20 DIY Macrame Candle Holder – How To Make A Candle Holder

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Give home decor a Victorian twist with these adorable DIY macrame candle holder ideas. Candle holders are always a great idea because they are fancy and serve various reasons too. They give the candles a strong base, protect from strong winds, support the candles from tripping and prevent them from causing fire accidents.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect decor for your candle holders and jars, then these 20 DIY macrame projects will make your heart glad! Even beginner macrame learners can make most of the DIYs listed here without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Skill up on your macrame and accessorize your candle holder at one go with this easy DIY macrame candle holder. It is simple to make, affordable, and uses knotting patterns even beginners can handle. Attempt this if you’ve been looking for how to complete that boho-themed look. This tutorial is ideal for both beginners and advanced macrame enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll be shown how to make different knot patterns.

2. DIY Macrame Mason Jar Cover

Get ready to make some magic with your mason jars in this quick and straightforward DIY macramé Mason jar cover. You’ll learn to make magic knots in this project. If you’re looking for something romantic and calm, this mason jar cover is your best bet. If you’d rather not have the bright blue color used in this none, you could try plain macramé cord instead.

3. How To Make A Macrame Candle Holder

Who says your macramé cord can’t match the color of your candle jar? They out these beautifully shaped macrame candle holders to make your home look more inviting and pleasant. These are sure to inspire favorable comments from visitors and are an excellent sight for your eyes. And what’s even more exciting is that you don’t need to be an expert in macrame to do this.

4. Macrame Candle Holder DIY

Simple, elegant, and delightful are words you’ll use to describe this candle holder cover when you’re done making it. Bring a vintage look to your surroundings by making this simple Knot patterned macrame candle holder cover. It will not only beautify the room but also makes it look so transient as well.

5. DIY Candle Holder With Macrame

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Give your home an eclectic look with this functional yet trendy-looking macrame candle holder. To make this, you’ll need a macrame cord, your glass candle holder, and scissors. What’s more exciting is that this macrame piece was made from just about four different knots, and the project gives you through the tricky curves too.

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6. $1 Dollar Tree Macrame Candle Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

These hanging macrame candles can be used for wedding receptions, birthdays, or even just to hang on your own home trees! It’s very easy to make as the knot patterns used in it are so simple. Heads up though, if you’re going to attempt this, monitor closely to make sure none have caught on fire. This is highly unlikely but better safe than sorry, eh?

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7. How To Make Hanging Macrame Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Hanging lights can be beautiful to look at. They can be so warm, inviting, amazing, ecstatic, mindblowing. Okay, you get the point now! The hanging lights are fantastic. But why not crank that awesomeness a notch by decorating them with macrame? If you’re a color fan, by all means, knock yourself out with nylon cords in all the colors you want.

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8. DIY Macrame Candle Lantern

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Convert your mason jar into a beautiful-looking DIY macrame candle holder. Don’t let the fancy title fool you, it’s quite easy to make and very inexpensive too. Let your guests be dazzled by the warmth and ambiance of the room. This pretty macrame piece is also sure to lift your spirits.

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9. Macrame Candle Holder

Don’t throw out those old jars yet! With a macrame cord and basic knitting skills, you’re on your way to making a beautiful candle jar for your candle. If you’re tired of hurling out jars you know can do so much more for your home decor, then try out this macrame piece and dress that jar up a bit! This process is easy to follow and yet quick as well. And you guessed right, it’s also pretty affordable.

10. DIY Macrame Jar Cover

Sometimes, just a little natural themed decor is all you need to make your home come alive. This macrame DIY tutorial helps even if you’re trying to macrame more than one piece of candle jar cover. It contains different knotting patterns and shows you how to manipulate them. Whether you are a beginner or expert in macrame, you’ll love the results you get after attempting this.  

11. DIY Macrame Hurricane Candle Holder

Build your hurricane candle holder with this step-by-step guide. Why not try this if you need a simple pattern that won’t get you all worked up and frustrate you until you’re ready to give up? It takes only you to pay keen attention to how to correctly estimate the cord length you need, grabbing a pair of scissors, and knotting your heart out.

12. Macramme Tea Light Holder

Are you feeling confident in your macrame skills? Why not test it with this mind-blowing star-shaped intricately knotted DIY macrame tea light holder. This is beautiful, warm, and awe-inspiring. However, be careful it’s appropriately placed to avoid accidents. This might not work well for beginners, but don’t pass this one up if you’ve been practicing macrame for a while.

13. DIY Macrame Candle Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

The soft glow and warmth from these beautiful hanging candles are so wonderful. And yet you can make them look even better with this simple DIY macrame candle holder. They are not only lovely, but they also hold your candles pretty firmly. There’s no fear of the jar falling and breaking into pieces with these. You’ll need to learn to make sure, though, by watching the guide.

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14. Simple Macrame Jar Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Recycling lovers will snatch this one up! Recycle your jars by turning them into candlelight holders. Protect your furniture and other surfaces from wax with these candle holders. Spice things up by dressing up those jars, too, with macrame pieces. If you don’t know how many knots you’ll need and what exactly to do, follow this step-by-step guide and make something you’ll love.

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15. Macrame Glass Candle Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

Make your tabletops look extra cute with this DIY beginner macrame project. These macrame holders are fantastic on so many levels. They are easily removable, so you can always wash them when dirty. Plus, the knot patterns aren’t so complicated, just in case you’ve only just picked up your love for macrame. And you don’t need a lot to make this breathtaking beauty either, and just your candle jar, your macrame cord, and some scissors. You’ll love it, I promise.

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16. DIY Macrame Jar Holder

DIY Macrame Candle Holder

If you’re intrigued by all the pretty macrame pieces you’ve been seeing flying around but don’t have the time or skill to dedicate to intricate knot patterns, don’t give up yet. Try out this beautiful boho-themed yet simple macrame candle holder. For something so easy to make, it sure looks terrific. If you’ve no luck with previous patterns, why not try this?

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17. Tablemat Macrame Candle Holder

This DIY tablemat macrame candle holder is definitely for the win! Once made, it is used not just as a candle holder but also as a table mat and for many other purposes. You get both have trendy-looking macrame decor and save money simultaneously. Follow this accessible and engaging tutorial to make yours.

18. How To Make A Macrame Candle Holder

If you’ve been running into brick walls trying to make your candle holder, then this is the perfect solution for you. This how-to project is easy to follow and uses simple patterns that anyone can learn. Now, you too can have your very own macrame candle holder and also maybe get to make for a few friends as well.

19. Candle Holder DIY

After lighting up the place with this romantic-looking candle, why not complete the aesthetic feel by making your own candle holder. It’s pretty, cheap, and yet pretty functional. This way, you don’t sacrifice your urge for classy-looking decor and yet still save some money.

20. DIY Macrame Candle Jar

The end product of this DIY project will blow you away, but you’ll need some macrame skills and a lot of love and patience. If you’re hoping to make something very unique and impressive, this is for you. If you want to make something a bit quicker, you might want to skip this. However, this macrame feathered candle cover is probably one of the best macrame pieces you’ll make.

Macrame is fun, so your home looks like a warm and transient place. Amazingly, these projects only require your time, patience, and d basic inexpensive supplies. So try them out and see!

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