20 DIY Macrame Curtain Tutorial: Simple Patterns For Starters

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diy macrame curtain tutorial

Here we will share the easiest macrame curtain tutorial. Then you can make these stylish, organic, and trendy macrame curtains. This macrame can also be used to decorate your room and make it look amazing. It would not only look good but also go with any other color as well. Are you looking for the perfect window curtain for your living room? Why not make your own crafty macrame curtains? This DIY easy macrame curtain tutorial will show you how to make some for yourself with different kinds of macrame knots.

Ready to learn how to make your own DIY macrame curtain? It’s super easy and only requires a few supplies. Basically, everything you need is laying around your home (or, at least it was in my case). Check it out:

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1. DIY Simple Macrame Curtain 

This simple macrame curtain is very easy to put together. All you need to do is get a macrame rope, a pair of scissors, nails, a hammer, and a long wooden rod that is some inches longer than the width of your window. Cut 15 long cords from the macrame rope (the length is given in this guide, but you can adjust it depending on the length of the curtain you want. 

Attach all the fifteen cords to the wooden rod and spread them evenly. Now, make a row of square knots across the cords. For the second row, take out the first two cords and make square knots with the rest of the cord. Repeat these processes until you have the preferred number of rows. 

2. How To Make A Macrame Curtain 

Here is a quick guide on how to make a macrame curtain. Before you start, you need to prepare a wooden dowel of 120cm length, 4mm macrame cord, and something to hang the dowel. The length of cords needed for the curtain is 630cm and you need 80 cords in total. Once you have all these, hand the dowel and attach all the cords to it with lark’s head knots. After that, take the first four cords and make three square knots with them; repeat this for all other cords till you have three rows of square knots. 

3. DIY Macrame Curtain 

You need a wooden dowel the same width as your window, a macrame cord, a pair of scissors, two ceiling hooks, and a rope to hang it.  While cutting the macrame cord for the length of the window, ensure the cord is longer than the length of the window because this will give you enough cord to design the curtain. Then, cut as many cords as you want to fit the design you want to make. 

4. DIY Macrame Curtain Backdrop 

For this macrame curtain backdrop, you will need to know how to make the following knots; lark’s head knots, square knots,  diagonal clove hitch knots, rya weave, berry knots, and coil knots. Once you know all these knots, the next thing is to gather the materials required for the curtain backdrop. The materials include 72 twisted ropes (600cm), 32 single strand ropes (30cm), curtain rods, scissors, a comb, and a tape measure. 

5. How To Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

Instead of using the lark’s head to attach the cords needed for this curtain to a rod, segment the cords into groups; four cords in a group, and fold each group in half. Then, hang each group on the rod and secure them with a simple overhand knot each. Once you’re done with this make five rows of alternating square knots to complete the project. After that, trim the end of the cords and you have your curtain ready. abeautifulmess

6. How To Make DIY Macrame Curtains

If you want something simple and amazing, you should try your hands on this amazing macrame curtain. You can use any type of wood for this project hanger; these are some of the options that you have: wooden rod, wooden branch, or curtain rod. The two types of knots required are lark’s head knots and alternating square knots. thesprucecrafts

7. DIY Macrame Curtain

You only need four materials to make an amazing and simple macrame curtain! The materials are a macrame cord, a pair of scissors, a wooden rod, and a measuring tape.  The first step is to measure the doorway or window where the curtain is going to be. After that cut the cord according to the measurement of the window/doorway. bemakeful

8. Step By Step Macrame Curtain Pattern

This guide will show you step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple macrame curtain pattern using macrame rope and some basic macrame knots. The number and lengths of cords required for the curtain depending on the length and width of your window. You can attach the cords to the hanging rod using a series of square knots on each group of cords instead of using the lark’s head knots. gathered.how

9. Macrame Door Curtain DIY 

You will learn how to make a curtain for a closed-door in this guide using macrame techniques. The first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable cord for the project; you don’t want the cord to be too soft. Therefore, a 3 mm twisted macrame string is recommended according to this guide. This type of cord will give you enough space to work on your design and also allow you to have a detailed design at the top.  

