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diy macrame keychain

There are many reasons why you need to make a customized/ handmade keychain; it might be to change your long overdue keychain, decorate your backpack and purse, or give it out as a gift and so many others. All these are what you can make use of keychains for.

However, making a DIY macrame keychain is now another craft on its own that needs you to learn some techniques of knotting before venturing into it. Though, the technique is not very difficult but tactful. Check out the macrame keychain patterns below. 

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1. DIY Keychain Macrame 

The wait is over! Get your key an amazing keychain and stop misplacing it every other time. To make this keychain is very simple, even if you’ve never heard about a half hitch knot before/ clove hitch which is the knot needed for the keychain. 

Once you watch this tutorial you will practically learn how to make the knot that dominates half of the keychain. The materials required include a 3mm macrame cord, scissors for cutting, keychain ring, macrame brush, and clipboard to hold the keychain ring down to make the knots. 

2. DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial 

Making a diagonal clove hitch knot is very amazing and beautiful especially for keychains. However, for beginners, it can be a little bit tricky, but once you made it through your first knot you’re good to go. Cut your 3mm braided cotton cord into your desired length and attach them to a swivel clasp keyring with a lark’s head knot. See the link below to learn how to make the diagonal clove hitch knot and the lark’s head knot. 

3. How To Make A Macrame Keychain 

Make all the cuttings before you start anything. Determine the preferred length of the keychain and cut the twisted cord with the measurement. Once you’re done cutting all the cords required, take the keychain ring and attach them to it using a lark’s head knot. 

If you’re hearing a lark’s head knot for the first time. Here is how to make the knot: take a cord at a time, fold the cord in the middle, and put the loop of the folded cord through the keychain ring. Then, gather both ends of the cord and put them through the loop that appears behind the keychain ring. Now, draw the end till you have a tight knot around the keychain. 

4. DIY Macrame Tassel Keychain 

This macrame tassel keychain is what should be called everything class. One thing that amazes me is how the tassel blends well with the rows of macrame knots. All the knots required to achieve this effect include wrapping knot, overhand knot, lark’s head knot, and crown knot. A tutorial on how to make each knot is available by watching the video below.  

5. Easy Macrame Keychain Tutorial

DIY Macrame Keychain

If you’re a big fan of craft, this macrame keychain is one thing you should add to your long list of beautiful crafts. All you need is a macrame cord, rit dye, wood tag, clasp keychain, and paint/vinyl. The rit dye is what gives the macrame cord the amazing color you can see above. You need rose pink, fascial, and wine Color of rit dye. Each color for each key chain. Cut 6 macrame cords and put 2 each inside each color of dye. 

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6. How To Make A Simple Macrame Keychain

DIY Macrame Keychain

You need types of knots to make this amazing macrame keychain. Asides from using it as a keychain, you can give it as a gift by spicing the lookup with some coloring. It will look better to have 2 different colors on it, for instance, the Color of the macrame cord and another Color at the bottom part of the keychain. Click the link below to learn more about the macrame keychain. 

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7. DIY Beads And Macrame Keychain

DIY Macrame Keychain

There are many ways to style a macrame keychain using wooden beads, natural cotton piping cord, embroidery floss/yarn, and small rubber bands. See the link below to learn how to make the basic knots required for these macrame keychains. 

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8. Macrame Keychain DIY

DIY Macrame Keychain

If you want a beautiful accessory to decorate your purse or bag, this will be the best macrame craft for you. All you need is a twisted cotton cord, scissors, large beads, a lobster clasp keychain ring, and a clipboard to hold down the keychain ring. See the link below for the full tutorial on how to make the macrame keychain. 

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9. Macrame Keychain Pattern 

The most suitable type of knot for the keychain is diagonal double half hitch knots. To get the pattern, you can have a clove or diamond shape, it depends on what you want. Then, a square knot is at the center of the pattern. Click the link to learn how these knots are tied.

