13 DIY Macrame Baby Swing – How To Make A Baby Swing

Jane Foster

DIY Macrame Baby Swing

Are you curious about the macrame baby swing and do you want to learn how to make one for your baby? Here is an opportunity for you to know more about DIY macrame baby swings. 

Macrame baby is very easy to make once you have all it takes; the materials and the time to complete the work. You can complete the swing within 24 hours. I’ve gathered 13 DIY macrame baby swing ideas for you below. All you need to do is to read through them and get to work immediately. 

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1. How To Macrame Baby Swing Tutorial 

Emily did a thing with this macrame baby swing tutorial. If you’re a beginner and you want to learn how to make a macrame baby swing, this tutorial will be best for you. 

All the materials she used include a wooden board, macrame cotton cord, scissors, tape measure, thimble, wooden dowel, and a drill to drill holes on both ends of the dowels. 

After setting up the cord around the thimble, she tried out two methods of securing the cords to the thimble before attaching it to the anchor/hook on the ceiling. 

The first method is to gather all the cords at the end of the thimble and make a big pivot knot. 

The second method is to gather all the cords at the end of the thimble and make a gathering knot. Both methods are very simple, you can watch her video from the link below to learn the methods and other knots used later on. 

2. Macrame Baby Swing DIY 

Let your child enjoy the luxury of fresh air in your backyard by sitting in this baby swing! The dimension of the swing is 32cm by 32cm by 200cm. 

All you need for the swing includes 20cm diameter wooden sticks for the posts, wooden beads for decoration, wooden board for the seat, 4mm cotton cord, weaving rack, pothook, scissors, tape measure, and drill. 

The drill is optional but you need it to make holes on the edges of the wooden boards for the cotton cords to pass through. However, if you don’t have the drill, you can have them drill the holes for you at the store where you bought the board. 

Total holes needed on the board are 15 holes at the back, 13 holes on the sides, and 4 holes in the front. 

3. How To Make A Macrame Baby Swing 

One of the amazing features of this macrame baby swing is the macrame seat belt attached to the corners of the swing. The belt will keep the child from swaying he and there in the swing and also protect the child from unnecessary accidents that might happen in the swing. All you need for this swing include macrame rope, a solid wood bar that can take up to 50lbs. 

4. DY Macrame Hanging Chair 

See here a stylish macrame hanging chair for babies made with macrame cords and 2 metal hoops! Each of the metal hoops is wrapped with a macrame cord with a half hitch knot. One of the metal hoops is suspended on a metal rod. 

On the hoop, 6 macrame cords were attached to it with a lark’s head knot. Then, a series of square knots were made with cords to cover the whole surface of the hoop. 

Once it is done, remove it from the metal rod and Place the other hoop on it at an angle. Use a macrame cord to hold the two together at that angle. Now, you go ahead and prepare the knots for the hanging cords. See the link below for more detail about the macrame hanging chair. 

5. Macrame Baby Swing DIY

DIY Macrame Baby Swing

The first thing you need to do is to paper the rope and pull it through the holes on the 4 dowels.  Close it with a knot to secure the dowels. Now, attach macrame rope to the dowels with lark’s head knots. 

After attaching, you can start making other knots for the body. Among the knots used is a diagonal double half hitch knot to make a clove for the front panel, square knots, overhand knots, and cross knots. 

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6. DIY Toddler Swing

DIY Macrame Baby Swing

For this toddler swing, you need oak or poplar dowel rods,  braided rope, welded steel ring, 80mm steel carabiner, 2 yards of upholstery fabric, or canvas, batting, decorative wooden beads, and a heavy-duty ceiling hook. Cut the fabric according to the measurement given in this guide.  Then stitch the fabrics to the dowels. See the link below for the full tutorial. 

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7.  Baby Swing Chair DIY

You will need paracords for this baby swing chair. The dowel used for the frame has already been pre-drilled. Each of the cords was passed through the holes and noted at the bottom. Once the frame is intact, get white and black macrame.  

Attach them interchangeably; one white, one black cord at a time. You can use the lark’s head knot or the cow hitch knot (reverse lark’s head knot) to attach the cord. 

8. DIY Macrame Baby Swing 

All you need for this macrame baby swing include a light green paracord, wood stick, scissors, and your hands to make the knot. Attach the cords to the stick with reverse lark’s head knots (cow hitch knots). 

Then, making a row of square knots after the lark’s head knot. For the second row, leave out the first 2 cords and continue the square knot with the rest of the cords. 

9. How To Make A Macrame Swing 

This is an outdoor macrame swing that can be hung on a tree branch. It is very simple and all you need to complete it is a macrame cotton cord, wooden board, Sharp scissors, and something to hang the swing (preferably a tree branch).  

Start by preparing the cord for the swing. The knot used is the spiral knot ( half hitch twist). After the cords are done, drill 4 holes on the wooden board and put the cords through the holes. 

10. Macrame Baby Swing 

Just like every other baby swing chair, this macrame swing is amazing. One thing that makes it exceptional is the wooden bead embedded in the front panel. The beads make it look amazing and also the child can make use of the beads as toys. 

All you need for the sing is a wooden board with holes all around the edges, 4 wooden dowels with pre-drilled holes, and wooden beads. Start from the top, cut some cords and fold them in the middle. 

Use a gathering knot to hold them in place. Then, strange the cords into groups of 4 and start making half hitch twist knit with each group. Once you are done with the four groups, pull them through the holes on the wooden dowel. 

Now, hang other cords to the dowels with lark’s head knots. Start making a square knot with the cords. Watch the video above for full instructions. Once the knots reach the length you want, pass the cords into the holes on the wooden boards, then continue the knots under the board to secure them.

11. Simple Boho Swing 

All you need for this simple boho swing is a steel ring and 32 macrame cords 550cm long. Attach the cords to the ring with lark’s head knot. 

Arrange the cords into groups of 4s and start making a square knot with each group. After the first row, leave out the first 2 cords and make another row of square knots. 

Continue in this pattern till you have half of a diamond shape. On both sides of the half diamond shape, make a heart shape with square knots on both sides. From the bottom of the half diamond shape, start another half diamond with a square knot. 

12. DIY Macrame Hanging Chair 

Are you a beginner? Do you want to learn how to make a macrame hanging chair? This is the best video tutorial that will demonstrate each step of the process to you. For this hanging chair, all you need is a macrame cotton cord (two colors of your choice), 2 metal hoops of different sizes, scissors for cutting, and of course your hands to make the knots. 

Cover the metal hoops with a macrame cord. After wrapping the metal hoops, lay down a cord and attach other cords to it using a lark’s head knot. 

Make sure to mix the color. Now, once it reaches where you can make a circle with the cords, close the base cord with a knot. From there, start making square knots as the instructor did in this video. 

13. How To Make A Hammock Chair 

If you want to improve your moment outside the house, this hammock chair can help you have fun while sitting in it and observing the cool evening weather. You make this hammock chair, you have quite many materials which include hardware. 

The major knots used in this project are the square knot and gathering knots. The gathering knot is used to gather all the remaining cords from the square in a metal hoop as the arm of the chair. The square knots make up the body of the chair. 

The whole chair was hung on a wooden dowel on which two J hooks had been installed into both sides. See the link below for the full list of materials used and the process of making the knots. 


There you have it! 13 amazing baby swing chairs to give your child time in their solitary. The swing chair has a panel in front to prevent the child from falling. Others have seat belts to keep the child from moving here and there.  Most of the swing chairs have wooden seats and others are made from macrame knots. 

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