20 DIY Macrame Table Runner Ideas: Do It Yourself Like A Pro

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DIY Macrame Table Runner

Macrame seems to be making a huge comeback, especially when it comes to homewares, which is great because it’s an incredibly simple craft but one that people are always terrified of trying! Don’t be afraid of macrame. In fact, we have listed a couple of diy macrame table runner projects.

In this article, we will be checking out some amazing DIY macrame table runners. They are easy to make, adorable, and inexpensive. If you are into Macrame crafts, you will definitely love these. 

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1. How To Make A Macrame Table Runner 

Any lover of craft will fall in love with this long macrame table runner. Let’s see how you can make one for yourself; Measure the length of your table and use that to measure out the cords you’re going to use. Up to 20 pieces of rope will be fine. Hang the two ropes and start making the craft. 

2. DIY Macrame Table Runner 

Instead of using a wooden dowel or metal rod, the instructor in this video uses a clothing rack to hang the macrame ropes. This project is an Anthropologie-inspired macrame table runner. It is quite simple and fun to work on. 

3. Making A Macrame Table Runner 

The pattern design on this macrame table runner is somewhat repetitive and this makes it, even more, easier for beginners. If you’re a beginner and would like to make a macrame craft, this table runner is for you. 

4. Macrame Table Runner DIY 

Macrame table runners are gorgeous and are suitable for any occasion ( wedding, dinner, or any gathering). It is also suitable for normal home use. Watch the video to learn more about this macrame table runner. 

5. Simple Macrame Table Runner

When it comes to interior design, color, texture, and versatility are very important. Thus, this macrame table runner meets all these standards. 

To make this table runner, you need to know how to tie three basic knots. Once you are familiar with the knots you will be able to customize the table runner. 

Here are the three knots required; 

Lark’s head knot to attach the twine to the wooden dowel, horizontal half hitch knot, and square knot. 

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6. Easy Macrame Table Runner

The diamond pattern of this table runner makes it look exceptional. The pattern uses only one type of knot and that is a square knot. 

To begin, cut 16 macrame cords and fold them into two. Knot all of them by the end. Below the knots group the cords and start making square knits with 4 pieces at a time. Repeat this square knot to form the first half diamond pattern. 

Continue to make two small diamonds on both sides of the half diamond. Once this is done. Just where the half diamond end starts another square knot there for the full diamond. 

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7. Long DIY Macrame Table Runner

When I saw this macrame table runner I knew I wanted to have something like this.  So I picked up some macrame cords and started learning the basic knots. 

Here is how you can go about it as well; 

Get some cords and cut them into pieces, make sure each piece is long enough for the length of your table. Use a lark’s head knot to attach the cords to the wood/dowel.  Make some square knots below the lark’s head knot. After that, make horizontal half hitch knots. 

Below that, make diagonal half hitch knots to form two triangles. Then, make another horizontal half hitch knot. Repeat these knots for the rest of the cords. 

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8. Elegant Macrame Table Runner DIY

You need the following materials for this amazing macrame table runner; 

linen fabric (or fabric of your choice), wide-eyed needle, needle threader, embroidery floss in white, iron, white thread, rotary cutter or fabric scissors, cutting mat, tape measure. 

Start by measuring the length of the table. Use this measurement to cut the fabric and iron it smoothly. Cut the thread into pieces and attach it to the fabric. With the threads make a square knot and you’re good to go.

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9. DIY Macrame Tablecloth 

Unlike many other table cloths that use a lark’s head knot, this table cloth uses a wrapped knot. Wrap 2 pairs of rope ( 4 in total) together with a wrapped knot. Repeat for the rest of the rope. After this, group them into 3 sections ( 4 wrapped knots each).with each section starts a diagonal double half hitch knot. 

10. DIY Macrame Table Mat 

Use lark’s head knots to attach 20 macrame ropes to a hanging dowel. Group the ropes intl 5 (4 roles per group) and start making square knots with each group. After the first square knot, omit the first rope and group the remaining ropes into 4 ropes and continue the square knot. 

