe you own a kitten and you are wondering how to build a kitten enclosure? Look no further. In this article, we have listed 15 DIY Indoor Kitten Enclosure plans and ideas that you can make yourself without having to break the bank

For most of these tutorials, you won’t be needing any power tools or large woodworking equipment. Most of the ideas in this article can be made using things you already have in your home.

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1. $1 Kitten Enclosure 

This kitten enclosure can be made for $1 since most of the materials required can be found available at home or cheap at the store. The materials include plastic bottles, water, blankets, zip ties, wire mesh, boards, and pliers. The kitten enclosure is very important if you need a warm place to take care of your little kitten. 

Here are some of the features; the enclosure is placed on an electric blanket to supply heat. Another source of heat is adding warm water to the plastic bottle and wrapping it up in a soft cloth. Then, place it at the side of the kitten bed. Other features include feeding/drinking bowls, and some blankets for rugs. 

2. How To Build A 2x3x4 Cat Cage 

The materials needed for this cabbage include door panels, metal panels, plastic panels, connectors, and zip ties. Here is the procedure; insert the metal panels into the connector as shown in this video guide. After that, connect the metal frame to the side of the layout, then install the door panel to the metal frame.  Install the door lock and Tie some zip ties to the connector for reinforcement. Connect some metal frames to dissect the layout and continue to build the second floor. 

3. DIY Indoor Cat Patio 

Indoor cat patios are very good to keep your cat safe and warm! Let’s see how you can assemble one in a few minutes and with a few materials. Getbacockbof metal panels with connectors, zip ties, and pliers for cutting. Connect the metal frame to the connector as seen in this video. Once you’re done, attach zip ties to each of the connectors to provide extra reinforcement. One amazing thing about this cat patio is that you don’t have to cover the patio floor with anything. However, if you want to cover it, a soft cat mat is fine for the purpose. 

4. Indoor Cat Forest Build 

Building an indoor cat forest is fun and amazing but finding the right tree to use can be tiring. In this guide, the instructor got the trees and slabs from a friend’s property. If you can get the tree through this method as well, it is fine but if not, you need to buy trees. The first thing you need to do when setting up an indoor cat forest is to choose a suitable location and after that, clean up the location. To make it look like a real forest, put up a large forest wallpaper on the wall and install the trees as shown in this guide. 

5. DIY Indoor Kitten Enclosure

A great way to segregate your cats is by building an indoor kitten enclosure for them. This particular kitten enclosure is made out of PVC pipes and its accessories. Then, covered by wire mesh. The kitten enclosure is not designed to be used outdoors because it doesn’t have a UV rays protector or is raccoon-proof. fatcatrescue

6. DIY Kitten House From Cardboard 

Do you know you can make an amazing kitten house from cardboard? Well yes! Let’s see how you can go about it. The materials required include cardboard, Exacto knife, glue gun, grass mat, cord, and soft pillow. The grass mat was installed in all the holes to keep the cat warm. There are a series of rooms that make up this cat house and everything is built with cardboard from scratch. You can follow this guide to see the complete procedure for the cat house. 

7. How To Make Kitten House With Cardboard 

Here is another design of a cat house made from cardboard! It looks simple and amazing, unlike the one above that has many rooms. The interior is not decorated with a grass mat but soft pillows are there to provide the necessary warmth. The materials used include cardboard boxes, a hot glue gun, glue, a bell toy, a soft pillow, blankets, and an Exacto knife. By watching this video tutorial you will be able to build it by yourself. 

8. Kitten Box Indoor House 

Here is a great way to transform a cardboard box into an amazing indoor kitten house. The first thing to do is to shape the cardboard box into a house with a roof. After that, use a pencil to draw out the windows and door. After that, cut out the window and door, decorate them and you’re good to go. 

9. Quick Indoor Kitten House 

Here is another beautiful cat house made from cardboard and a t-shirt! All you need to do is to get a cardboard box, a t-shirt, and some soft blanket. Cut off the box flaps and cover them with the t-shirt as shown in this video tutorial. Tie the bottom of the shirt and place the soft blanket inside the box and you’re good to go. 

10. DIY Indoor Kitten Enclosure 

With just four simple steps you will make this indoor kitten enclosure! The first step is to get a cardboard box and a t-shirt, then tape the edges of the box flap together to increase the length of the box. After that, cover the box with the t-shirt. Ensure that the neck opening is on the box opening while the bottom of the shirt is at the bottom of the box. Gather and tie the bottom of the shirt together, then tie the sleeve together in front of the neck hole. 

11. DIY Cat House From Cardboard 

Because of the shape of this cat house, it will be good if you have a plan or template for all the parts before you start building. It is made from cardboard boxes, so to start with, cut the bottom and top pieces that are identical. 

Then, cut the sides and gather all other necessary materials needed; such as colored pencil, pattern fabrics, rope, glue gun, knife, and ruler. After this shape the sides of the house and glue everything together using the glue gun. Once the house is done, decorate the interior with pattern fabric and the exterior with colored pencils. And then, you’re good to go. 

12. House For Poor Kittens 

To make this kitten house, you need one foam box, paint, and cement. Cut the necessary holes on the box and scratch the walls with a knife to make it rough for the paint to stay on it. Then, paint the whole box and allow it to dry. While the paint is drying, mix the cement thoroughly and use it to plaster the box once it is dried. With this, you’re good to go. It doesn’t require so much that is why it is called a poor kitten house. 

13. Mini House For Cute Kitten 

This mini kitten house is very cute and amazing at the same time! It is made from cardboard boxes and different colored paper. The layout of the kitten house was built with a cardboard box and the coloured paper was used to decorate the wall and the floors. The kitten house is so colorful that it entices your cat at first sight. Check out the necessary steps, and materials needed for the cut kitten house below. 

14. Indoor House For Kittens 

The materials needed for this indoor kitten house include cat-shaped cardboard, beads, scissors, bulb strings, buttons, pattern fabrics, two paper hearts, double-sided tape, ruler awl, pencil, knife, and a big cardboard box. 

Once you gather all of these materials, shape the cardboard box into a house as shown in this video guide then cut out the door opening to it. On the sides and front of the box, attach the cat-shaped cardboard, paper hearts and other designs using double-sided tape. Poke holes with an awl and measure with the ruler. Once everything is done, attach the bulb strips to the door entrance. 

15. How To Make A Kitten Pet House 

Making a kitten pet house is excellent especially when you decorate it with different stickers and led light strips. All you need is a single cardboard box, time, and your creativity. Shao the cardboard box into a house and cut off all the unnecessary parts of it. 

Attach a cardboard roof to it. Then, cut holes in the sides of the cardboard box using different shapes. Once you’re done with the look and layout of the pet house, gather enough stickers and paste them anywhere you like on the house. Then, attach LED light strips across it. 


Kittens need a warm place to grow and have fun! That is why it is important to make a cat enclosure for your kittens. Another reason why you should have a cat enclosure is that it helps you segregate your kittens right from time. 

However, buying a cat house can be an option but is not very common as it is expensive and most of the time uninteresting. So, in place of a store-bought cat house, you can creatively use the cheap materials that you have at home or bought to make a beautiful cat house that your kitten will live in. 

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