20 DIY Macrame Pot Hanger Ideas That Everyone Loves

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DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

Flowers and plants can brighten up our home and garden. But most of us don’t have a green thumb. If you put your flowers on the ground, it will be easier for them to die. But with a DIY macrame pot hanger, your blooms will live longer and look better. 

If you want to add a Macrame pot hanger to your home, but don’t know where to start- this is the post for you. Here is a wide selection of styles and designs and in many colors and materials. Thank me later.

1. DIY Macrame Pot Hanger  

To make a macrame plant hanger, you need something to hg the macramé to the hook running from the stud. In this video, the instructor uses a wooden ring but you can use any other ring like a metal ring. Attach the ring to the hook and start preparing the cords for the macrame.

For the macrame;

Cut 8 pieces of macrame cord to your desired length. Gather the 8 pieces and pull them through the ring on the hook. Pull through the cords until both ends match. Then, some inches below the ring gather the cords and tie another cord tightly around that area. Once that is done, you can start dividing the cords into 4 and start the square knot.

2. DIY Macrame Pot Hanger For Plant 

The materials needed for this macrame pot hanger include cotton cords, strings, measuring tape, scissors, and masking tape. 

With the measuring tape, measure the length of the cord, make sure it is long enough to be folded into 8 pieces. Gather the entire fold and tie the top of the pieces into a loop. After that, move some inches down the cords and start making the basic knot with 2 cords at a time.

3. Macrame Plant Hanger DIY  From Old Shirt

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

This Macrame pot hanger DIY was done with an old shirt. I think this is a great idea. With this tutorial, you might not need to leave your home in search of supplies as most of the supplies used are things that can be easily found at home. 

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4. How To Make A Macrame Pot Hanger 

This macrame pot hanger uses basically the half spiral knot (half-square knots) and the normal gathering knot. 

Here is how to start the knots; get 4 pieces of cords, with 2 longer than the other 2. Pull them through the ring and start making the half spiral knot with the two longer cords across the two shorter cords. 

When you reach a certain length, stop the knots and divide the cords into two; each part has 4 cords. With each part start by making square knots. Start attaching cords to both sides of the cords. 

5. Macrame Pot Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

For this macrame pot hanger, you need 36 cords, 10 feet long. To make this happen, you need to find two objects which are 10 feet apart,  that you can wrap the macrame cord around. Wrap the cord around the objects 18 times. 

Remove the cord and cut it into two from both loops making 36 pieces of cord needed. The next thing is to hang the cords and start weaving the knots. 

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6. Braided Macrame Pot Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

This pretty spider plant looks really beautiful from above.  If you have such a flower and you don’t have anything to hang it or you can’t go to the store to buy a hanger, this is for you. It is very cheap since you do not need many materials. All you need is twine, scissors, and a metal ring. 

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7. Macrame Pot Hanger For Beginners

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

The 4 wooden beads used in this macrame pot hanger are to decorate the hanger. The knot used in the making is just the normal knot everybody knows, so you don’t have to worry. 

Get some cords, wooden beads, a metal ring/ wooden ring, and scissors. 

Cut the cords to your desired length. Pull them through the metal ring. Separate them into groups of two and put the wooden bead into one of the cords and knot both cords. 

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8. Jute Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

The design of this macrame pot hanger is quite fascinating. From the top, there is the hanging loop that attaches the hanger to the ceiling, then, the hanging cords that were pulled through the loop. A metal ring was attached to the top of the pot. After that are the beautifully weaved square knots holding the pot.  The bottom knot prevents the pot from sliding down. The hanging bits below the bottom knot are for decoration.  

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9. DIY Flower Pot Macrame Hanger 

Are you wondering how you can hang your plant on the ceiling? You don’t have to worry, with this simple flower pot macrame hanger, you will be able to fulfill your wish.

Here are some materials you will need; jute rope, an old candle holder. 

You also need 8 pieces of twine. Each piece must be of the same length. After that, gather the edges of the twines and tie a knot at the bottom. After the knot, spread the twines at the bottom of a pot and use this as a guide to know where to start from.

10. How To Make A Macrame Pot Hanger 

To make this macrame pot hanger, you need 4 pairs of rope hanged with a lark’s head knot. Divide the pairs into two and start making square knits with 4 pieces of ropes at a time. Once the square knot is done, close it with a gathering knot and you’re good to go. 

11. Macrame Plant Hanger 

For this macrame plant hanger, you need 1 metal ring, 8 pieces of cords 160cm long and 2.5mm thick, scissors, and a potted plant. It uses a lark’s head knot, spiral knot, square knot, and diagonal double half hitch knot. 

12. How To Make A Macrame Hanger For Pot 

This macrame pot holder is simply amazing. It is very easy and fun to work on. It uses square knots, gathering knots, and lark’s head knots. Watch the video tutorial to learn more about the potholder. 

13. How To Make A Macrame Flower Pot Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

How do I make a macrame pot hanger? If you find yourself asking yourself that question frequently, that means you really need to know how to make a macrame pot hanger. This tutorial tells us you need to make one amazing macrame pot yourself. All you need include the following few materials; a macrame cord, scissors, wooden dowel, and ruler. 

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14. DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

This is quite a quick and easy project that can not take up to an hour of your time. Here is how to put this together. 

Decide on the location you want to place your hanging pot. Clear the site and drive 4 dowels into the ground. Make the rope of the dowels form an X shape ( alternating each other) then place another dowel in between the alternating dowels. 

Hang 4 cords on the dowels and use that to weave a small square but scattered knot around the pot.

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15. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

If you’re a lover of macrame, an additional macrame craft shouldn’t be a bad idea. Let’s see what you will need to have this lovely pot hanger. 

First, you need to know how to knit basic square knots to get the pattern used in this craft. Then you need some supplies which include a 3mm macrame cord, scissors, potted plant, tape, and ruler or measuring tape. 

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16. Macrame Pot Holder DIY

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

You can make this macrame pot hanger with just 4 materials; macrame string, scissors, cloth hanger, and tape. 

Place the cloth hanger on the wall and start hanging the macrame strings on it. After that, make a half square knot/special knot with 4 groups of cords. 

Once the hanging cords reach where you want, separate each 4 group cord into 2 and start making square knots with alternating cords. 

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17. DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger

Here’s another beautiful DIY macrame pot hanger on our list. I think the use of pink threading is amazing! You can use whatever color you like. The making process of this is quite easy to follow and you should be done in no time. 

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18. DIY Macrame Flower Planter 

The first knot you need to make for this macrame flower planter is the normal gathering knot. To make the knot, hang 6 ropes to a hook and make sure all the ends are equal. Then, take another rope and make a small loop with it. 

Place the loop where you want the knot to be and wrap the other end of the rope around the loop tightly. Once you’re satisfied with the number of wraps, pull the end of the rope through the loop and put the top of the loop. 

19. DIY Macrame Pot Holder With Floral Design 

For this floral design macrame pot holder, you need the following materials;6 mm macrame role, iron ring, and scissors.

Attach 6 macrame cords to the iron ring using the lark’s head knot. Then, take 2 pairs( 4 cords in total) from the middle and start weaving squares not from there. Repeat the process for the remaining 4 pairs.


20. Macrame Planter Hanger For Beginners 

This video tutorial is suitable for beginners. The instructor gives detailed instructions on the step-by-step process of making every knot used in the craft. The macrame planter hanger uses square knots and lark’s head knot alone. 


There you have it! 20 different DIY macrame pot hangers that are really easy and fun to work on. We have come to the end of this article. Thanks for stopping by and reading up until this moment. You are special to us, but just before you leave, kindly share this article with your friends and family.

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