20 DIY Macrame Jewelry Ideas For Novices – Do It Yourself!

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diy macrame jewelry

Ever heard of DIY macrame jewelry? Well, I am about to share some fantastic ideas. Macrame is an incredibly gorgeous knotting technique that can impress anyone that sees it. Anyone has the ability to make their own macrame accessories, among the macrame accessories that attract people mostly, especially women is the macrame jewelry. 

Making macrame jewelry allows you to be creative about your fashion items. Also, it makes the jewelry stand out as it incorporates all the criteria that are particular to you. Check out these 20 DIY Macrame Jewelry below. 

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1. How To Make Macrame Bracelet 

Sometimes we choose to make what we wear on our hands by ourselves with a couple of materials. It feels better than buying a bracelet from the stores. It is a good gift to give out to friends and families as well. 

All you need to make this macrame bracelet include waxed thread and beads. Though the bead is an option, if you want to use it, you must find beads that are wide enough for 2 threads to go through at the same time. 

2. DIY Macrame Jewelry | Earrings 

The method used to weave the threads together here is amazing. Cut a small circle from cardboard. Make a small slit at the edges of the circle and a small hole at the center. Cut the cords as shown in this video and fold them in the middle. 

Attach the eye hook to the center and put it through the small hole on the cardboard. Now, separate the cords and put them in the slit. Then, start weaving the cords together with the help of the circle. Once you have a preferred length of the weave, remove it and cut some of the excess cords. Now, attach earring hooks and your earrings are ready. 

3. DIY Macrame Necklace 

If you have every other necklace in your jewelry box (store-bought or homemade) then there is this macrame necklace that is missing so grab some wax cords, stone, and beads and work with them to add this beauty to your jewelry box. It is beautiful and fun to work on. Here is the link to the full tutorial below. 

4. DIY Popular Macrame Earrings 

If you strive for simplicity and style all together then these popular macrame earrings are all you’ve been looking for. All you need is cotton cords and earrings of your preferred size. Cut 3 long cords and fold them in the middle. Attach them to the earrings using a lark’s head knot. Once they are intact, you can start the real knots for the earrings. 

5. How To Make Macrame Jewelry | Earrings 

See here how to make macrame earrings using some earrings accessories and macrame cords. The earring accessories needed include large hoops, Jump rings, and earring hooks. Fixing these materials is very simple but once you start attaching the cotton cord/ macrame cords to the hooks you need to be very careful and patient to make it nice.  You need a different understanding of knots to attach the cords. 

6. Simple DIY Macrame Necklace

DIY Macrame Jewelry

Using photos to illustrate a craft is quite fascinating and informative! This guide illustrates the steps you need to take to make this beautiful macrame necklace. All you need for the necklace include macrame string, copper chain, 2 jump rings, lobster clasp, small beads for additional decor, clipboard to hold down the lobster clasp, scissors, and pliers. 

The only type of knot required for the necklace is square knots and it is very amazing and beautiful. Click the link below to see the photo illustration and start working on your necklace. 

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7. Easy Macrame Crystal Pendant

DIY Macrame Jewelry

If you strive for class and style, the uniqueness of this crystal pendant will give you class, style, and every other thing in them. They look pretty on any outfit you want to rock them on. All you need is a thread/cord, scissors, a crystal of any shape and size, and glue. 

Cut out 4 strands of cords, take out one of the cords and measure it to fit the base of the crystal. Fold the measurement into a loop and attach the other 3 cords to the loop with lark’s head knots. Split each cord into strands and make an overhand knot with neighboring strands. See the link below for the full tutorial on how to make the pretty crystal pendant. 

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8. DIY Woven Macrame Bracelet

DIY Macrame Jewelry

All you need to make this colorful macrame bracelet include 0.8mm nylon knotting cords, dark gold embroidery floss, tape, scissors, lighter, and super glue. Once you have all of these things, you’re halfway done.  Cut two pieces from the knotting cord (a 16″ and a 24″), repeat the process for the gold embroidery floss. Now make a knot at the end of the embroidery floss to prevent it from fraying. Then, gather all 4 ends of the cords and make one big knot with them and tape them down.

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9. Beautiful DIY Macrame Necklace Jewelry

DIY Macrame Jewelry

When it comes to choosing materials for your macrame jewelry, you have few options. Nevertheless, everybody makes their necklace differently, as the preference varies. Among the few materials are essential macrame cord, beads or crystal for additional decoration and clamp to hold down the cord while working on the necklace, and a pair of scissors for cutting. 

