12 DIY Macrame Door Mat Pattern – Best Picks For Beginners

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Do you want to learn how to make a macrame doormat by yourself? Are you looking for DIY macrame door mat patterns? I’ve brought to you a different pattern with a guide that can help you achieve your goal. Making the doormat might seem complicated from the on look but once you learn how to make basic knots, it will become easier.  

A macrame door mat is a quick and easy way to add a bit of country style to your front door. In fact, you can create one in no time at all. With a little bit of patience, some sturdy rope, and some basic knot-tying skills, you’ll have a unique doormat that looks great and does a great job protecting your front steps from dirt and water.

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1. DIY Macrame Rug Tutorial 

It is time to go creative with a macrame rug to beautify your doorstep. You need 36 macrame cords in total and 18 inches long for each cord. The cords need to have even lengths to make a perfect square knot. 

Fold each of the 36 cords in the middle and attach the macrame cords with a lark’s head knot. Leave at least 2.5 inches on the ropes just below the lark’s head knot, then make a row of square knots on the cords. Continue the second layer of square knots leaving out the first 2 cords.

2. Macrame Door Mat Pattern 

If you strive for elegance and style, this must be What you’re looking for! Excellent style! Get the following materials and follow the guide here to make one for yourself; macrame cords, scissors, stick or metal rod, and your hand. Cut the cords into 7 meters long and attach 40 ropes to the stick using a lark’s head knot. 

Then, make a row of square knots after the lark’s head, pin them tightly to the lark’s head. Now, continue to make another row of square knots on the next layer leaving out the first 2 cords and taking the next 4 cords after the first 2. Repeat this process by leaving out the first 2 cords till you have half of a diamond shape. 

3. DIY Rectangular Macrame Door Mat 

What do you say about a macrame doormat that can also work as a table mat for hot dishes? Exceptional right! The rectangular macrame door mat uses basic knots which are tripled with 5 rows on 2 of the sides and 4 rows on the other two sides which makes the mat rectangular. You need about 30 feet of ropes for this mat. 

To make sure the rope doesn’t fringe or fall apart, secure the ending with common whipping. To do this, find a thread that has the same color as the rope or any other Color as you wish, wrap it around the end of the rope using a common whipping style. After that is done, you can start making the knots for the mat.  See the link below for the process of tying the knots. 

4. Macrame Rug Pattern 

A fluffy cotton cord is recommended for this macrame rug mat because of the Zigzag crochet pattern. The macrame rug has two different patterns or parts; the ZigZag crochet pattern and the square knot pattern. All you need for both patterns include a 5mm cotton cord,  ruler, scissors, dowel( optional), and a crochet hook. It is advisable to cut the cords one after the other to know the number of cords needed. 

For the Zigzag crochet pattern, you need 2 310 cm cords, 6 580cm cords, and 2 390 cords. Then, for the square knots, you need a total of 91 cords. See the link below for the length of each cord. 

5. Macrame Carpet DIY

diy macrame door mat

See here how to make an amazing macrame carpet using jute rope, masking/washi tape. A cutting list will make cutting the ropes easier but it is optional. You need 28 18′ length ropes and 2 5′ length ropes. The types of ropes needed for the carpet include lark’s head knot, square knot, alternating rows of two square knots, and horizontal double half hitch knots. To set up the macrame rope, you need a supported dowel or hanging dowel. 

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6. DIY Woven Rope DoorMat

diy macrame door mat

Do you have a lot of spare time or maybe your weekend is free? This weaving doormat will be a good project to try your hands on to keep you occupied. Asides from the fact that it is functional, it is also fun to make. 

All you need for the braided may include electrical tape, garden glove, hot glue gun, and manila rope. For the start, you need to make a simple knot on one end of the rope. Now, loosen the rope gently till you have something like a pretzel shape. See the link below for the full tutorial. 

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7. Braided Doormat DIY

If you strive for uniqueness, then you should have one nautical weave doormat. It is exceptional and sturdy. Making it can be a little bit technical because of the multiple rope weave. To make this easier you can practice miniature versions of the braid using a thinner or softer rope. 

When you’re ready to work on the actual mat, place a big piece of craft paper on the surface you want to use for the project. Draw a big cross on the craft paper. Check the link below for the measurement of each line making up the cross. This will be the dimension of the nautical mat. 

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8. Macrame Mat Tutorial 

This is not a regular macrame mat as it doesn’t require so many knots. The only knot needed is the lark’s head knot used to attach the cords to the dowel. Cut 6 long cords of equal length, fold them in the middle and attach them to the dowel making 12 cords in total. 

Now, for the body of the mat, weave the cords together as shown in this video tutorial. Start from the middle, divide the cords into 2 and start weaving the cords on the right around the ones in the left one after the other. Once all that is done, divide the cords into 2 again and weave one cord at a time around other cords on its side. 

9. DIY Simple Macrame Mat 

For this macrame mat, 3 types of knots are required to complete the piece of craft. The first knot is a lark’s head knot used to attach the ropes to the wooden dowel, the second knot is a double half hitch knot used to secure the top and bottom of the macrame mat. The last type of knot is the square knot which dominates the entire body of the mat. Check out the video tutorial through this link below to learn how to tie each of the knots. 

10. How To Make A Macrame Door Mat 

Do you know you can make a macrame doormat with a supported Dowell or hanging dowel? Though, the hanging dowel will make it faster and easier for you to make all the knots. But in cases where you can’t find support, you can just lay down a long rope and cut it to your desired length of the doormat. 

Then, make a simple knot to close both ends of the rope. Now, gently attached each rope to it with a lark’s head knot.  After all the knots are done, lose the bottom of the doormat with a horizontal double half hitch knot. 

11. DIY Macrame Door Mat Pattern 

Gather your waste ropes and turn them into a beautiful macrame doormat! Collect all pieces of ropes you can see around whether short or long. Join the pieces together by trimming both edges you want to join and slightly flame-polishing them, then make the edges come closer and use your hand to wrap them together slightly. 

Repeat this for other colors of ropes you see until you have enough ropes needed for the project. Take two long ropes and fold them in the middle, then make a square knot with both ropes. Repeat this for other colors as well. 

12. DIY Macrame Table Mat 

Since the lark’s head knots used to attach ropes to the hanging rod will be undone once the project is complete, you need something to hold the top of the mat together. So, a horizontal double half hitch knot will be perfect to secure the top. 

To make the horizontal double half hitch knot, you need to attach extra rope asides once attached with the lark’s head knot. Once you attach that rope to one side of the hanging rod, use it to tie a double half hitch knot across the width of the other ropes. After the top is secured, it is time to make the square knot for the body of the mat. After the body, you need to secure the bottom as well with a horizontal double half hitch knot. 


There you have it! 12 amazing DIY macrame door mat patterns you can try your hands on. They are easy to make. A macrame door mat makes for an excellent project that can be done in one or two days. Remember how much fun it was to make a friendship bracelet in elementary school? This is a similar project that will require a lot of knots and a bit of patience.

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