20 DIY Macrame Snowflake Pattern: Do It Yourself

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Snowflakes are one of the most beautiful and amazing sights, period. Snowflakes no matter how big or small, their shapes and designs are stunningly unique, and it is this idea of uniqueness that inspired me to create a macrame snowflake pattern for you. This article is a compilation of some of the best DIY macrame snowflake pattern that you can make. 

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1. DIY Easy Macrame Snowflake Ornament 

Snowflake is another method of styling your beautiful macrame ornaments. Just like every other macrame craft, it requires the basic knowledge of knots but this requires a little more. Aside from the knots, you need to be patient as the knots are tangled together to form the snowflake’s shape. The materials required include a macrame cord, pins to hold down the cords, and your hands to make the knots. 

2. DIY Macrame Snowflake Christmas Ornament 

If you’re using cotton cords for your snowflake’s Christmas ornament, here is a beautiful method to finish the edges. After making larks head knots around the metal ring, follow it with six half diamond shapes surrounding the lark’s head knots. Then, trim the remaining cords to a considerable length and comb them out. With this, you have your beautiful ornament ready. 

3. DIY Macrame Snowflake Tutorial 

Using a ring at the beginning of a snowflake’s macrame pattern makes the work easier. Get a 2.5cm ring and attach macrame cords to it using lark’s head knots. After that, you have to make a series of square knots with cords and close each series with two diagonal double half hitch knots. You can follow this guide to know more about the snowflake’s pattern. 

4. Macrame Snowflake 

The size of the snowflake macrame ornament you want to make will determine the diameter of the ring, the diameter of the cord, and the length of the cord. For these snowflakes, the length of the cord is 35cm while the diameter of the wooden ring is 5mm. The three basic knots needed for this are square knots, diagonal double half hitch knots, and lark’s head knots.

5. Easy Macrame Snowflake Pattern

The macrame snowflake pattern is a perfect craft for Christmas or winter. It is a very simple craft that can be practiced by everyone, even beginners. You only need some cords, a ring for the center, and knowledge of two basic knots. The knots are square and the lark’s head knots. makeandfable

6. Easy Macrame Snowflake Pattern

Are you looking for where to learn how to make a snowflake pattern ornament? Here is a quick guide that will show you the materials and steps involved in a practical approach. All you need to do is to follow this guide, gather the materials, and understand the concept of the knots used. Among the knots required for this snowflake pattern are lark’s head knots, square knots, and double half hitch knots. persialou

7. How To Make Macrame Snowflake Ornament

The handmade ornament can be your newly found hobby once you understand the basics behind it. Handmade craft makes you explore your creativity. For this snowflakes pattern, you need two metal rings, scissors, a macrame cord, and school glue. jennylemons

8. How To Make Snowflake Macrame Ornament

A common way to make a half diamond knot pattern is to have two diagonal double half hitch knots meeting at the bottom and one square knot at the middle. It is quite simple once you know how to tie square and double half hitch knots. Six of these half diamond patterns surround a lark’s head knot that covers a metal ring. awonderfulthought

9. Making Macrame Snowflake Pattern

The materials required for this snowflake macrame ornament include one wooden/metal ring, one paper clip, six pieces of 3mm cotton cords (80cm long), and two straight pins. With all these Materials, you will be able to make this snowflake pattern with ease. 

10. Snowflake Macrame Pattern For Beginners 

If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry about not making it right, all you have to worry about is not making anything at all. With this snowflake macrame pattern tutorial, you will find it easier to make your first macrame ornament. 

11. Macrame Snowflake Tutorial 

In this video guide, you will learn how to make a full macrame snowflake ornament. The double half hitch knots used for the craft make the snowflake pattern packed together and it looks so amazing. Check out this video tutorial for more information. 

12. DIY Macrame Snowflakes 

Macrame snowflake ornament doesn’t require as many materials as other macrame crafts. You only need macrame cords and your hands to make the knots. Also, they are very simple to make because they only require basic knots such as lark’s head knots and square knots. 

13. Macrame Snowflakes For Hanging

If you want to decorate your snowflake macrame ornament, you can add wooden beads to it. It makes it look amazing. You only need two types of knots for this! The lark’s head knots allow you to attach the cords to the center cord and the square knots for the snowflake pattern. cchobby

14. Macrame Snowflake Ornament 

You need a total of 30 macrame cords for this snowflake pattern; 12 pieces with 20cm length, 17 pieces with 69cm length, and one-piece with 80fm length. All of them are of the same thickness (3mm). To start with, take the 80cm cord and add the seventeen 60cm cords to it with lark’s head knots. 

Once all the seventeen are intact, pack them together tightly and make a double half hitch knot with both ends of the 90cm cord to close them into a circle. After that, make six diamond patterns with the ends of the cords. Then, add the 20cm cords to finish the edges. You will need a comb to straighten the cords at the end. 

15. DIY Macrame Snowflakes 

You only need a ruler, macrame cord, and scissors to complete this macrame snowflake ornament! Cut 12 pieces of cords at 36″ and one piece at 18″. Make a loop with the 18″ cord, fold one of the 36″ cords in half and place it over the two end overlook. Attach it with a lark’s head knot and continue to add others one after the other with the sake knot pattern. 

Pull the ends of the 18″ cord to close the cords into a nice circle. Then cut the ends and tuck them in between the other cords.  After this, you can start making square knots with two lark’s head knots at a time. 

16. Macrame Christmas Snowflakes Tutorial 

Snowflakes are very common during the winter, so it is not a bad idea to have a snowflake ornament during winter or Christmas! This snowflake pattern is slightly different from other patterns because it uses double half hitch knots for everything and a few square knots at the end to gather the cords into six groups, unlike others that use diamond or half diamond patterns. Another thing that makes this snowflake pattern stand out is the gold thread that is attached to the center and one side of the pattern as a handle. 

17. DIY Macrame Snowflake Tutorial 

Here’s how to make this beautiful snowflake pattern happen; attach twelve 60cm (2.5 mm) cords to a 2.5 cm ring. Use lark’s head knots to attach all of them. Separate the cords into six (2 lark’s head knots each). Make six square knots with each of the group

18. Macrame Ornaments DIY 

To make this macrame ornament, you need to be able to make three basic macrame knots. The knots are square knots, diagonal double half hitch knots, and lark’s head knots. With these three types of knots, you can make anything with a macrame. 

19. How To Make A Macrame Snowflake 

You need 24 pieces of 3mm cotton cords cut to 25 cm in length. You can add an extra one for the handle. Then, you need a small metal hoop of 5cm diameter and a small bauble that is smaller than the metal hoop. Though the small bauble is optional, it does beautify the ornament. You can follow this guide by clicking the link below to know more about the amazing macrame snowflakes. 

20. Macrame Snowflakes 

For these macrame snowflakes, you need 16 100cm cotton cords and a 60mm wooden ring. Use lark’s head knots to attach all the sixteen cords to the rings. Then, divide the cords into eight, four cords per group (two lark’s head knots), and make long rows of square knots with it. Repeat this for the other seven groups and you’re good to go. 


Ornaments are a very beautiful possession that one can have! Snowflake macrame ornaments are very common during the winter and Christmas because these are the periods when you are likely to see snowflakes. 

Just like other macrame crafts, snowflake macrame patterns are very easy to make because they require just the basic types of knots which include square knots, lark’s head knots, and diagonal double half hitch knots. 

Aside from the simple basic knots, the snowflakes pattern is very similar across all the ideas above. Therefore, it is very easy to take on any idea and make something! 

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