14 DIY Macrame Hanging Chair Projects For Relaxation

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DIY Macrame Hanging Chair

Macrame is one of the most versatile art forms to learn. It’s cheap, requires no special tools, and can be done just about anywhere. You can use macrame to decorate your home, sew clothing, create accessories, and even make art…it’s really up to your creativity! 

With this guide, you can learn how to make your own Macrame Hanging Chair with ease

Let’s check out the tutorial one after the other and learn different ways to make a DIY macrame hanging chair. 

1. How To Make A Macrame Hanging Chair 

This first macrame hanging Chair we will learn is made from 2 circle rings D (one of 80cm and 60cm), 300 Myers macrame cord, ruler, and scissors. 

The first thing we need to do is to cover both rings with a macrame cord.  Then, start the bottom of the chair by arranging 16 cords of two different colors in alternating order with a lark’s head knot. Once all the 16 cords are arranged in a small circle, start weaving them together using double half hitch knots. 

2. DIY Boho Macrame Chair 

To make this boho macrame chair, you need to start by making the chair frame. The frame is a wooden square box made from 4 dowels. The square was put together with a biscuit joint; 2 holes were drilled on each of the dowel pieces. 1 hole serves as the joinery where the dowels were joined together. 

Once the frame is done, hang it to the wall and start weaving the macrame knot for the seat of the chair. 

3. How To Make A Macrame Swing 

To make this macrame swing you need two metal rings D of 60 cm and 40cm. The instructor started by making the top part which will be attached to the ceiling. 

Here is how he made the top part;

He gathered some rope up to 6 of them. Attach 2 other ropes to them using the lark’s head knot. With the 2 ropes, he started to weave square knots around the 6 ropes. Once he’s done, he folded the square knots and tied them into a loop. 

4. How To Make A Hanging Macrame Chair 

This hanging macrame chair was made from 2 copper frames. The seat was made from 23×23″ square, and the piece that gives support along the back is 25×42 “. 

The main reason behind this copper female is because it is sturdy but not many people can get access to soldering tools or even know how to solder. If you fall in this category, you can use PVC pipe. It is quite sturdy as well. 

5. DIY Macrame Hammock Chair

A Macrame hanging chair is a very good project you can work on over the weekend. Though it is not very easy yet it is not very tough.  You should be able to complete it with a few instructions, even if you’re a beginner. 

In this guide, the macrame chair was made from a round chair. She cut off the legs of the chair and spray painted the metal ring remaining in white. 

After that, she attached ropes to the ring with a lark’s head knot and started weaning the rope into a different pattern. 

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6. Macrame Hanging Chair DIY

One thing I liked so much about the macrame hanging Chair is that it can be outdoors and indoors. Whichever place you choose to hang your macrame chair it will always be amazing.

This outdoor macrame chair uses two metal rings of different sizes. The smaller ring is used for the seat while the larger ring is used as support from the back to the front. 

Both rings were covered with a macrame cord. After that, some macrame cords were attached to each of the rings and that was used to weave knots around each ring. 

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7. DIY Macrame Hammock Chair

Would you like to have a macrame chair, with this free DIY tutorial you should be able to make one? This macrame chair uses an old chair frame. Paint all the frames into blame to give it a brand new look. Leave it to dry, once it is dried, attach cords to it using a lark’s head knot. Start making square knots with a cord. 

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8. Macrame Swing Hanging Chair 

To make this swing hanging chair you need a 6mm macrame cord, ruler, scissors, and wooden dowel. Cut the cord into pieces 7.5m long and attach it to the wooden dowel. On the pieces attached to the dowel, fold other pieces and start attaching them with a lark’s head knot. After that, use a square knot to weave all the cords together. 

9. How To Make A Macrame Swing 

This diy macrame hanging chair is amazing, strong, and lovely. The materials required for the macrame swing include a pair of swing connectors, a 3mm macrame cord, wooden beads, masking tape, and a wooden board. 

Let’s see the method used in making it; 

Take one swing connector and attach some cords to it using a lark’s head knot. With the cords, make spiral square knots. Repeat the process for the second swing connector. Divide the remaining cord from the spiral knot into 4 and make sure knots with each part. Placing one wooden bead in every 5 square knots. 

10. How To Make A Hammock Chair 

Are you wondering how you can make a hammock chair? Here is a tutorial for you to learn. The most essential part of a macrame hammock chair is the macrame cord. Get one from the store and cut it into 30 pieces, each 20 feet long. The cord is 3mm in thickness. 

Other materials needed for the hammock chair include 2 strips of cardboards (1 inch long), 2 metal rings, 48 inches dowel,  wooden closet rod 38″ long, and hardware such as J hooks and caps. 

11. DIY Macrame Hanging Chair 

The first thing you need to do to make this macrame hanging chair yours is to gather the materials. The materials required include cotton cord, scissors, hook, metal rings, and wood for the sling. Once all these are in place, you can get to work.

Here are some steps in making the hanging chair; 

Cover both metal rings with a cotton cord. Make some square knots around up to 6 long cotton cords. Make sure the number is the square knot is even such that when folded it will form a loop. After that, use a gathering knot to hold the fold. 

12. Hanging Chair Macrame

For this macrame chair, you will need the following supplies; 16 6mm cotton twist cord (8.5m long), 2 12mm cotton twist cord ( one of 5m and 6m long), 2 51mm hardwood dowels ( 740mm long), 1 38mm hardwood dowel (610mm long), 25mm copper tubing, 4 4mm brass wood screws, 1 stainless screw hook, 2 screw hooks with rope, 1 brass marine snap hook, brass tube, saw, metal saw, drill press, drill bits ( 25mm, 19mm, 11mm, and 3mm), scissors, and masking tape. 

Click the link below for more details about the DIY hanging chair. 

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13. How To Make a Macrame Baby Swing 

The total cost of this macrame baby swing is $4. Here is how to go about it; Get the following supplies; wooden board, 4mm macrame cord, wooden dowels, measuring tape, scissors, and wire thimble. 

The wire thimble will serve as the hanger. Gather some ropes of the same length and wrap them around the groove on the thimble. Add glue to it to make the rope stay close and tight. 

14. Macrame Hanging Chair For Cat 

Do you need a resting hammock for your cat? If yes, then DIY macrame hanging chairs for cats should interest you. The tutorial is straightforward and allows you to learn at your own pace. 

4 different types of knots were used in this cat hanging chair aside from the lark’s head knot used in attaching the ropes to the wood. 

The first is the double half hitch knot which was used for the top of the macrame weave. The second one is a barrel knot that runs through the middle of the macrame ropes. The third one is a square knot which was used to join each rope together and connect the circle. The last knot is the gathering knot which allows you to gather the ropes and tie them at the end of the project.


There you have it! 14 DIY macrame hanging chairs. DIY  is very easy to learn and makes the project even easier. The macrame hanging chairs are not expensive and can be done over the weekend so you don’t have to worry about your precious time.  You should see our other article on DIY macrame wall hanging patterns.

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