10. How To Make A Macrame Curtain 

You need a total of  110 cords for this macrame curtain! 14 of the cords should be 550cm long while the remaining 96 should be 450cm long. Start by folding two of the 550vm cord and joining them together with their loops (using lark’s head knots). Then make an even number of square knots with the cords. Repeat this for the remaining 550cm cords till you have 7 loops on the rod. Then, join the loops together with square knots as shown in this guide. After that, you can attach the 96 other cords in between the loops. 

11. DIY Macrame Curtain 

This is an advanced macrame curtain! If you want something that is amazing and you are familiar with all the basic macrame knots, this is the right project for you. You will be working with groups of four cords. With each group,  hang them on a rod and make ten square knots at the center (5 square knots on each side of the rod). Then, close the loop with a single square knot capturing all the eight cords. Repeat this for other groups. 

12. DIY Macrame Curtain With A Wooden Branch 

Any long wooden branch will work well for this macrame curtain. Aside from the fact that the wooden branch will make your curtain look rustic and amazing, it will also help you cut down the cost of materials.  Another thing you need is macrame rope. With these two materials and your knowledge of basic macrame knots, you can make this curtain with ease. Check out more details about the macrame curtain from the video. 

13. Small Macrame Curtain Tutorial

You need 48 pieces of cord for this small macrame curtain each 10 feet long. attach them to a tension rod using lark’s head knots. However, to prevent the ends/edges from fraying when working on it, use masking tape to wrap each end of the cords. Once that’s done, make a row of double half hitch knots across all the cords. myfrenchtwist

14. Macrame Kitchen Curtain DIY

The pattern for this short Macrame kitchen curtain can be achieved only with lark’s head knots and alternating square knots. The lark’s head knots are used to attach the cord to the rod while the alternating square knots are used to form a flower pattern. littlevintagecottage

15. Macrame Curtain Tie Backs

If you already have a curtain on your window, how about a curtain tie? A macrame curtain tie is a great piece to hold your curtain open and still. All you need for this include twine, curtain rings, scissors, and a clipboard. The first thing to do is to cut four pieces of twine which are 3 meters long. Then, attach them to one of the rings. girlabouttownhouse

16. Macrame Curtain For Design

You need to know how to make the following types of knots before you can make this macrame curtain: lark’s head knots, diagonal double half hitch knots, alternating square knots, and half hitch knots. Once you’re familiar with all of these, you’re good to go. diyprojects

17. How To Make A Macrame Curtain

To make this macrame curtain you need a wooden rod, scissors, and macrame rope. You don’t need to worry about a specific length of cords required, all you have to do is to measure the length of the window or anywhere you want the curtain to be and add extra inches to it. These extra inches can be as long as you want depending on the design you want on your curtain. 

18. Macrame Windows Curtain DIY 

The design on this macrame window curtain is half diamond and this can be achieved with lark’s head knots, square knots, and diagonal double half hitch knots. The lark’s head knot is used to attach the trample to a wooden rod, the square knot is used to form the half diamond, while the diagonal double half hitch knots are used to close the square knots on both sides. 

19. DIY Macrame Curtain Tutorial 

Knowing the right dimension of the materials needed for a curtain is very important and simple; for this macrame curtain, you need a 100cm long wooden dowel, 57 cords of 6.5 meters long, 6 cords of 4 meters long, and 76 cords of 0.8meters. 

Now, fold the 57 cords in half and attach them to the wooden dowel using lark’s head knots. Then divide the cords into four groups, 14 cords in one group leaving one cord in the center. For the first group, take the first four chords and make 12 rows of spiral knots there, repeat this for the last four chords in the same group. 

20. Easy Macrame Curtain DIY 

Here is a great guide that will show you how to DIY a macrame curtain grim scratch.  The tutorial is very easy to understand and it is customizable. The instructor used a colored macrame cord for the curtain but you can change the color of the design of the curtain to fit your preference. Among the necessary knots required for this include square knots, double half hitch knots, lark’s head knots, and simple overhand knots. 


There you have it! Macrame DIY curtain. The above 20 macrame curtain tutorial provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to make a curtain using macrame techniques. The type of cord/ rope suitable for designs and the combination of knots required for such a pattern are also provided. Check out each of the guides above and get started with a beautiful macrame craft! 

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