18 DIY Outdoor Punching Bag Stand – Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

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DIY Outdoor Punching Bag Stand

If you’re proudly capable of making these homemade projects, then you can improve your fitness and health. The punching bags stand are highly functional and unique to the core. We have listed a couple of DIY outdoor punching bag stand.

You have the capability to use anything for your bag stand to accommodate either weighted or not, free-standing hanging bags. Let’s see which one you’re going to make at the end of this guide. 

1. Scaffolding Punching Bag Stand

Outdoor Punching Bag Stand

Improve the strength of your punch bag with this wall bracket made from scaffolding.  Hanging your punch bag with this wall bracket will enhance your workout. You don’t need too much to set up the scaffolding walk bracket, all you need is a scaffold pole, wall plate, and swivel flange. See the link below for the full materials and process of putting the materials together to make a functional punch bag stand. 

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2. How To DIY Punching Bag Stand

Outdoor Punching Bag Stand

For a punching bag to be functional as it is supposed to be, it needs a stand that can withstand the punches that come through it. 

The structure of the stand is very important! However, here is a simple solution to get a functional punching bag stand. Get 2 4×4 pieces of wood and join them together in the form of X at the center where both pieces intersect with an eye bolt and nuts. Then, you can attach the weight distribution rope. 

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3. DIY Outdoor Punching Bag Stand

Outdoor Punching Bag Stand

See here how to make this multi-purpose punching bag stand! It can double as a pull-up station or a suspension training platform. All you need are 2  2×4 wooden beams, and rope. Once you have this, attach them to form an X shape and make up the angle of the stand to be equal to 70 degrees. 

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4. DIY Wooden Punching Bag Stand 

You need a strong base for this punching bag stand. The reason is that the stand has only one leg and for the pole to stand firmly, the base has to be very strong. The base is more of a support leg to the stand. It has diagonal support at the top where the horizontal pieces holding the bag meet with the vertical stand. 

5. Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

Want a perfect and strong punching bag stand? Using square black iron tubing will give you the result you want. You will need 5 iron tubing of different sizes, straight edge, soldering iron, and pencil.  A good soldering skill will be a plus to the perfection of the iron tubing stand. See the link for more details.

6. Homemade Standing Punching Bag 

Are you tired of your punching bag stand? Do you need something different? Something more engaging, that you can test your kick with it as well. Then, what you need is a standing punching bag.  Putting the standing punching bag together is not a very easy task and it takes a lot of time. While making the base, you need to wait 24 hours for the concrete to dry very well. 

7. Free Standing Punching Bag DIY 

See here how to make a free-standing punching bag! One thing that makes the standing punching bag unique is that the stand was mounted on a concrete wall. This means that the rigidity of the stand is certain. Once you install the stand, the next thing is to prepare the bag. Check this link on how to prepare a 30-gram weighted bag. 

8. DIY Punching Bag Stand

Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

You can turn your secluded room into a punching bag room! This will save you from puking holes on your wall or ceiling. This is exactly what you need to install your heavy punching bag in that room. All you need to do is to frame the corners of the room and ceiling with wood pieces. Once that’s done, the punching bag will be installed with a chain on one of the wooden pieces on the ceiling. 

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9. Punching Bag Stand Idea

Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

If you want a rigid and more stable punching bag stand! This will surely win your heart. The feature of the stand is made from wood pieces. The legs are supported with two wooden supports and a heavy metal plate sitting on the flat wooden pieces serving as the base. This will keep the weight of the bag from disorganizing the stand. Click the link below for more details about the amazing punching bag stand. 

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10. DIY Heavy Punching Bag Stand 

If you can’t hang your weighted punching bag, construct this heavy-duty heavy bag stand! For the stand to balance, you will need a counterweight that is equal to the size of the bag you’re hanging. Other materials needed include iron pipe, iron pipe end caps, welding units, iron pipe junctions, pipe wrench, and iron rings. 

11. DIY Outdoor Punching Bag Stand 


Put together a couple of wood pieces, plywood, and hardware for this outdoor punching bag stand! This punching bag will be ideal for you if you want a heavy bag for your outdoor workout. See the complete construction details in the link below. 

12. DIY Heavy Bag Stand 

See here a distinguished heavy bag stand! The very important thing about the stand is that you can fold the stand to become one and stretch one of the legs 360 degrees to make a two-way stand.  There is a floor hanger to Hold the stand on the ground.  Check the link below for the list of materials and instructions on how to put the stand together. 

13. How To Make A Punching Bag Stand 

See how Travis repurposes some wood pieces to make a functional punching bag stand. To make sure the stand is strong enough, he joined 2 pieces of wood together for each leg of the stand. Check below for the full details of the project and the list of materials and tools used. 

14. Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand 

Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand

Good soldering skill is required for this punching bag holder. It is made from metal rods, tape measure, straight edge, and soldering kits. See the link below for a complete tutorial on how you can build this by yourself. 

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15. DIY Punching Bag Stand 

Are you tired of working out outside the house? Or maybe sometimes you just don’t feel like going outside. Then, this indoor punching bag will interest you. Each leg of the stand is made from 4 layers of 2×4s and has 2 support pieces attached to both sides of the legs at the bottom. 

16. How To Build A Stand For Punching Bag 

Spice up your outdoor workout with a heavy-duty punching bag stand. The structure is a two-long beam intersected at the top. Each beam has a metal bracket attached to its leg. This will allow the beam to sink to the ground. See the link here for more details. 

17. How To Make Your Own Free Standing Punching Bag 

The wait is over! Make your own free-standing punching bag with this video tutorial! It is easy and cheap! All you need is pool noodles, MDF board, floor flanges, PVC pipe, galvanized pipe, and masking tape. 

The core of the punching bag was made from pool noodles. Cut some pool noodles into half and form a ring with each half. Use the rings to hold 4 pool noodles. Make sure the ring runs the whole length of the pool noodles. Now, wrap the whole rings and pool noodles with masking tables and your punching bag is ready. 

18. Cheap Punching Bag Stand DIY 


Making this cheap punching bag stand is simple and cheap! It is made out of 2×4s, plywood, and floor anchor.  Space out 2 long pieces of 2×4. Make an angle where both pieces meet and 8ft wide apart from the bottom. 

Place a piece of plywood beneath the angle and mark out the angle on the plywood. Cut out the angle and screw it to the 2×4s. This will be the board holding the bag. Cut and screw support pieces to the 2×4s at the middle and the rear bottom. 

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That’s it on this DIY Outdoor Punching Bag Stand compilation. I hope you are able to find the perfect homemade punching bag stand for your workout needs, Thanks for stopping by, feel free to check out our home page for more exciting DIY guides.

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