20 DIY Macrame Light Shade – How To Make A Macrame Light Shade

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Chandeliers signify elegance and class which has a way of illuminating the room as they provide a dramatic effect to the walls, rooms, and ceiling as well. They can be very expensive if purchased. 

This DIY macrame light shade showcases different designs of chandeliers made from just macrame! It will be awesome to realize you can make a chandelier for your home hanging in all glory. Pick up a spool of macrame and let’s get started to make any of these mind-blowing chandeliers that your taste.

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1. Macrame Lamp Shade DIY

DIY macrame lampshade is an amazing craft that is cost-effective. With just a few yards of macrame cords, wooden rings, and scissors, you can make your lampshade. Despite the consumption of time, lampshades are still very effective and are mostly used in our daily lives. Gather these few materials and let’s rock your weekend with this amazing lampshade.  

2. How To Make A Macrame Lamp Shade

Macrame lampshade with soft tassel has a way of adding coolness to the room when lighted up. This particular macrame lampshade makes use of wooden beads to add beauty to your decor. Through this tutorial, you will learn a step by step process on how to make lark knots and how different knots can be changed 

3. Small Macrame Lamp Shade DIY

This is a mini macrame lampshade that is used for tables. The use of wooden beads is also used to make the lampshade shine. This DIY macrame lampshade is very easy and uses a lesser quantity of macrame cord for this project. If procedures are closely followed,  you can be able to make a lampshade for yourself using macrame and lamp ring.

4. DIY Anthropologie Macrame Pendant

Macrame chandelier doesn’t end at lamp ring and macrame, you can make an awesome chandelier with golden beads too! They also add a touch of beauty to your chandelier without ruining the decor. In this tutorial, you will learn how to pass the beads through the macrame without unraveling them. 

5. DIY Macrame Chandelier

DIY Macrame Light Shade

Chandeliers are usually used for ambient lighting. You might not be a chandelier fan but this DIY macrame chandelier will leave you in no option than admiring and loving it. This cute macrame chandelier is very easy and makes use of a lampshade to give your bulb a nice fitting. To get that gorgeous soft tassel look, you have to unravel the rope and iron it to make it look straighter.

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6. How To Make A Macrame Lamp Shade

DIY Macrame Light Shade

This is an awesome macrame chandelier that can be used as home decor. With the use of a few knots which you will learn through this step-by-step guide, you will finally be able to make a DIY macrame chandelier to light up your home. This easy project cost almost nothing to get and be done in just an hour!

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7. DIY Macrame Light Shade

DIY Macrame Light Shade

Make this Chandelier differently in wonderful designs. Through this tutorial, you can be able to make a macrame chandelier made of macrame and lamp rings. Its process is quite easy and does not require too many yards 

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8. How To Make A Macrame Pendant Light

DIY Macrame Light Shade

Macrame looks far better in chandeliers and the perfect charm is that you can make one for yourself at home during the weekends or holidays. Macrame chandeliers can come in different shapes as well as different designs and colors. Using a LED bulb that is 2.5 watts or less you can finally make a DIY macrame chandelier through this simple guide and process.

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9. DIY Macrame Light Shade

Chandeliers have always been a symbol of opulence and elegance. That is why they are mainly used in events, balls, and hotels. We all admire chandeliers because of their significance and class. It is super awesome to realize that you can make a mouth-watering chandelier from just macrame! With different knots, you can finally make your chandelier that will leave your room fascinating.

10. How To Make A Macrame Chandelier

Most times, our macrame chandelier depends on the size and type of our lamp ring. This DIY macrame chandelier showcases two different types of chandeliers to give you an idea. This macrame chandelier is made of a two and three-story chandelier with gorgeous soft tassels. The use of a square knot is important for this particular method.

11. How To Make A Macrame Lampshade

Lampshades can be in different sizes depending on your size of lamp and you can also use different designs for your lampshade. In this DIY, Lark, square and double hitch knot was used to make this awesome craft for your home decor. 

This step-by-step tutorial will enable you to make a macrame lampshade with ease. You can start making preparations for your macrame because we are going to be using many of them.

12. DIY Macrame Light Shade For Beginners

This macrame lampshade is suitable for beginners and does not require too many knots like any other lampshade. Wooden ring, macrame, and scissors are all you need to complete this wonderful craft. Measurements are very important in every craft art, especially as a beginner that is why it is advisable that before you commence any craft you have to take appropriate measurements with a tape measure to avoid mistakes.

13. DIY Macrame Lampshade Fringe

DIY Macrame Light Shade

Tying to make a chandelier might seem difficult for you but making a lampshade fringe sounds more like what you can do. Lampshade fringe isn’t a hard task and it is not time consumable as expected. lighting is the quickest way to change the mood of the room and beads can also be added to your fringe to give your room a more refined look when lighted up. Through this simple procedure, your room will finally have a taste of what you’ve been longing for.

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14. DIY Macrame Hanging Chandelier Lampshade

DIY Macrame Light Shade

We have always wanted our homes to look great and that happens to be everyone else wish. Using just a LED bulb to light up your house isn’t so amazing and still gives your house a boring look no matter the decoration.

 The hanging chandelier has its way of brightening the whole room as well as giving your house a great look. Gather up a few yards of macrame and let’s get started on this wonderful adventure on how to make your house shine brightly with just macrame!

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15. DIY Woven Lamp Shade

DIY Macrame Light Shade

One perfect charm about DIY is that they make use of things that are considered trash and recycle them into something cute and amazing. This woven lampshade is made from an old rusty lampshade and macrame. 

You might have a lampshade in your trash or otherwise, consider getting them at a store which will cost almost nothing to get and add glory to your room through this guide. It is an easy project and might consume a little more of your time but the result is lovely.

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16. DIY Boho Fringe Lamp Shade

DIY Macrame Light Shade

Have you ever checked how much money can go for a lampshade? They cost a whole lot of money which sounds very discouraging to purchase. With a bit of time, you can create your lampshade in your choice of color combo. They might look like a difficult task but this particular lampshade is very easy and does different knots which fits your place as a beginner. Hurry, get a macrame and a lamp ring and let’s get started for this exciting craft that will leave your room bright and colored.

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17. DIY Macrame Light Cover

Chandelier hits differently in colored macrame. Using a color that matches your room or house is purely advisable. This macrame feather chandelier is a wonderful craft that requires just a macrame and a lamp ring. The step-by-step tutorial will help you make a perfect macrame chandelier even as a beginner. The knots used for this DIY are very easy and well explained. Give your home wonderful decor through this easy guide


18. DIY Macrame Table Lampshade

Lampshade makes your room look cool but macrame lampshade adds total beauty to your room and makes it noticeable without taking all the attention in your room. Using macrame in any interior style will look amazing that is why macrame lampshade still looks better even on the table. Improve the taste of your room through these easy DIY tutorials.

19. DIY Macrame Chandelier

A chandelier can also be used as lampshades and you can keep all the rooms at home bright and colored with different lampshades made from macrame. This macrame lampshade uses just a particular type of knot which makes it beginner’s friendly and easy to make. The steady repetition of knots makes it very easy to follow without causing mistakes.

20. DIY Macrame Feather Chandelier

Adding a chandelier to your room showcases its full potential thereby beautifying your home. Macrame feather chandelier is a wonderful project but it is time consumable because you have to put in some time in trying to make the feathers. This chandelier is made from macrame and lamp ring which leaves your home brightened when lighted up.

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