20 DIY Puppy Harness Projects: How To Make A Puppy Harness

Jane Foster

DIY Puppy Harness: It is easier than you might think to make a DIY Puppy Harness. It will not only be much cheaper than buying one, but you might actually find it easier to make your own. If this interests you and you want to learn how to make a harness for your puppy then keep reading. There are many types of harnesses available for pet dogs – from basic to cute and from waterproof to padded. No matter what your dog has always worn, if you want to be prepared for when you bring home your new puppy, consider making a DIY Puppy Harness for them.

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1. How To Make A Puppy Harness 

This method of making a puppy harness is one of the simplest methods on the internet. Attach a carabiner clip to seal and collar and attach the leash to the ring on the collar. Then, wrap the leash underneath the dog, take it back up, and then through the carabiner clip. With that, you have a no-pull puppy harness. 

2. Harness For Little Puppy DIY 

Check out this beautiful harness for a little puppy! It is made from different colors of fabric. Stretch the fabrics and iron them before cutting. By doing this, you will have actual measurements without errors. Before cutting, make a template out of paper that will ease the process. You will need a sewing machine, thread, and needle to put the fabrics together. Find out more below. 

3. How To Sew Harness For Puppy 

Interfacing helps give your fabric extra weight and makes it fit well. Iron the interfacing to your fabric and stitch them with the sewing machine. To complete the harness, you need 2 buttons, and velcros to close up the harness around the dog’s neck and lower chest. Then, attach a D ring to the front of the harness for the leash. 

4. DIY Fleece Dog Harness 

Do you know how to measure your dog when taking a harness for it? If not, then, in this video you will learn a practical way of measuring a dog for a harness. Aside from the measurement, a list of materials required for the harness was provided in the video tutorial and step by step process of putting them together. 

5. How To Make A Puppy Harness

A no-pull harness is very simple to make, although it can be a hassle! It is no joke carrying a no-pull harness around especially if your dog is off-leash. However, you can make a simple one with just your dog leash and its collar. One other thing you need is a small piece of hardware that can be used as a keychain. You can check out the recommended hardware from the link below. Also, it will be ideal if you get a broken-in soft leather for the leash. pethelpful

6. How To Build A Custom Dog Harness

As the number of dog owners that choose to make their dog harness increases, I think you should join the list and make a custom harness for your dog.  Here are some of the materials needed for the harness: two D metal rings, two metal O rings, a cigarette lighter, needle, thread, two tri-glide sliders, scissors, and measuring tape. k9ofmine

7. How To Make A Puppy Harness Out Of Rope

One of the most amazing reasons you have to make a custom harness is that the harness is usually designed to fit dogs of a specific size range. Then, if your dog is thick, you might find it hard to see a harness that will fit. That’s why you need to make a custom harness. This harness was beautifully made out of rope. The process was fun and your dog will love it. The rope reflects a stylish way of making custom harnesses. pawtracks

8. DIY Custom Dog Harness

Here is a step by step guide on how to make a dog harness! The first thing you need to do is to gather the materials needed and sketch the design layout for the harness. Once these have been done, you can dive into the assembly. Quick note, there are many reasons why you need a dog harness but if it’s because of pulling, you don’t need to attach the leash to the harness as it can’t withstand the forces. calvinthecanine

9. How To Make A Puppy Harness From Old Bag 

If you have an old bag you want to throw out, you might consider making a harness from it before disposing of it. All you need from the old bag is some portion of the back, a snap, and one hand. Other materials needed aside from the bag are D rings, scissors, some sewing materials, and of course your hand to attach everything. 

10. Making A Puppy Harness 

The floss band looks well on humans and so it looks beautiful on a dog as well. Floss is not so difficult to twist and if you don’t have any experience with it before, you can learn from this guide and get it at once. Follow this guide for more details on the floss band harness. 

11. DIY Puppy Harness 

For this harness, you will need a fabric of your choice, wadding, a backing fabric, buckles, Do rings, slider, webbing, and template. The template will make it easier for you to cut the fabric and assemble them faster. 

12. How To Turn Puppy Leash Into Harness 

If your dog already has a collar, it is very easy to attach a harness and leash to it. However, if otherwise, you can make the harness together with the collar and then attach the leash to it. In this tutorial, the dog already has a harness, so this makes it very easy to attach the leash. 

13. DIY Puppy Flower Harness

How about you decorate your dog beautifully while still pulling it with a harness? That sounds good. You can make a puppy flower harness by following the step by step process mapped out in this guide. Two flower bouquets were used to cover a small size step-in harness and a matching leash. But if your dog is bigger, you will have to add extra bouquets. If you want to read more about the flower, and the entire process, you can check the link below. hgtv

14. Little Dog Harness Tutorial

You need to check out this little dog harness! It looks amazing and cute. The pattern can fit into any reason why you need a harness in the first place as it is customizable. You get to decide the materials you want to use and the size depending on your dog. dogundermydesk

15. Homemade Harness For Puppy 

Do you want to make a simple harness for your dog? Here is a very easy and cheap method. All you need is a rope and a carabiner clip. Wrap the rope around the dog firmly as shown in this tutorial and you’re good to go. 

16. DIY Puppy Harness 

If you want to build your dog to perform some specific task, then one of the effective methods is to use a dog harness. You can make a custom dog harness by yourself just by following the guidelines given in this video. 

The materials needed for this dog harness include a slider/adjuster, rectangle buckle, a D ring, O ring, ruler, sewing machine, sewing clips, scissors, and matching thread. The dimension of the dog and that of the harness were given as well. If your dog is larger, you will need to adjust the measurement.   

17. Dog Harness Tutorial 

Here are the materials needed for this dog harness: good leather, sand brown buttons, rivets, D rings, buckles, and some cutting materials. You will need to have basic sewing skills to complete this project. The first thing you need to do is to cut the leather into pieces as specified in this video. Then, sew the pieces together and attach the buckles and buttons. 

18. DIY Paracord Puppy Harness 

If you know how to twist paracord very well, this project will be very easy to make. Aside from the paracord, you need a snap ( the size will depend on the size of the dog), a pair of scissors, a lighter, a D ring, and a tape measure. Choose the design you want to make and get to work immediately. 

19. Puppy Harness DIY With Rope 

See this simple way of making a puppy harness from a rope. The first thing you need to note is the width of the rope; ensure that the rope is big enough for rigidity. After that, fold the rope in half and make two big knots some inches down the loop. This will be the collar of the dog. Now, split the rope and wrap it around the dog as shown in this video below. 

20. How To Make A Harness For Puppy 

Are you knee-deep in making a walking kit for your dog? If yes, then a harness should be on your kit. However, you don’t need a sewing machine for this harness as you can easily stitch the pieces together with a needle and thread.  The first thing you need to do is to gather the materials needed, and then get to work. Among the materials required are yarn, scissors, a ruler, some straight pins, and a needle. 


Dog harness plays a significant role in your dog’s safety, therefore you need to be patient and take care of the process. Think and choose carefully the materials you want to use and the type of harness you want to make. 

You can get all these guidelines from the above 20 different DIY dog harnesses. Each guide comes with a list of materials and a practical illustration of the process. 

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