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10. DIY Dyed Macrame Necklace

macrame necklace diy

You will need a fabric dye, cotton string, and a pair of leather lace for this macrame necklace. The fabric dye will be used to decorate the bottom part of the necklace when everything is done. The leather lace serves as the chain and the cotton string is used to make a macrame pendant. See the link below for the full tutorial. 

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11. DIY Boho Style Earrings 

Boho style earrings are the new trend in the world of jewelry. Therefore, to follow the trend you must have one of these macrame boho style earrings. You will need different colors of macrame cords for the craft, large hoops, and earring hooks. It doesn’t require so much work or knots. The knots required are the lark’s head knot to attach the cords to the hoops, and a normal knot to tie the cords to the other side of the hoops. 

12. Adjustable Macrame Bracelet 

Your beautiful wrist deserves this simple adjustable macrame bracelet made with nylon cotton cords, beads, pendant (optional), jump rings, one letter bead, and lighter. The bracelet has a sliding knot that allows it to fit any size of wrist. 

It is very simple to make all you need to do is to pass the cord through the letter bead and the crystal. The only knot that is needed for the bracelet is the sliding square knots at the end of the cord. 

13. DIY Macrame Necklace 

To get the pattern of this macrame necklace, a small wooden hoop is used to hold the macrame cords at the center. Attach the cords to the wooden hoop with the lark’s head knot till ¾ part of the hoop is covered with cords. Make square knots with every 4 pieces of cord. After the square knots, all other knots that remain till the end of the necklace are double half hitch knots. 

14. Easy Teardrop Macrame Earrings 

If you want to make macrame earrings as a beginner, these teardrop macrame earrings are the best place for your start. All you need include a waxed polyester cord, jump rings, earring hooks, and seed beads. See the link below to learn how to put all the materials together to make the earrings. 

15. Semi Circle Macrame Earring 

All you need for these semi-circle macrame earrings include wood semi-circle pieces, a macrame cord, pet brush, sharp scissors, and earring hooks. To reduce the thickness of the cord, split each cord into 2 by opening the twist. Then, attach each half of the cord to the semi-circle piece with a lark’s head knot. 

16. How To Make A Sliding Macrame Bracelet

Sliding macrame bracelets are among the easiest macrame crafts you can try your hands on, even if you’re a beginner. It doesn’t require so much. All you need to do is to gather the beads or crystal you want to use, get a rope and string the beads on the rope. With different colors of rope, make a moderate length of the square knot and attach it to the end of the bracelet rope. 

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17. Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

DIY Macrame Jewelry

Here is another type of sliding macrame bracelet! This is quite different from the one above in that this one requires a square knot before and after each bead. Also, the sliding square knot is not made from different colors of rope, it is made with the same color and size of rope as the bracelet. 

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18. DIY Gemstone Necklace

diy macrame

See here for an easy way to make a macrame necklace with gemstones. The process is very simple and classic. Cut a long rope and fold it in half. Starting from the loop, make an overhand knot with the cord to have a wide area that can accommodate the size of the gemstone you want to use. 

Once the gemstone is inside the overhand webbing, make a simple knot around the end and close it with 2 beds. Now, go ahead and make a basic knot at the end of the rope and your necklace is ready. 

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19. DIY Cowry Shell Macrame Jewelry

diy macrame

Cowry shell macrame jewelry is the perfect definition of style. It sits beautifully on your neck. All you need for the cowry shell include cowrie shells, nylon knotting cord, 4mm gold seed beads, scissors, lighter, large eye sewing needle, washi tape, tape measure, beading awl. 

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20. How To Macrame A Hemp Bracelet

DIY Macrame Jewelry

If all you want is a beautiful accessory to punctuate your pretty wrist, this macrame hemp bracelet will be the best piece of jewelry perfect for that effect. All you need is a hemp cord, beads, tape, scissors, glue, and a clipboard to hold down the cord (it is optional). Check the link below for the full details of the hemp bracelet.

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Macrame is a form of braiding that uses small pieces of material to create interesting patterns, usually for decorative purposes. This craft is used in all sorts of places, but is most commonly seen in home decor. Macrame patterns are relatively simple, which is what makes them so appealing. These DIY macrame ideas are perfect if you want to give macramé jewelry-making a try!

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