20 DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners: Free Patterns

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The first thing that came to my mind when we planned to decorate our apartment was the purchase of accessories. There are many options in the market, but none can be compared to natural crafts. I was looking for something unique and interesting within my budget, so a DIY macrame coaster is what my search landed at.

This DIY macrame coaster is a great way to use up all those yarn ends you have laying around. You will love the texture, design, and the simple way this coaster is made. Looking for a simple macrame project to do? These DIY macrame coaster for beginners designs are great for first-time macrame lovers.

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1. DIY Macrame Coasters 

Do you need a macrame coaster? Check out this tutorial to learn how you can DIY one for yourself. Here is a glimpse of what you need to do; You need 5′ cords and five 30′ cords. Take the end of the 5′ cord and make a loose loop with it. Now, take one of the 30′ cords and fold it into half and place it under the 5′ cord where the loop meets. Take the loop (of the 30′ cord) over the cord and pull the ends through it to form a vow hitch knot ( also known as reverse lark’s head knots. Repeat the process to all the five 5′ cords. 

2. DIY Macrame Coasters For Beginners

This adorable macrame coaster is not only a classy decor for your table they are also super easy to make! Another amazing thing about this round macrame coaster is that you only need to master two knots. However, most people have issues with round coasters as they might turn out not flat or not round. So, in this guide, you will learn a hack to make your coaster round and flat.  

3. Round Macrame Coasters 

You need twelve cords for this round macrame coaster; one strand of 160cm length and give strand of 100cm length each, six strands of 80cm lengths, and six strands of 60 cm lengths. Form a small loop at the end of the 160cm cord and you’re good to go.

4. DIY Boho Macrame Coasters

A single twist macrame cord will be amazing for this square-shaped coaster, however other types of macrame cord will work as well. Get ten strands of cords with 4ft cords. Get a metal bar or anything to hang the project, a couple of S hooks, and a half-inch dowel. Place two S hooks on the hanger and place the dowel over both. Secure the dowel with small pieces of rope. Gold the ten cords in half and attach them to the dowel using a lark’s head knot. 

5. How To Make Macrame Coasters

DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners

A no-sew coaster is an amazing project to get your hands on because it requires only double half hitch knots. You will need a wire brush or pet brush to comb out the edges to lengthen the radius of the coaster. amandapuleo

6. Round Macrame Coasters Pattern

DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners

Circle or round macrame can take longer if you’ve tried it before. This is because you need to be patient and carefully work your way around the circumference. You can end the by straightening the edges of the cords used. marchingnorth

7. Macrame Coaster DIY

DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners

You can learn how to make a simple macrame coaster by following this guide! All you need is a macrame cord, wire comb to straighten the edges of the coaster, measuring tape for measurement, and your hands. macra-made

8. How To Make A DIY Macrame Coaster 

The total number of cords needed for this macrame coaster is  16 but with varying lengths. Four of them are 100cm long, six of them are 90cm, 80cm, and 70cm long (two cords each), and the remaining six are 20cm long. Get a small scrap of wood and pin it to a flat surface. Then attach the four 100cm cords to it. You don’t have to use lark’s head knots or any knots to attach the cord, just hang them and it’d be great. After that, divide the cords into two groups and start making square knots with each group. 

9. Macrame Tea Coasters DIY Turk’s Head Knot 

The materials needed for this Turk’s head knot tea coaster include braided polyester rope, scissors, adhesive felt, tape measure, and masking tape.  After getting all this material, another important thing, especially when using a Turk’s head knot is to draw the knot pattern so that you can follow it as a guide. This idea will be a good guide for beginners trying Turk’s head knot for the first time. 

10. Pentagon Macrame Coaster DIY 

Are you looking for an amazing tea coaster? Try out this pentagon pattern and you will like it. You need six cords for the pattern, take one of the cords and pin it to a flat board as the basic cord. Then attach the remaining five cords to it using reinforced reversed lark’s head knots.  Make eleven rows of double half hitch knots using the first cord as the holding cord in each row. 

11. Reversible Macrame Coasters 

When you want to show a particular pattern on your macrame coaster, the only thing you need to do is to know the correct placement of the cords at the beginning of the macrame coaster. In this guide, the instructor used one patterned design and one plain design to demonstrate this concept. Check out the idea below by watching the turorial. 

12. DIY Macrame Coasters 

There are four major things you will learn from this tutorial video; you will learn how to make vertical double half hitch knots, how to create stripes, how to create color blocks, and to use a half hitch ‘hack’ that saves time. Therefore you need to follow every detail of this video from the beginning to the end to get all of these lessons. 

13. Macrame Flower Coaster 

This is how to make a macrame flower coaster. All you need is four pieces of cotton cords 10.5ft each, a plastic sewing needle, and a pair of scissors. The dominant type of knot used here is the double half hitch knot. You need to get a hook to hang the cords while working on the macrame flower coaster. 

14. Macrame Snowflake Flower Coaster 

This snowflake’s flower coaster is a great gift idea! The cord used is a Space Gray color that is soft and sturdy to work with. All you need for this snowflake coaster is a macrame cord and scissors. The only type of knot required after the lark’s head knot is diagonal double half hitch knots. 

15. How To Make Flower Shape Coaster 

There are different ways to craft a flower-shaped coaster! In this guide, you will learn a new method DIY the flower coaster. All you need is a long macrame cord and your hand to make the knot. Check out this video tutorial from the link below to see the full detail about the flower-shaped coaster. 

16. Color Block Macrame Coasters

DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners

I’ve you tried using color blocks on your macrame coaster? Well, you’re going to love the result if you do.  The macrame coaster is very easy to make especially for beginners because the only knot required is the lark’s head knot and half hitch knot. Some of the materials needed are craft scissors and a wire brush. liagriffith

17. DIY Macrame Coaster

DIY Macrame Coaster For Beginners

Check out this boho macrame coaster that can be used as room decor! It is made from a 3mm macrame cord; the cord is cut into six pieces. One of the pieces is 5′ (256cm long), and the other five are 30′ (76cm long). Fold one end of the 5′ cord into a loop and attach the other five 30′ to it. Then, take the longer side of the 5′ cord and pull it to tighten the loop. lovefordiy

18. DIY Macrame Coasters For Beginners 

If you’re a beginner and you want to try out this coaster, it would be best to start by sketching the pattern on a piece of paper. Get plain paper, a compass, and a ruler. Draw 6 cm radius. Then, since the pattern has five edges, get a protractor and divide the circle into five parts. Pin the sheet of paper on a flat board and get enough tape to hold the cords to the sheet. 

19. Macrame Mandala Coaster 

Here is another snowflake macrame coaster pattern you can make. It is called Mandala and the total width of the coaster after completion is 31cm (12inches). The length of cords needed to get this effect is. 12 pieces of 100cm cords, 80cm, 60cm, and 45cm each.  Start with the 100cm cords; fold one of the cords in half and use it as the holding cord then attach the other 11 cords to it with a lark’s head knot. 

20. Macrame Coaster DIY 

You will need an 8mm polyester cord for this macrame coaster! Cut two pieces out of the cord; one 6 meters working cord and 1-meter holding cord. Other materials required for this project are a glue gun to attach the spiral pattern and a lighter to smooth the edges of the coaster. 


DIY Macrame Coasters or Beginners: We all drink something at home or in the office! What do you think about a coaster? I think it makes our cups sit pretty on the table?  However, these ones are made out of macrame. The 20 guides will show you how to DIY any kind of macrame coaster. Each of the guides gives you the detailed information you need about the macrame shelf ( the list of materials used, and the doesn’t

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