20 DIY Outdoor Pool Table Projects: Easiest Ones Out There

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diy outdoor pool table

Are you looking for some great DIY outdoor pool table projects to add to your home office? You are in the right place.

You want to make something cool, but don’t want it to require any construction experience. Well, look no further. Today we are covering all of the best DIY projects for outdoor pool tables.

1. Rotating Outdoor Pool Table

This is a fantastic outdoor pool table that can rotate. It is an easy making project and portable. One of its special is that it is easy to store away when not in use and you can hang it on the world for storage, it also has an automatic ball return which makes it easy to place on anything.

2. DIY Outdoor Pool Table

Not only can you make a homemade pool table, but you can also as well try out a pool table for bars and a swimming pool will be awesome to realize that you can make a pool table with the hs deed by professionals. 

3. How To Make A Billiard Table

This DIY billiard table is a modern-looking billiard table demanded by pool players. It requires heavy machinery as well as costly materials. Trying out this DIY billiard table is very amazing because many bars and game shops are very fond of billiard, so you can make one for sale. Amazing right?

4. DIY Outdoor 8 Ball Pool Table

Getting a pool table at the store is overly expensive to buy. The total cost of making a DIY pool table is lesser than what you can get at the store. It will be fun if you join yourself with your family members to make a wonderful pool table.

5. Portable Outdoor Pool Table DIY

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

It is awesome to realize that you can make a DIY portable pool table without bothering to get it at the store anymore. It won’t be the standard demanded by professional pool players but for home use? It is more than acceptable. You can design this pool table for games with friends in the fresh air.

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6. Elliptical Pool Table DIY

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

Pool tables are usually rectangular but you can try an elliptical pool table, basically one in the shape of an ellipse. This project is clear-cut and requires precise measurements and heavy machinery like the circle cutter, disc Sanders, table saw, etc. This elliptical pool table can also be enjoyed by a single person.

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7. DIY Small Outdoor Pool Table

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

This DIY outdoor pool table is an easy project. The use of a whiteboard improves the resistance of the door when running the pool balls. Who would have imagined that the whiteboard can be so effective? The underside of this pool table can be used by anything strong and able to carry its weight.

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8. Pool Billiard Table For Outdoor Use

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

The DIY pool table is a wonderful project and has amazing features as well. This pool table cannot only be used at home, but you can also take it out for games with friends. It matches the professional standard because of the materials used in the project. 

One of its amazing features is that you don’t have to bother about a table or where it will stand when you take it out because it has a table joined to it.

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9. DIY Outdoor Waterproof Pool Table

The billiard game is mostly enjoyed by almost everyone and it will be saddening to realize that certain weather conditions have to deprive you of enjoying the game as you always do. That is why this DIY waterproof pool table can hold up in the rain and summer sun. 

You don’t have to bother about the season when playing the pool game because of its ability to make water float on it. 

10. DIY Outdoor Pool Table Under $250


Have you ever come across a pool table online? It’s worth a lot of money and that is why it is mostly used in bars and game shops but you can make a DIY pool table less than $250 and it still has a comparative advantage. Though it might be the standard found in bars or stores it will be enough to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

11. How To Make A Cheap Outdoor Pool Table

The pool table looks cool in bigger size and this DIY pool table has recommended a way on how to make a big-sized pool table with just a small amount of money. Yes, it will cost you a lot of your time but the advantage is that it is cost-effective.

12. DIY Mini Pool Table

You can make a pool table toy for your children or young ones. This mini pool table can also be played by you during your spare time. It is a very easy procedure and a portable project which makes it easy to store away. This mini pool table game can also be played as a board game in our homes.

13. How To Build An Outdoor Pool Table

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

This is a billiard that can be played by more than two players. You can make this pool table for your family and friends to enjoy during the cool evening and their spare time. This billiard making requires a lot of hard work and time because of its size.

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14. DIY Knex Pool Table

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

This wonderful DIY pool table has an automatic return of the ball. The cue stick is made of stick, yarn, and paint, giving it a comparative advantage to the normal ones. Pool tables can also be made of knex parts which will give them a more attractive and accurate look.

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15. Outdoor Mini Pool Table DIY

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

Have you been disposing of your cardboard box? Well, this DIY mini pool table has proven it very effective.  Your cool evening will rock better with this mini pool table. The materials needed are just cardboard boxes, marbles, green felt, scissors, and a  shaped stick or dowel. Paintings add more beauty to our work, you can decide to add whatever suits you.

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16. DIY Mini Pocket Pool 

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

This DIY mini pool table is very affordable and cost-effective. You can move about easily with this mini pool table and have fun wherever you go. This mini pool table can also be played in your room when you’re bored or something. With the use of a picture frame, felt, hot glue, cardboard, etc you can make this mini pool table. Using a table makes it higher and easy to play with.

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17. Cardboard mini pool table 

This is like a toy and can be carried out by all ages. It is a very simple craft and doesn’t much of your time. It is very affordable and the materials needed can be found in our homes. You can make this mini pool game for your little ones to play and have fun.

18. How To Make A Mini Pool Table


Even a plank of scrap wood and cardboard can come in handy in The DIY mini pool table making. You don’t have to bother getting a felt, you can also make use of a cover cloth instead of felting. You can also try this exciting adventure with your younger ones, I’m sure it will be fun especially when they realize they can make a mini pool table of their own.

19. How To Build A Pool Table Outdoor

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

Trying out this DIY pool table is no big deal. It is inexpensive and is far better than what you can get at the store, though it takes a lot of time and hard work but its outcome is deserving. You can as well try a bright-colored felt to make it more attractive. 

The under is fitted with a honeycomb grid and the tables include a compartment for the rack, cue sticks, and billiard ball tray.

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20. DIY Kids Pool Table

DIY Outdoor Pool Table

This is the easiest way of making a pool table for your home. You can make a wonderful pool table with just a cardboard box. You can also use green felt to give the ball proper friction. Its steps are quite simple and easy to follow and I’m certain you won’t require any material from the store.

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If you have a high budget and space, a prefabricated outdoor pool table is certainly a great solution for you. Although they may cost more initially, they will save you time and money in the long run.

However, if your budget is tight or if you don’t have a big backyard, building your own outdoor pool table provides a good alternative to buying one already made.

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