10. DIY Macrame Wristlet Keychain 

If you don’t like carrying a purse around and you want something to keep your keys, why don’t you try a wristlet keychain? Aside from the fact that it keeps your key, it also gives you something to hold on to while walking in the street. The most suitable type of knot for a wristlet keychain is a square knot. 

11. DIY Rosebud Macrame Keychain Tutorial 

The Rosebud pattern of this macrame keychain makes it look more adorable. It uses macrame 3mm cords, keychain ring, wooden bead, and scissors for cutting. To learn how to make the rosebud pattern, click the link below and watch the video. 

12. Macrame Keychain Tutorial For Beginners 


If you’re a beginner, a macrame keychain is one of the simplest crafts you can try your hands on. It won’t take much of your time and it is easy. Though you will need to know some basic types of knotting and his to make them before you can make a keychain. But this video tutorial will do all that for you. Click the link and watch

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13. How To Make A Macrame Keychain


See here how to make a super simple pattern for a macrame keychain. All you need are basic materials such as 8 yards of 3mm cotton cord, keychain hardware (lobster clasp claws in bronze), small assorted wooden beads. Cut out 4 pieces of the cord(2 yards). Attach each piece to the keychain ring with the lark’s head knot. After that, you have two types of knots to choose from. You can use a square knot or a twisted half square knot. 

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14. DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain


Yo make this rainbow keychain is very simple more than it seems. You will need paracords. Cut the 3 pieces of paracord and lay it down in the form of a semicircle. Take the cord one after the other and wrap the macrame cord on them with a double half hitch knot. 

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15. How To Make A Cute Macrame Keychain


The simplicity of this keychain attracts me to it. If all you want is a simple craft that is beautiful at the same time, this cute macrame keychain is for you. The knots required to make the cute keychain include a lark’s head knot, a diagonal double half hitch knot to form a clove in the middle, a square knot at the center of the clove, and a wrapping knot to gather the cords together. 

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16. DIY Keychain Macrame

macrame craft

Macrame keychains are amazing gifts you can give to loved ones.it might not necessarily be their birthday or any special occasion, just your token of love to them. Decorate the keychain as you like, make it look adorable. All you need to make a beautiful keychain like those in the picture above include bright-colored macrame cords, swivel keychains, and scissors.

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17. Macrame Paracord Lanyard Keychain 

macrame craft

Here is a beautiful paracord macrame key chain. It looks sturdy and amazing. All you need is 4 pieces of paracord rope, a lobster clasp keychain ring, scissors, and your hands to make the knots. The paracord works beautifully like the macrame cords except that you can make the fringes with the paracord. 

Watch Tutorial

18. Easy Macrame Keychain Tutorial 

To make a macrame keychain, you will need some basic materials such as macrame string, swivel clasp keyring, and macrame brush. Cut out 4 pieces of cord to your desired length and attach them to the swivel clasp with the reverse lark’s head knot (same as cow hitch knot). Divide the cords into 2 and start making rows of diagonal clove hitch knots on each side. Once you have 4 rows, gather the ends of the cords and get another cord to wrap the ends together. 

19. DIY Macrame Leaf Keyring 

See here a beautiful macrame leaf keychain! Making the leaf pattern is the most fascinating part of this DIY project. Here is how to go about the leaf pattern. Get a loop ring and attach one piece of cord on it with a lark’s head knot. 

The cord becomes the filter cord to which other cords will be attached. Now, cut some cords of the same length and fold each piece before setting them down, take 2 of such pieces and use them to make a square knot around the filter pieces. Repeat the process for other cords. 


There you have it! 19 DIY macrame keychain patterns that are very adorable and simple. Being a craft fanatic, I can never have enough pieces to adorn my person. One of my favorite things to create is a cute macrame keychain. They are easy, cheap, and a good way to use up yarn remnants! If you’re looking for a fun project to make using leftover yarn.

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