19 DIY Macrame Clothing: How To Make Macrame Clothing

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Care for some DIY macrame clothing? Read on! I love to shop for clothes, but they can get expensive. Especially when collectors editions come out that have unique prints. I don’t like wearing the same outfit as someone else and hate settling for the same look as everyone else. This DIY macrame clothing how-to will show you how to make a macrame dress using items you probably already have at home.

After having read through DIY macrame clothing instructions, you’ll soon be able to make your very own macrame dresses. Macrame is a popular DIY hobby for many people. It’s easy to understand why macrame has remained popular over the years. Macrame clothing is great for adding that extra “touch” to your clothing.

If you do not know what macramé is, it is a very simple handicraft consisting in creating patterns using just knots. Macramé is going to be popular today. Fashion designers are borrowing macramés aesthetics for use in their designs. Anyway, let’s talk about how to make some DIY macrame clothing.

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1. DIY Macrame Dress 

Since Macrame made it back to the fashion trend, it has been the highlight of every fashion accessory, starting from earrings, necklace, bags, and now dress! Here is a macrame costume for ‘frozen heart’. It looks classic and beautiful. Find out more about the knots and materials required below. 

2. Boho Dress Tutorial 

Before making this boho dress, you need to have some measurements in place; the neck circumference, the waist circumference, and the dress length. These three measurements are very crucial to the fitness of the dress. After having the measurements, the next thing you need to do is to gather the materials required as listed in this video tutorial. 

3. DIY Macrame Summer Dress 

The major knot used from the beginning of this dress is a square knot. The knit is one of the basic macrame knots and it is very essential. It is very easy to do, but if you’re a beginner, you will need to pay attention to detail to get all the moves correctly. The other knot required is the simplest of all macrame knots; the lark’s head knots. This knot is usually used to attach cords around the neckline or any area that requires cords. 

4. How To Make A Macrame Top 

You need to check out this elegant macrame top. The top is a backless piece of fashion with a diamond-shaped front. The back of the dress is a crisscross from the shoulder and a line that comes from the burst line to tie all the dresses together at the back. It is very easy to make. You can find more about the knots, and materials required to complete the elegant piece of fashion. 

5. How To Make Macrame Dress 

The materials required for this beautiful macrame dress include a Sewing pattern, tailor’s chalk, macramé lace fabric, scissors, basting thread, and a sewing machine. Once you have all these materials, you’re good to go. The first thing you have to do is to prepare and put the undergarments together. Then, you can start cutting macrame lace to put on it. blog-womantoday

6. Macrame Top From Bra

Check out this super macrame top made from a bra! If you’re looking for a way to reuse your old bra you found less attractive, here is a great idea! The superb top is perfect for summer and most especially when going to the beach. This can be done with different kinds of bras but a detachable bra would make your work faster. A bigger piece of lace, sewing kit, and scissors must be ready as well.  alldaychic

7. DIY Macrame Clothing – Dress 

Are you looking for a design for your long macrame dresses? If yes, then you should follow this guide. In this video guide, you will learn how to style a macrame long dress using macrame cords, a mannequin, and your hands. The purpose of the mannequin is to ensure the dress is fitted at some necessary points such as the waist, burst, and breast. 

8. Macrame Festival Top DIY 

If you already have the basic knowledge of macrame craft, the knots will be very easy for you to make, or else you need to pay proper attention to this guide and see how the knots are being done. The first knot needed is diagonal double half hitch knots. 

9. No-Sew Macrame Clothing DIY 

One amazing way to start your macrame dress is by dressing up a mannequin. Then cut the cords you want to use. The length of the cords will determine the length of the dress, so cut accordingly. After cutting, get a piece of jam pin and push through all the cords. Now, separate the cords and hang them around the neck of the mannequin and use the pin to clip the neck of the mannequin dress.  

10. DIY Beach Dress – Macrame Clothing 

Here is an amazing style for a beach dress. It is light and made out of a  4mm macrame cord. The cord was cut into different sizes. The waistline was cut to 370cm/147 inches in length, the neck to down the sides of the dress is 335 cm long, while the shoulder pieces that make up the dress are 330 cm long each. 

11. Macrame Grecian Top Tutorial 

If you’re a busty person, this Grecian macrame top will look better on you. It involves attaching a bra cup to the best of the mannequin you’re using. By doing this, it will be easy to attach it to the macrame top. See the link below for detailed information about the Grecian top. 

12. Macrame Clothing DIY – Top 

Here is a beautiful design for a macrame top. It is made from different colors of macrame cords, pins, and your knowledge of basic knots. The first knot is a diagonal double half hitch knot. With this knot, the instructor made a diamond pattern all over the top. You can find out more about the dress here. 

13. Macrame Clothing DIY – Festival Skirt

Are you looking for a style for your macrame skirt? Here Is a beautiful design that looks sexy and elegant. You can wear it for festivals, beaches or any other befitting events. The major macrame used is the half spiral knots. 

14. DIY Beach Bikini Dress Cape 

You need a part of t-shirt yarn for this macrame beach bikini dress Cape! Cut sixteen ropes from the year and hang 8 on each shoulder of the mannequin. Use a pin to hold each rope to the shoulder line and separate them into two. Start making square knots with every 4 ropes. 

15. DIY Macrame Vest 

You will need 657 feet of rope for this macrame vest. The vest looks complicated from its view but it is easy to make if you have all the materials and know-how to do knots like double half hitch knots, lark’s head knots, square knots, and other basic knots.

16. DIY Easy Macrame Halter Top 

To make this beautiful halter top, you need fourteen 17vm long cords, one 250cm cord, and varieties of beads. Cut a 50 cm long cord and knot it at both ends and lock each end with a bead. After this, tie the 50 cm cord into a bow knot around the neck. Now, attach all the fourteen cords around the neckline with lark’s head knots. Check out the next step below. 

17. Macrame Clothing DIY – Boho Style Dress 

Making a macrame dress from scratch requires a lot of time and patience as you will be working with many long cords at the same time. In this video, the trick used to carefully work through the long cords is by pinning each of the cords down to the mannequin chest. This will allow you to work with a certain length of cord at a time. 

18. T-Shirt Upcycle With Macrame 

Are you a beginner? Do you want to upcycle your t-shirt to a macrame dress? Here is a great style that is designed in a simple way. The macrame is the last part of the dress and it was done by cutting 10 strips from the shirt. Straighten the strips to roll the edges and attach one across the shoulder. another nine strips will be attached to the back piece with knots. 

19. DIY Macrame Crop Top 

If you’re making a macrame crop top, you will need a t-shirt that is a little bit loose on you. Now fold the shirt in half and cut off the sleeves starting from the neckline. While the shirt is still on fold, cut through the sides and the center of the top till it reaches the ribbon for the neck. Then, cut the shirt to ½” strips. You can cut off excess shirts once you have up to 8 or 9 strips. After that start making square knots with the strips. Ensure you have a diamond shape after each knot. 


Since Macrame craft made its comeback, it has been on the trending list of fashion items. The craft is very flexible that you can use for anything you want to make; macrame bracelets, bags, necklaces, earrings. Now we have a macrame dress! 

 Each of the macrame dress ideas listed above is unique and classy. Most of them require you to upcycle the materials you already have when you can make others from scratch. The macrame dresses require lesser cost and time.

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