20 DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain Ideas: Your First Easy DIY!

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Ever thought about making a DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain? You’re in the right place. We all know what it’s like to lose our keys. We end up late, annoyed, and then frantic searching never seems to end. A great solution to this is to hold all your keys with a keychain. Instead of buying a key chain, why not save up the cash and make yourself a cute and functional macrame rainbow keychain? It’s unique, pretty, and also valuable.

In this article, I’ll show you 20 ways you can make a macrame keychain for yourself and your loved ones. All of the DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain ideas listed below are very easy to make. Let’s dig in!

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1. DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Make your beautiful and outstanding macrame rainbow with this DIY tutorial. The materials you need to produce this are a macrame cord, glue, embroidery thread, scissors, and keychain rings. This tutorial is straightforward and detailed. Try this out if macrame is your thing and you need a keychain.

2. DIY Macrame Rainbow

Who says keychains have to look boring? Let your keychain stand out with this fantastic macrame rainbow design. So get your glue gun, scissors, macrame cord, and macrame brush out for this project. It’s inexpensive, and the result looks pretty cool too.

3. Rainbow Macrame Keychains

Here’s a fun project you can do with that massive pile of yarn you have! If you’re just getting into macrame, this project is a project for you because it’s so beginner-friendly. If you have a macrame cord, yarn or embroidery thread, scissors, and glue, then you can get started at this.

4. DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

If macrame seems like a good idea to you, or you’re hunting for a new pastime, then this macrame rainbow keychain is a perfect place to start. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s also super simple and easy to replicate. Plus, you won’t have to look for your keys under the sofa ever again!

5. Macrame Rainbow Keychains DIY

DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Regular keychains are great, but these macrame keychains are simply the best. They keep your keys safe and yet still manage to look so classy. With this tutorial, you can find out how to make this keychain even if you don’t know how to sew. It’s quick and simple to make. abubblylife

6. Mini Rainbow Keychain

DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

From a thorough cutting guide to the complete list of materials and a detailed step-by-step guide on the process, you can’t go wrong with this DIY tutorial.  You can customize yours with this plan, and if you want yours to hang on the wall, this DIY also shows you how to achieve that.  Overall, the project is fun and super adorable. gluesticksblog

7. DIY Macrame Rainbow Charm Craft

DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Looking for something fun to teach your kids? Try macrame! Get your kids started on this basic macrame project. Rainbow crafts are not only wonderful to make, but they are beautiful too. This rainbow charm craft tutorial is easy to follow and filled with many tips to help you complete the project and teach our kids. crazyadventuresinparenting

8. How To Make A Macrame Rainbow 

DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Looking for party ideas? Then this macrame rainbow keychain or diffuser project is ideal for you. Gather some friends and have a blast by doing this fun macrame project. This DIY tutorial breaks down the whole process from start to finish. thestripedplaid

9. Pompom Rainbow Keychain

Another excellent party project you can do with friends! To complete this project, all you’ll need is a macrame cord, needle, thread, scissors, comb, and pompom ribbons. This project is engaging, straightforward, and quite valuable if you are on a budget.

10. DIY Rainbow Keychain

Grab your macrame cord, keychain, flue, scissors, and rope, and get ready to create something breathtaking. This rainbow keychain is both functional and aesthetic. Check out this project if you’re a beginner in macrame and looking for simple projects to practice with. It’s a double win because you get better at macrame and gift yourself a great-looking keychain.

11. DIY Macrame Rainbow Earrings

Macrame is so awesome because it can be used to make almost anything! From plant hangers to fruit hammocks and even earrings. Learn how to make macrame rainbow earrings with this easy-to-follow DIY guide. The earrings look very cute and cost next to nothing compared to other jewelry.

12. DIY Mini Macrame Rainbow

Macrame rainbows look so good and can be used for various purposes. They can be used as wall decor for your nursery, like a keychain or a car charm. If you’d love to learn how to do your mini macrame rainbow project, then this DIY will make your day. The tutorial is step by step and full of ideas to make the project more fun and more engaging for you. Give it a go and see what you come up with!

13. Boho Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

If you’re into boho-themed decor, then you’ll love this macrame rainbow keychain project. Use this DIY if you’re unsure how to make the rainbows used to make the keychain. This project is pretty quick as you can be done in a little over an hour. Add this project to your list of boho-themed decor by making either a keychain or a wall-hanging rainbow. michaels

14. Easy Macrame Rainbow

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Make this cute macrame rainbow for your walls, decor, or anywhere else in your home. It gives a room a homey feel while injecting a colorful theme into your decor. This tutorial is excellent for everyone, even beginners or kids. However, if you are using a glue gun like was used in this project, you may need to supervise your kids. madewithhappy

15. DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Make this macrame keychain either as gifts for others or as decor for your home. You don’t need a lot to make this rainbow craft project, and you can complete it in no time too. You can make it alone or with kids, and it can be made in several sizes for whatever purpose you want. emmaand3

16. Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging DIY

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Spice up your wall decor with this classy-looking macrame wall hanging decor. This decor is so beautiful and yet simple to make. It will require time and patience, though, because of the size of the rainbows. It’s advisable to begin your looping on a flat surface, so it doesn’t end up looking curved. Have a go at this if you’re looking for a classy yet inexpensive way to decorate your wall. akamatra

17. Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Create your macrame keychain with the step-by-step guide from this tutorial. Macrame rainbow crafts are both fancy and easy to make. This project uses a macrame cord, cotton rope, wooden beads, glue sticks, a comb, and other supplies. You’ll enjoy the result when the project is completed. Full tutorial

18. Easy Macrame Wall Hanging

If your wall looks so bare, and you’ll love to add some texture and warmth to it without breaking the bank, then this DIY macrame wall hanging project is what you need. It is super adorable, easy to make, and cheap as well. To make things more rainbow-like, choose different colors of yarn. This makes the finished work stand out.

19. DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain

While it’s true that macrame can be pretty complicated, there are many simple projects that beginners can do. Beginners can make this macrame rainbow keychain or increase the size and make it a wall hanging. As a keychain, it’s cute and helps you hold your keys ;as a wall hanging, it makes your wall look elegant. 

20. DIY Easy Rainbow Wall Hanging

Macrame Rainbow Keychain

Put that wool you’ve been keeping for ages to good use with this straightforward wall-hanging DIY macrame project. This project is ideal for everyone, beginners, kids, and adults alike, as long as you enjoy macrame. Decoration doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg when you can easily do this macrame wall hanging. You get a new home decor piece and improve your knitting pattern and skill. That’s a great deal. Full tutorial


Macrame has tons of benefits and is a very effective way to calm the mind and escape the busyness of the day. It’s also a fun project that everyone can participate in. Rather than hurling several bunches of keys around and constantly having to look for them, make a rainbow macrame keychain and secure your keys. Also, you can make your walls pop with color by making a rainbow walk hanging macrame for them. It’s sure to add some pizzazz to your home.

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