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diy macrame feather

Macrame feathers are an awesome beginner project because they’re so easy and they look so cool!  The hardest part of the feather-making process is brushing and cutting. It takes a while to get it just right. I honestly think this part is fun once you know how to make the feather.

In this article, we have put together a couple of DIY macrame feather projects that you can DIY without having to spend too much. All the projects listed in this article are easy to DIY. Pick one, make it, and transform your space.

1. DIY Macrame Feather For Beginners 

See here how to make macrame feather with string from scratch! It requires only a few materials. These include macrame rope, masking tape, string, and scissors. Use a lark’s head knot to tie a folded rope to the string. Then, cut other ropes to be shorter than the first one. Now, take them one after the other and use the lark’s head knot to tie them around the first rope. 

2. How To Make A Large Macrame Feather 

Put your leftover felt to good use with this large macrame feather! Cut out the shape and size of the feather you want to make with the felt. Cut 36 inches twisted rope. Fold it in half and tie a double knot at the top as the centerpieces of the feather. Now, cut 32 inches ropes, each piece 17cm long. Attach the ropes to the centerpieces with cow hitch knots (a reverse of lark’s head knot). Attached are the ropes to both sides of the centerpieces. 

3. DIY Macrame Feather 

Getting your hands on good crafts just like this macrame feather is a beautiful thing. You get to the knots by yourself. The knots used in the video are square knots. Fold 2 ropes and lay them down around the centerpieces as is shown in this video. Then, make a square knot with both ropes intertwined. Make sure the centerpiece is properly attached to a wood stick with a lark’s head knot. 

4. DIY Wall Hanging Macrame Feather 

The reverse lark’s head knot (cow hitch knot) has become the new trend in wall-hanging macrame feathers. It is mostly used to tie the center pieces to wood or any other materials that hold the ropes till the end of the project. Some also used it for knotting the other ropes around the center pieces. See here for the full video on how to make this macrame wall hanging feather using reverse lark’s head knot. 

5. How To Make Macrame Feather

diy macrame feather

There are many ways you can style your macrame feather. You can hang it as a single decor or string it on a reclaimed stick to make a boho wall hanging. You will need a stiffening spray to make sure the strands from the cords after brushing stick together. Other materials needed include a tape measure, macrame cord, wire brush, and scissors.

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6. Macrame Feathers Easy DIY

diy macrame feather

Are you curious as to how strips of ropes intertwine to make a beautiful macrame feather? This must be the answer to your curiosity! The instructor uses a pictorial demonstration to analyze each knot that makes up this feather. Aside from the demonstration, a list of materials used is there for you. Click the link below to check out the tutorial.

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7. How To Make Macrame Feathers

diy macrame feather

It has been a work of boho lately as people are going crazy to have macrame craft to their house as decor. This macrame feather will be a good craft to add to your backyard. All you need is a macrame cord, sharp scissors, and an understanding of knotting techniques. Once you have all these, you’re good to go. Check out this tutorial and start immediately. 

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8. Macrame Feather Wall Decor

feather macrame

You should be inspired by this beautiful boho feather made by Lia. It is extremely good! A piece of decor for your wall. It is a project for all skill levels. Once you follow Lia and gather a few materials, you will be able to come up with these feathers. Aside from that, you will be able to hang it properly. 

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9. DIY Macrame Feather Wall Hanging 

Decorating your wall should be given a priority as well. Try out this wall hanging made from macrame rope and let your wall speak for you. Other materials needed aside from macrame rope include a piece of wood to hold the centerpiece, a pet brush to comb the twisted rope after the feather is done and scissors for cutting. 

10. Macrame Feathers How-To 

This macrame feather is tiny and beautiful because the macrame cord used is very thin. Kalinina from Kalinina DIY put in a lot of work to get these strands of macrame cords together to form a beautiful feather.  Using a very tiny square knot to gather the cords around the centre chords is quite amazing. However, the knot is very tiny because the cord is of small diameter. 

11. DIY Macrame Leaves Wall Decor 

Tying a square knot in such a way that both ends of the ropes involved in the tie are on opposite sides is very technical. Watch as RYNA did in this video and start making yours. The knot at the top of the center pieces is a cow hitch knot which is the reverse of the lark’s head knot. See the link below for full details. 

12. How To Make Macrame Feathers For Beginners 

Want a perfect macrame feather for your wall hanging? This wall hanging feather will be a great idea. All you need is macrame ropes, scissors, string, a ruler, and your understanding of knots. The knots used include the lark’s head knot, double half hitch knot, and square knots. See the complete tutorial by clicking the link below. 

13. How To Make A Macrame Feather

feather macrame

Lark’s head knot is the ideal knot to start a macrame feather. The knot will allow you to attach the first string to a Wooden stick or keyring. After the first string is intact, you can now use any other type of knots to attach other strings to the first one. In this guide, square knots were used. See the link below to check how the square knot is being made using two folded strings. 

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14. Macrame Feather Tutorial 

feather macrame

See here some lovely and simple macrame feathers and how you can style them and make them into different beautiful things. This wall hanger in the picture above us among the styles. You can also modify your macrame feather to make earrings. All you need are macrame cords, scissors, sticks, and other materials depending on what you want to use the feather for. 

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15. Easy DIY Macrame Feather

feather macrame

To make this macrame feather look like a real feather, you need a comb (particularly let comb) to strengthen the strands of the twisted macrame yarn. A large wooden bead at the top of the feather just before the look for hanging will make a perfect addition. Check the link below for full details. 

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16. How To Make Rope Knot Ornaments

feather macrame

All you need for this beautiful ornament is just a rope! Macrame cord or twisted cotton cord. To aid the process, you will need scissors for cutting, a wet pet grooming brush to straighten the strands, a pencil and paper to draw out the template for the leaf, and canvas/stiff felt to make the strands of the feather stick together. 

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17. DIY Macrame Leaf Tutorial 

Another amazing macrame leaf tutorial! See here how macrame feathers with few materials. All you need is macrame cords for the craft, scissors for cutting, stiff felt to draw the template, universal glue to glue the strands together, and a comb to straighten the strands.

18. How To Stiffen Macrame Leaf 

Are you tired of seeing your macrame feather losing shape with time? Here is a way to stiffen the strand of cords to make them stay together and intact as long as possible. Other materials required include twisted cotton string, comb, scissors, and glue. 

19. Macrame Leaves Wall Hanging 

Spice up the interior of your house by hanging a macrame leaf on the wall. Choose this macrame leaf that is hung with an abandoned tree branch. The tree beach adds an extra beauty to the leaf. See the link below for more details on the macrame leaves wall hanging. 

20. DIY Easy Macrame Feathers For Beginners 

feather macrame

See here how Lucie made these macrame feathers with few materials. One very important material is the macrame cord, once you have that you can improvise for other materials like a rotary cutter, pieces of cardboard, pet comb,  and stiffening spray. 


Macrame feathers can be made into different beautiful things. This includes a wall hanging, earrings, and simple decors. Check out the tutorials above and start making them yourself. It doesn’t require any skill level, just get to work!

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