10 DIY Macrame Headboard Projects: Do It Yourself Easily!

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How many times have you woken up hungover and wished there was a ready solution for your hangover? Now you can DIY-Macrame it! The instructions for this macrame headboard are easy, provided in 10 steps and a,b,c format to make all the necessary knots. These DIY macrame headboard projects are perfect for any room in the house or dorm room. 

Macrame is the perfect way to turn a boring headboard into a stylish one. The work looks complex, but it’s really simple and versatile. Although it takes time to learn, there are many ways to use macrame for decorating. Simply follow along as we show you 10 different ways to make a headboard today, and don’t forget to share your results with your friends. 

1. How To DIY Macrame Headboard 

Making a macrame headboard requires a lot of time and patience since you’ll be working with very long ropes. If the needed care is not taken all the ropes can get tangled in each other and slow down your work. 

Among the materials required is a rope, you can use a cotton rope (it’s super effective but expensive) but if you’re on a budget, you can just go for a clothesline. Other materials needed include two long sticks/pole/rod, scissors, cords, and your knowledge of making simple macrame knots. Once you gather all these materials, the next thing to do is to cut the cords for the back/base piece of the headboard. 

2. DIY Macrame Headboard For Beginners 


Here is a simple macrame headboard design for beginners. The only knot required for this headboard is square knots aside from the lark’s head knots used to attach the ropes to the rods.  However, you should be able to tie these knots which are the most basic out of all the macrame knots. You can follow the instructor in the video and practice square knots as she’s doing. The number of knots required is not much and perhaps the difficult part of the project is while unraveling the rope. This can take a long time because the ropes are long. 

3. Macrame Headboard DIY 

If you have a headboard frame already, that can make your work easier. If you can take off all the designs on the frame, go ahead and take them off. Then, cut some ropes twice the length of the frame and attach them to the top of the frame using lark’s head knots. After that, make square knots across the first row. While making the square knots, ensure the ropes are connecting. 

After making the first line of square knots, take the two middle ropes and cross them around the middle pole of the frame, so that you’ll have the opposite rope on one side. Now, start making double hitch knots with the opposite rope. 

4. How To Make A Macrame Headboard 

Here is a great design of a macrame headboard that can be made for large bed size. The major knot used in this guide is square knots and diagonal double half hitch knots. If you don’t know how to tie these knots, this video tutorial will guide you on how to make one through a practical illustration of the knots. 

The color of the rope used is very cool and beautiful, so you can use any color that suits your preference. Check the link below for more information about the macrame headboard. 

5. DIY Macrame Ribbon Headboard

DIY Macrame Headboard

This macrame ribbon headboard is made by building the headboard frame first. Then cover it with a ribbon. The frame is made out of 8-foot furring strips. However, if you want a higher quality frame you can use 1×2″ wood. After building the frame, poke holes around it and use a skewer to drive the ribbon into the holes. For the patterns formed by the ribbon, you can see that by checking up this guide. sawdustgirl

6. Custom Macrame Headboard Idea For Inspiration

DIY Macrame Headboard

The pattern of this macrame headboard uses only diagonal double half hitch knots alone. The pattern looks simple and classic, it involves making four rows of two diagonal double half hitch knots facing one another. And connecting these layers. You read through this guide to understand the pattern better. Once you’re done with the pattern, you can comb out the cords to have all the strands in the cords. housesparrownesting

7. Large Macrame Headboard 

You can sketch the pattern of the wall hanging out and make a sheet of paper so that you have a clear picture of what you want to make. This can make your work easier and faster. After having the pattern, gather the following materials: 5mm cords, scissors, 7ft wood, and three pieces of dowel (4.7 feet long). 

Once you have all the materials, cut 76 cords with 16ft length each and attach them to the wooden dowel using lark’s head knots. Now, make a row of double half hitch knots across the rope of the cords and follow it with square knots. 

8. DIY Macrame Headboard 

When you’re making a large macrame craft, you need a large number of macrame cords to go with it. In this video tutorial, the instructor uses a bundle of macrame cords that has up to 328 yards of cords in it. 

This allows you to have all your cords coming from the same source. After cutting all the cords required, attach them to a wooden dowel with lark’s head knots. Then, hang the dowel and attach another piece of cord to the end of the dowel. This cord will be used to double half hitch knots across the first row of the cords. 

9. Modern Macrame Headboard 

You should always ensure the length of your cords are more than the length of the headboard you want to make because the cords become shorter as you’re making the knots. For this headboard, you need 36 cords with 10ft length. Attach all the 36 cords to a rod using a lark’s head knots and hang it. Then, get a filler cord (a cord to tie knots with), and start making double Clove hitch knots. The reason why you need a filler cord is so that all the 36 cords rhyme and moderate. 

10. DIY Macrame Headboard – Layered 

The first pattern you need to make for this small macrame headboard uses a clove with a square knot inside it. You can make the clove by making two diagonal double half hitch knots face each other. Then, make a Square knot at the center of the two diagonals. Now, make another two diagonal double half hitch knots facing each other but this time both will be facing up (closing on the square knot with the first diagonal knots).


Macrame headboard is a big project that requires much time and patience because of its length. However, it is easy to make once you have the time, patience, and the basic knowledge of macrame knots. Some of the basic knots required include lark’s head knots which can be used to attach ropes or cords to the hanger; others include square knots, double hitch knots, and diagonal double half hitch knots. 

The list of materials is available for each guide and the most essential material is always a rope/cords. You can use a cotton cord or any other types of rope you can find. Note; if you’re on a budget, it is not advisable to use a cotton cord because it is expensive. 

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