11. DIY Table Runner With Macrame 

Because of the length of this table runner, the top is not folded into two and therefore they were not hung with a lark’s head knot. 

All you need to do is hang the rope on the dowel and start working on the ropes in front of you. When you’re done with that, turn the rope around such that the front goes to the back and the back comes to the front. 

12. Advanced Macrame Table Runner DIY 

This is indeed an advanced macrame craft, the knots seem complex since it is packed together. But a clear look at it will make you understand each pattern on the table runner. Even though it is complex, a beginner will be able to make it with patience and paying careful attention to details. 

13. Macrame DIY Table Runner

As simple as this table runner looks, it uses 4 basic knots. The first knot is Mark’s head knot used to hang the doors to the dowel, then, normal knot( some inches below the lark’s head), the third one is the half hitch, both the horizontal and diagonal knots. The Square is the square knot. All of the knots are very simple to make once you understand the instructions. 

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14. How To Macrame Table Runner

The first thing you need to do if you want to make this macrame table runner is gathering the materials. The materials required are not much, just cotton rope, wooden dowel or copper rod, scissors, and thumbtack. 

Cut the cotton rope into pieces (depending on the length and amount you need). Then, hang the wooden dowel with cotton rope and a thumbtack. 

Fold the ropes into places and knot them just below the loop. Hang them on either side of the dowel such that the knot is sitting on the dowel. After this, you can now begin the main knotting. 

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15. Macrame Table Runner Tutorial

Here is another simple table runner. It is fabric and has 3mm cotton cords. 

All you need to do is to get a piece of fabric, measure the length of the table, and put the fabric to size. Once this is done, fold the edges of the fabric and iron it. Then, attach the cotton cords to the small edges. After attaching you can start making any knot you want on the sides. 

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16. DIY Macrame Table Runner Tutorial

This table runner in its simplest form is classic. It gives the table a more appealing look that makes every food served on it tasty. 

Let’s see how to make these pieces of uniqueness; Start by hanging the dowel with cotton rope and thumbtack on the wall. Cut up to 20 pieces of rope to the desired length, fold them into halves and attach them to the dowel on the wall. 

After this, knot each folded rope some inches down the loop and hang it on the dowel such that the knot is sitting on the do well and each strip of the rope is on either side of the dowel. Then, you can start noting the square knots for the table runner

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17. DIY Small Macrame Table Runner 

For this small macrame table runner, you need three basic knots. The lark’s head knot to hang the cords to the dowel, the half hitch knot (horizontal and diagonal), and the square knots. Each of the knots is very easy to make once you understand them very well. 

18. Macrame Tutorial Table Cover 

For this table cover, you need 32 cords. Fold each cord in half and hand it on a rope using a lark’s head knot. Divide the cords into two, 16 cords on each side. Then, with square knots make the pattern of half diamond on each side. After that, at the bottom of the first half diamond shape, start another half diamond pattern and end it at the bottom of the second half diamond pattern. Repeat this till the end of the macrame table cover. 

19. DIY Macrame Table Mat 

Here is how to create this lovely mini macrame table mat; 

Get some macrame cords and cut them into pieces. After this, hang the metal rod and fold the pieces into halves. Then, attach each folded piece to the metal rod using the lark’s head knots. Once that is done. Knot one single piece of rope to the rod and use it as the holding cord, with it making a horizontal half hitch knot across the cords. After that, start making a half hitch knot with two pieces of cord. 

20. DIY Macrame Tablecloth

Learn how to make this mini but beautiful macrame table runner by watching this video tutorial. The pattern on this table runner is diamond but you can customize the pattern once you understand the knots. Here are some of the materials required for the project; A bundle of macrame cord, measuring table, wooden dowel, and scissors. 


Macrame table runners are very adorable and give your table a look of elegance. Asides from that it helps you cover any loops on the table.  Have you found a favorite DIY macrame table runner project? Let us know your preferred pick in the comments section.

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