10 DIY Macrame Bassinet Ideas For Babies: Do It Yourself!

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Charity they say begins at home and we believe family is king. More so, your babies and children have a special place in your heart and so we believe you should constantly give them a treat. Babies are cute and you can’t help but love them and want to make them happy. Well, we know one way you can make this happen. Give your babies a macrame bassinet. 

Babies need all the rest they can get after playing and they need their cradle and bed to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 DIY macrame bassinet ideas and designs for you to make your pick and make your baby happy. You’re ready? Let’s get to it then.

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1. Macrame Bassinet Project

Babies are such cute and amazing tiny humans. They deserve all of the love and care they can get. One of the ways you can show your babies love is to create an environment that is conducive for them to thrive. And we know what exactly you can do. You can make your baby a baby swing. This macrame bassinet project is one of the cutest you’ll find and is pretty easy to get done. You can easily learn to DIY this macrame bassinet project and we can show you how.

2. DIY Baby Bed Macrame

Have you been wondering how to DIY a baby bed macrame project? You’re in luck. This video gives you a step-by-step guide on how to get this project done. First, you start by wrapping the rings using a cotton rope. Then you make the cords using certain measurements and specifications. Want to get all of the details and methods? Then come on, let’s get to it.

3. How To Crochet A Moses Basket

These baskets are so lovely and would make the perfect gift for someone who is expecting a baby or if you are expecting one or have one already. The first thing you’ll need is a base for your basket or bassinet. The base ensures the basket is sturdy and solid and has a strong foundation to keep the baby safe and carry his/her weight. This particular wooden base is about 6mm thick. It’s strong and durable. Next, you’ll need your cord, crochet hooks, and scissors. You can learn to crochet a Moses basket right here. Hop right in and let’s get started.

4. Macrame Bassinet Decor For Baby

Your babies deserve the best things in life and what better way to shower them with some tender love and care than designing and building them a beautiful baby macrame bassinet. This macrame bassinet decor Is easy to do and we can teach you to DIY this project. Some of the materials you’ll need include: 1-1.5 inches wooden ring as a dowel. 3mm cord thickness.  10 cords measuring 250cm each. A gathering knot measuring 60cm. You’re ready? Let’s get into it.

5. DIY Macrame Hanging Cradle

 DIY macrame bassinet

Give your babies a treat by learning how to DIY this macrame hanging cradle project. Your baby will love it. Being inside that hanging cradle and swaying from side to side will be heaven on earth. Trust me! You’ll have loads of fun getting this macrame hanging cradle done. It’s a fun project and we can make it easier for you by showing you how. Full Tutorial

6. Macrame Baby Swing

Babies love to sway and swing from side to side. So what better way to make them happy than to build them a macrame baby swing that will give them all the smiles and laughter and butterflies in their stomach. The best part is that you’ll also have fun working on this project and we guarantee that. Come on, let’s get building.

7. Macrame Bed For Children

Babies and children need to have their beds and cradles as soft and as comfortable as possible for them to have a peaceful and refreshing rest. With this macrame bed for children, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing; giving your children and babies comfort, peace and rest. The materials used in this project are durable, sturdy, and solid. So you must follow this tutorial down to the letter. Let’s get to it.

8. Baby Cuddle Nest

In this video, we show you how to make a baby cuddle nest for your baby; be it a boy or a girl.  The materials and supplies you’ll need include: 3 meters jersey fabric, Baking or pattern paper, 1-meter foam (volume fleece), 1-kilo cotton filling, Thread, Pencil. Ruler. Sewing machine. Needle. There you have it, you’re ready to get to work?

9. DIY Baby Bed

Your babies deserve the most comfortable bed ever. Durable, sturdy, and comfortable beds. We can help you actualize this for your babies. This DIY baby bed project is the perfect thing for you and your baby. In this video, we give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get it done. This includes the supplies and materials you’ll need to make this work. Once you make one baby bed, you won’t be able to stop yourself. You’ll keep making more and we’ll be here for all the fun and ride. Enough talk, let’s get to it.

10. Moses Baby Crochet

Hey, fam! Learn how to DIY a Moses baby crochet. Your baby will love it. This tutorial is beginner-friendly and easy to understand as long as you follow the instructions to the teeth.  The most intriguing part is that you’ll have fun doing this project and you’ll have more fun and joy when you see your baby in it. Ready to get this project underway. Come on then, let’s show you how.


There you have it! 10 DIY macrame bassinet ideas, designs, and tutorials you can use and implement. We’ve carefully curated all these for you. Let’s make your babies happy and give them the best and get you having fun while you’re at it. We hope you enjoyed this and can’t wait to see the things you come up with. Alright, get to it then.

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