20 DIY Macrame Top Ideas For The Pretty Ladies Only!

Jane Foster

DIY Macrame Top

Ever wanted to make a DIY macrame top for yourself? Well, you are in the right place. Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn. That is why you must prepare for summer like it’s Christmas because you’re going to be dumping all the winter dresses for a while. 

Why not welcome summer with these super easy summer tops made from macrame, that will leave you airy and comfortable. Apart from beach parties, you can also use any of macrame tops for workouts, strolls, festivals, etc. It is very affordable and much better than what you can get at a store. Make your summer memorable through any of these DIYs.

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1. How To Make A Macrame Halter Top

This is an elegant halter top made from macrame! You can make this halter top for summer which perfects every outfit. The three basic knots for macrame were used for this project which makes it easy to learn. Through this simple tutorial, you can finally make your halter top from macrame to rock into summer.

2. DIY Boho Festival Wear

The Festival wear is quite simple yet rocking! This DIY boho macrame design is a perfect outfit for your weddings, beach parties, festivals, and any other event. With colored macrame, you can finally make a boho festival wear that leaves you rocking in any attended events. It is quite simple and does not require so much knitting! 

3. DIY Macrame Halter Top With Tassels

Macrame tops are usually made with a lot of fringes but these DIY macrame halter tops are made with soft tassels and rarely used knots. You can also choose to decorate your macrame top with whatever that suits you like beads, colored stitches thread, etc. For this craft, the use of colored stitches thread was used to decorate the macrame top to make it look more interesting. You can decide to do the same for your macrame top or rather leave it that way. 

4. Macrame Bohemian Fringe Top

Macrame Bohemian comes with a lot of exciting designs and the top of the fringe is not left out. This macrame fringe top is very easy because it leaves a lot of space for fringe and less knotting so that you do not get bored as a result of excess knotting. With just macrame, you can get re r an exciting event without giving a second thought of what to wear.

5. How To Make A Macrame Top With A Bra

DIY Macrame top showcases how an abandoned bra can be reused into something attractive and nice. It is a perfect top for summer and beach parties. This can be done with different types of bras as well as their colors. Rock into summer most excitingly through this step-by-step tutorial.  

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6.  DIY Macrame Halter From T-Shirt

DIY Macrame Top

If you love refashioning especially the ones made from macrame then this project is for you. It’s cute for a summer top to a beach cover-up and even a low-impact workout look. It’s also a simple craft and requires basic sewing and macrame skills. Get the details on how to transform abandoned T-shirts into something more functional. 

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7. DIY Macrame Tank Top

DIY Macrame Top

Macrame is usually known for reusing and recycling items that are considered trash. You can reuse an old tank top at home to transform it into a real show-stealer. This is a no-sew project, so you don’t have to bother about lacking sewing kits at home. It’s super easy and can be done in just a few minutes! 

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8. DIY Macrame T-Shirt

DIY Macrame Top

This DIY macrame technique is a great way to transform a men’s undershirt into a cute beach cover-up. Best of all, it’s a no-sew! The T-shirt can also be dyed to give it a cool look. The undershirt looks cooler when it’s dyed roughly. In this DIY, you will learn how to make a knot with a T-shirt strap. Pick up a T-shirt and scissors to get started for this amazing craft.

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9. Macrame Top Tutorial

Apart from creating macrame tops for festivals and beach parties, you can also make a macrame top for official. This DIY macrame top is made from different knots and patterns resulting in a perfect look. Macrame tops are very affordable and easy to learn as well. Its steps are very friendly and all your doubts about impossibility. 

10. Boho Style Macrame Top Tutorial

This is a super cute boho-style macrame top with lots of fringes and patterns to give it a cool look. What better way can you rock into a party than a boho-style macrame! This macrame top can also be made from different colors to make it more interesting. Let’s get knotting through this easy guide.

11. Boho Party Macrame Outfit

A Boho party macrame outfit does not leave you hanging when you have to attend an event. It is made of a square knot and uses different patterns to make it hit differently. Because of the steady repetition of the square knot, this DIY macrame outfit becomes super easy and ends surprisingly fast when making a macrame top. Gather up some macrame cords and let’s get started for this easy DIY. 

12. DIY Macrame Beach Top

Most times, a macrame project can be a whole lot of stress because of knotting lengthy macrame cords and making patterns. This DIY macrame beach top saves the stress of knitting! It creates a lot of space for unraveling and fringing which makes it a less knotted macrame top. It is very easy and saves time as well. Let’s get started on this stress-free tutorial that still leaves you refreshing even after the whole craft.

13. DIY Macrame Travel Top

Do you still have old tops lying around the house? then you don’t have to bother about getting cool tops for summer and beach parties when you can make one for yourself. Pick up that old top and let’s get started on how to transform abandoned tops into something exciting.

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14. Macrame Top DIY

This is a patterned DIY macrame top and a few knotting that leaves you in awe. This macrame top looks quite complicated and gives you every doubt that you can not do it but I bet you will get motivated and excited after watching this tutorial. 

This macrame top is very easy and simple to learn. The double half hitch knot and lark’s head knot are the basic knots used for this project. Why not drop all the knotting and try something new.

15. DIY Macrame Bikini Top

Apart from your usual bikini, you can also rock your bikini better with just macrame! The pattern and design for this project are amazing and will leave your friends admiring it all through. In this easy guide, you will learn how to use knots and patterns to give your bikini top that cool look you’ve always wanted. Let’s spice up summer with this awesome craft.

16. How To DIY Macrame Top

Sometimes we just have to decorate things not to make them look beautiful but to also make them very obvious. 

This DIY macrame top looks lovely after the whole creation but you can still spice it up with some decorations like a pom-pom, wooden beads, colored thread, etc to make it look more interesting. This DIY showcases the technique on how to add decoration to your macrame top without unraveling the macrame cord.

17. DIY Macrame Fringe Top

Craft art leaves you creating and reusing trash into something interesting. This DIY macrame tutorial displays how abandoned  T-shirts can be converted into something better than the actual look. You can also try out this pattern in colored macrame as well as colored T-shirts to make it more attractive. 

18. No-Sew Macrame DIY Top

Macrame DIY is a no-sew project and does not require any other materials apart from scissors,  tape measure, and macrame cord. This DIY macrame top introduces a special technique on how to make a macrame top in a shape of a heart. Get a pair of scissors and a few yards of macrame cords and let’s get ready to learn another exciting DIY.

19. How To Make Macrame Top Bikini


This is a super cute trendy bikini that you can make from macrame! It is a simple craft and can be completed in less than an hour! This project is comprised of only one knot called a double half hitch knot. Some decorations like wooden beads are also added to this simple craft to make it a bit nicer. Let’s get this project done before welcoming any beach party.

20. DIY Macrame Summer Dress

Summer is known to be the warmest season among all other seasons. This macrame summer dress is the best for you in seasons like this, It’s airy and light which makes you very comfortable. You can decide to use a colored macrame cord that your complexion so that your whole work does not look too boring at the end.


That is a wrap! I hope you were able to find a suitable DIY macrame top for yourself. The process isn’t as hard as it may seem. Simply pick one of the projects listed above and have fun creating a DIY macrame top. Remeber to use your favorite color while at it.

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