15 DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock Ideas: Most Beautiful Ones

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Care for some Macrame fruit hammock DIY ideas? There’s something delightful about biting into fruit and realizing that it’s still so fresh and juicy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only appealing to the taste buds, but they are also very nutritious. Do you want to keep your fruits and veggies fresh and well aerated? Are you looking for creative and fun ways to declutter your kitchen counter and yet still be able to store your fruit and vegetables? 

Then you probably need a macramé fruit hammock. These are great for a lot of reasons. They are often slightly elevated, and so the increased airflow keeps fruits well aerated and fresh. They also look adorable and add a sophisticated edge to your kitchen’s decor.

The best part of this is that you don’t have to go broke trying to get yours from the store. With a few supplies, you can make a macramé fruit hammock of your choice! 

Plus, macramé is such a relaxing activity that you’ll enjoy both the process and your finished product.

Here, I’ll show you fifteen outstanding DIY projects you can try out to make your fruit hammock. If you’re ready to get that fruit bowl out of the way, then keep reading!

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1. DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock 

DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

This under cabinet fruit hammock is terrific for those who’d like to make a frit hammock that’s both easy, out of sight, and won’t expose their fruit and veggies to too much light. Amazingly, all you need by way of supplies are cotton twine, cup hooks, and dowels. This project is great for even beginners in macramé and costs about ten bucks. It’s a sure win for both your fruits and your kitchen decor. If you’re going to drill your cabinets and insert the hooks, be careful to ensure your plates and other cutlery don’t get caught on the hook.

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2. DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock 

DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

Here’s another super fun undercabinet fruit hammock DIY project. This is for you if you have a small kitchen and are hunting for more storage space! Not only is it super adorable, but it can also hold both pretty tiny fruits like limes and even medium-sized fruits like bananas. Plus, the project leads you through a step-by-step guide that’s quite easy to follow. After making one of these for yourself, why not make others for sale as well?

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3. Macrame Seat Hammock DIY

DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

Enjoy the evening breeze with this sturdy and comfortable macramé seat hammock. This DIY project costs way less than you’d imagine and requires minimal building skills for such an enjoyable result. You’ll need dowels, macramé cords, dowel jigs, a drill, rope, and other essential supplies and tools. Maybe you might want to build more than one, so other family members can enjoy it.

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4. Handmade Macrame Cat Hammock 

DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

Gift your feline babies this adorable cat hammock to help them feel more comfortable. It’s cute, trendy, and sturdy enough to hold your cat. It’s also ideal because it’s made from eco-friendly materials. Build this for your cat, and watch her purr in contentment! If you also have a tiny dog, you can make this for it as well.

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5. DIY Hanging Fruit Hammock

Check out this fun project to learn how to make your own customized, undershelf macramé fruit hammock. This project is not just fun to watch. It’s filled with tips on how to cut through your macramé twine without it fraying, alternative knots you can use for your hammock, and things to avoid so your fruit hammock is just the right size and length. Dig in if you’re looking for an engaging step-by-step guide that throws in a few laughs.

6. DIY Macrame Food Hammock

Find out how to make an undercabinet DIY macramé fruit hammock from start to finish. Even if you’re new to macramé, learning the two knots used in this project is not difficult at all. You want to make sure your knots are firm and robust. The best part? This can be made from scratch and completed in an afternoon. You can also customize yours to be either permanently in place or removable.

7. Hanging Fruit Hammock Macrame

Want clear instructions on how to make your macramé fruit hammock? Then this DIY hanging fruit project is for you. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and a great way to get more storage space. It can add warmth and texture to your kitchen, as well. It’s time to get those fruits off the counter and into their new home!

8. How to Make a Fruit Hammock

If you’re a beginner in the macramé craft, use this easy beginner macramé project to improve your skills. This project contains a step-by-step guide on working through a couple of knots, making your hammock, and installing it. It’s easy and quick to make, too.

9. Handmade Fruit Bag

Find out how to make your macramé fruit bag that’s both functional and space-saving with this easy-to-follow DIY project. If you’re confused about getting your measurements accurate and how much macramé cord you need, then try out this project. You are sure to be rewarded with a fruit hammock just right for you and loads of fun along the way!

10. Hanging Fruit Basket DIY

Make your super fun, highly functional, and great locking hanging fruit basket with this DIY project. If you need help getting accurate measurements, this project will be invaluable! Also, the knot patterns used in this project look so good! Don’t pass up this one even if you’re new to macramé craft.

11. DIY Macrame Hanging Basket

Another mind-blowing macramé fruit hanging basket. Do you have a van home or a motor home? Would you prefer your hammock hanging on the wall rather than having to drill holes into your cabinet or shelf? Make one or several of these beginner macramé  DIY projects. You can hang your fruits and veggies and take them out anytime without bending. These can be hung on your kitchen wall, in your pantry, or pretty much anywhere! Plus, it’s so charming!

12. Macrame Hanging Basket DIY

What can your macramé cord, a simple hook, and your Lark head knotting ability do for you? A beautiful, easy-to-make hanging fruit basket. It’s terrific on many grounds. Your fruits are exposed to air, not taking up counter space and just hanging nicely by the wall. (Maybe, don’t walk by the wall too often, eh?). Enjoy yourself with this simple macramé project. It’s also easy to remove as well.

13. How To Make A Fruit Basket With Macrame 

Do you need help making your macramé mesh net? This easy-to-follow, quick and simple DIY project will help you achieve your macramé goals. All you need is a basic knowledge of how to make a Lark’s head knots and square knots, and you’re good to go!

14. Macrame Fruit Hammock DIY

Are you a macramé enthusiast looking for DIY projects to help hone your skills? Then you should attempt this project. Apart from being super trendy, there are lots of free macramé patterns to learn. Also, don’t worry about how you’ll get your measurements correct. This project helps you with that, too!

15. Easy Crotchet Mini Hammock

Are you tired of your original macramé fruit hammock? Why not put your crotchet skills to the test by making this functional but classy-looking mini hammock. You can use it to store fruits, toilet paper, stuffed animals, or whatever else you want. If crocheting is something you enjoy more than macramé, then you should knock yourself out with this one. 


These projects are great because you can learn how to macramé with them and still make pretty beautiful and functional hammocks for seating, your cats, supplies, fruits, and veggies. 

What’s more? Macrame itself is an enjoyable craft that helps you relax and think through things clearly and objectively. Not to mention that the thrill you feel after making something new, no matter how small, makes you feel better. The fact that macramé projects are so inexpensive also adds to their allure. 

Plus, all you need to do when you want to clean your macramé hammock is remove/uninstall it, put it into the water, and mildly massage it in some detergent. Be careful to leave the edges out of the water. Although most of the projects featured in this article are beginner macramé projects, you can give yourself a fun challenge by adding more knot patterns and seeing what you’d come up with. 

Finally, remember that you don’t have to drill your hammock into the cabinet, especially if you’re about to move or live in a rental. Just use some Velcro strips or command hooks. But be sure to test their strengths first.

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