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diy macrame bracelet with beads

Have you been searching for DIY macrame bracelet with beads tutorial? You’ve landed at the right place.

Bracelets are one major accessory that is particular to both men and women; everyone wears a bracelet, especially a macrame bracelet. It is quick and easy to make. Once you have the materials and you know some basic knots you’re good to go. 

Giving the bracelet an additional decoration by embedding beads in it makes this bracelet more exceptional.  Here are 20 amazing DIY beaded macrame bracelets you can try your hands on. 

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1. How To Make Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

A beaded macrame bracelet is a nice craft to try your hand on, it can be given out as a gift to a friend and for yourself. The process of making one is quite simple. Get some macrame cord and beads.

Cut a piece of cord and make a basic knot at one end, hold the cord down around the knot with tape. Start, making a square knot around it with another piece of cord. After making 4 square knots, slide in the beads and hold them in place with 2 square knots in-between each bead. 

2. Macrame Bracelet With Beads DIY 

All you need for these white stones, black beads, ball charms, and macrame thread (small and medium-size). Take one piece of the medium thread and make a knot on its top. Then, take it down to put some pressure on the cord and prevent it from moving here and there while working. Once the cord is in place, cut another long cord and start making square knots around the center cord with it. 

3 DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

One reason that makes a waxed cord amazing for a bracelet is that it makes the bracelet sturdy. You need a 1mm Linhasita polyester waxed cord and metal beads. The beads are an option but if you want to add beads to your bracelet, you can add them to the end just before the sliding knot. 

4. Easy Way To Make Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

Watch this video to learn how to make a beaded macrame bracelet. The square knot is the most used type of knot when it comes to beaded macrame bracelets. This is because each square knot accommodates the beads and keeps them in place. Other things you need for this simple macrame beaded bracelet include sharp scissors and  blue cotton cords

5. Macrame Bead Bracelet DIY

DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads

If you want your bracelet to leave an exclusive statement for you anytime, this rainbow bead bracelet might do that for you. It is called rainbow beads because of the different bright colors of glass beads used. You can slide the beads into the center cord before anchoring it to the board. And once you are making the knots around the center chord, you can be sliding each bead in-between the knots. 

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6. Beaded Macrame Bracelet DIY

DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads

A sliding macrame bracelet will always attract you because of its ability to fit into all sizes of hands. These glass beads give the bracelet a bright look and have two rows of beads to add to the brightness. You will need some square knots in-between each knot and in-between adjacent beads. See the link for the full tutorial. 

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7. DIY Beaded Macrame Bracelet

DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads

In a beaded bracelet like this with small beads, you will need clear nail polish to reinforce some core knot that holds the bracelet together. Other things you need aside from clear nail polish include embroidery thread of 3 different colors, small glass beads, scissors, and tape. See the link below to learn how to put all these materials together to get the macrame bracelet.

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8. DIY Macrame Beads Bracelet

DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads

Here is an instructable on how to make a macrame bead bracelet. The color of the tee is brown. To get that color, you need to soak your twine in a jar of hot water with ground coffee and a teabag. Let it soak for a few days, then remove it and rinse it very well to get rid of any tea/coffee smell. Dry it and thread some beads to it. Move the beads to the center and start making knots on both sides of the twine. 

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9. How To Make Macrame Bracelets With Beads 

All you need for this macrame bracelet include blue embroidery thread, blue pearls, White pearls, and scissors. Cut a piece of thread and fold it in the middle (check the link for the measurement), make a knot below the loop, and tape it down. 

Cut another piece and knot it to the first thread. Now start making square knots with the thread. After 2-3 square knots, slide in all the beads and start putting them in between the knots as you go on. 

10. Beaded Hemp Macrame Bracelet 

Beaded hemp macrame bracelet! That sounds like something you’re going to be interested in! It is made from hemp cord and matubo seed beads. The knotting technique used is the square knot pattern, it is very simple and in this video tutorial, you will see the demonstration of the macrame square knot pattern and other sizing tips necessary for this hemp bracelet. 

11. Macrame Honeycomb Crystal Bracelet 

You will need 3 50cm cords as the base cord and a macrame board. Make the normal overhand knot with each of the cords and slide one bead each to them.  Put them all in the same slot of the board. At the other end, slide in beads to each of the cords and put them in different slots. The major reason for this is that the bracelet is going to be three layers. 

12. Macrame Square Knot Bracelet With Double Beads 

See here how to make a double bead macrame square knot bracelet using a Chinese knot cord and Miyuki seed beads. Cut 2 25 inches of the knotted cord and one 50 inches. Thread 27 beads to each of the 25 inches cords. Put each of the cords on a separate slot in the macrame board. Now, take the 50 inches cord and pin it to the middle of both cords. 

13. Macrame Hemp Bracelet Pattern With Beads

macrame bracelet

Hemp bracelet is here! Hemp bracelet has been in existence for a long time but it is no more trending. However, I guess it’s time to come again. In this guide, the three simplest macrame hemp bracelets are made. That is a beaded square knot, plain square knot, and twisted half knot pattern. These are the super-easy macrame hemp, even beginners can try them out. 

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14. DIY Macrame Bracelet With Beads

how to use beads with macrame

Friendship bracelets are common among youths these days. We all want to have something in common with our beloved ones. And it is actually cool and beautiful.  All you need is a twine of 2 colors and beads. You can finish the end with cord ends and a clamp, or loop and button. A sliding knot will also work well. 

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15. How To Make Shamballa Bracelet

how to make a shamballa bracelet

See here for a beautiful Shamballa bracelet! The simple principle behind the Shamballa bracelet is that you can make one at home by knotting cords together using square knots and placing decorative beads between the knots in even intervals. You can also customize it to make it more Personal.  

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16. Macrame Bead Bracelet DIY

easy diy macrame bracelet

If you want to learn macrame or you’re always curious about macrame craft, this tutorial will help you out with your curiosity. The pattern of macrame used is the half knot pattern with soft flex beading wire on a mini macrame board.  You can click on the link below to learn more about knotting techniques.

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17. Large Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

Here is another macrame bracelet made with Linhasita polyester waxed cord and metal/gemstone beads. The basic knots used are the lark’s head knot and diagonal double half hitch knot. The gemstone bead was fixed to the missile of the bracelet and it looked just amazing. 

18. DIY Macrame Bracelet With Amber Beads 

Using a double half hitch knot is not very common for a macrame bracelet but it looks really nice for this bracelet with amber beads. The beads are stuck in the center of each clove made by the double half hitch knots. See the link below for the full tutorial. 

19. DIY Easy Macrame Boho Bracelet With Beads 

One thing that interests me the most from this beaded macrame boho bracelet is the closure. The button clasp used for the finishing makes it look really classy.  All you need for the bracelet include a button clasp, waxed cord, scissors, and beads. The waxed cord will be used to make lark’s head knots all around the beads to give the bracelet. 

20. Diamond Pattern Macrame Bracelet With Beads 

Here is another amazing macrame bracelet with a button clasp closure. All you need is a thick waxed polyester cord, beads, and a button. Cut 5 180cm of cords. Take 3 out of it and fold in the middle. Just about the middle, make an overhand knot with it. See the link below for the full detail of the diamond pattern macrame beaded bracelet. 


Here are 20 amazing DIY macrame beaded bracelets that are beautiful and super easy to make. Pick anyone you love, DIY, and look beautiful. If you loved this compilation kindly share it with your friends and family that would be interested in DIY macrame bracelet with beads craft. 

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